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September 19, 2007 Meeting Minutes and Agenda


Approval of the August 15th  meeting minutes – Chair
CIO addresses the Board – Dick Thompson

Subcommittee Reports

  • Financial – Larry Harwood
  • Policy & Marketing – Marilyn Lutz
  • MOU – Dave Blocher
  • Technical
  • Orthoimagery Project /Parcel grants – Larry Harwood
  • Status on the GEOPortal – Christopher Kroot

CAT 3 grant RFP – Group

Elections – Chair & Staff

Geolibrary Funding – Group



James Page, Chair

Marilyn Lutz, CoChair

Dan Coker

Greg Copeland

Gretchen Heldmann

Elizabeth Hertz

Christopher Kroot

Nancy Armentrout

Will Mitchell

Ken Murchison ( by phone)

William Hanson


Larry Harwood


Richard Thompson, CIO

Dan Walters, US Geological Survey

Carl Nylen, ESRI

Mary Cloutier, OIT

David Kirouac, OIT


The meeting was called to order at 10:00

1. Approval of the July 18th,  2007  meeting minutes

The Chair entertained a motion to approve the minutes. Marilyn Lutz moved to approve the minutes as written. Gretchen Heldmann seconded. The Board voted unanimously in favor. The motion carried. ( Note: unless otherwise indicated the Chair abstains from all votes )

2. State CIO addresses the Board

Dick Thompson, Chief Information Officer for the state gave a short dissertation on the ongoing relationship between the Geolibrary and the Office of Information Technology. As a first aside he noted that Dave Blocher, OIT, who normally represents the CIO on the Board had been in hospital for an operation for a long standing medical condition but was doing well and would be back soon.

The CIO has been monitoring the progress of the Geolibrary thru the state employees on the Board and of course his designee. He also discussed the Memorandum Of Agreement ( MOA ) with the Chair recently and had some differences of opinion with the MOU as currently written. Given that the Geolibrary serves a wide variety of public purposes, what then is the role of OIT/MEGIS vis-à-vis the Geolibrary. In particular where are the lines between what MEGIS does and what the Geolibrary does. For the immediate future, MEGIS will continue to offer services to the public and the private sector thru data downloads from the internet data catalog.

Q: Do we need to proceed with an MOU?

A: Yes, there should be a documented relationship between OIT and the Geolibrary. The amount of support from OIT will be maintained for some time but data will always grow and both parties should look at what the growth will be. Both organizations have to determine how to recover costs and how to serve the public without competing with the private sector.

Q:What is the legal status of the Geolibrary?

A:The Geolibrary is a quasi-state agency created by the legislature; most quasi-state agencies endure as long as their mission is valid.

Q:What is the budget outlook?

A: Maine traditionally has budget problems but that should not discourage the Geolibrary from looking for a revenue stream. One solution would be to find a constituency willing to pay for a product or service.

Q: What of the new contract for InforME?

There is not much in the RFP about GIS. 1) They should address the Board before the contract. 2) They cannot compete with the private sector  nor can OIT.

Mr. Thompson asked what data the municipal representatives were interested in. The answer was tax parcel data, local zoning and another round of parcel grants. He made the point that it is for the Board to decide what data is to be in the Geolibrary and in what form or format. He also noted that if a revenue stream could be identified to support the Geolibrary, then the Board should look to June 2008 when budget preparation begins.

The Chair summed up the discussion. 1) It is up to the Board to accept data as it feels appropriate. 2) The new InforME contractor will be invited to address the Board. 3) The Board will prepare for budget matters in June of 2008.

3. Subcommittee Reports


There was one change to the financial sheet. The amount expended for town parcel grants, second round rose to $126,711.00. The amount encumbered for town parcel grants, second round dropped to $63, 003.00 and the total encumbered now is $400,186.45.

Policy & Marketing

There was no report to make on policy issues. The MOU between MLGIB and OIT was tabled to the next meeting.


Orthoimagery & Parcel Grants

There was nothing new to report on the parcel grants project. There was a question as to whether updating of parcel data was taking place. It was explained that although discussed extensively in the past, no program of updates had ever been put in place.

The long awaited orthoimagery for central and downeast Maine is now said to be available in December 2007. As had been previously reported, the area in northeast Washington and southeast Aroostook counties flown in 2004-2005 but not planned  for orthorectification due to budget limitations,  will now be processed into orthoimagery by USGS. The imagery will be available in 3 batches, probably delivered in early 2008 and paid for entirely by USGS. NGA, a homeland security ancillary, had flown in Spring 2006 and purposes to make 1 meter color orthos in the “Tier C” areas not flown in 2003-2005.

Status on GeoPortal

Christopher Kroot reported that he had completed the full review of the portal begun back in August 15th by the technical committee. The portal is described as a failure. Out of 169 functional requirements 111 failed , 38 were unknown results, i.e. inexplicable or untestable, and 20 succeeded. The links are very slow and prone to malfunction. User friendliness and intuitive functionality has not been improved over previous version.

The Board had until the 21st to submit a report on the current build of the portal. The Chair reported that he received no reply to his informal e-mail on this matter to Ken Bossung of Ionic.. It was suggested that a vote be taken today on whether or not to cancel the contract. Several members expressed their gratitude to the Technical Committee and Christopher in particular for this review in the face of many problems. There was some discussion of what would be left in terms of product or code if the contract were cancelled; OIT will try to get anything remaining or due from the partial contract if it is canceled.

Christopher Kroot moved to cancel the contract with Ionic Enterprise due to non-performance. Gretchen Heldmann seconded. The Board voted unanimously to approve. The motion carried.

The Chair instructed staff to handle the official termination of the contract, The Chair also remanded the Technical Committee to review alternative portal technology and return with a suggestion as to how to proceed as soon as possible.

Special Note

The Chair took this opportunity to personally commend the long and very valuable service of Will Mitchell, Representing GIS Vendors, who is resigning from the Board today. Will was one of the original members of the Board when it was formed in 2002. He has served continously, staffing several subcommittees, to the present day while also owning and operating his own consulting business. He will be missed.

4. CAT 3 Grant RFP

Nancy Armentrout presented version 10 of the CAT 3 Grant Request For Proposals. She briefly reviewed the two major tasks called for:

             Task 1.      Update and enhance the GeoLibrary Strategic Plan and bring it into alignment with the goals of the National States’ Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) Fifty States Initiative.

             Task 2.      Recommend a conceptual framework and functional specification for an Integrated Land Records Information System for the State of Maine.

The matter having been fairly well discussed previously there was minimal comment. The Chair entertained a motion to approve. Marilyn Lutz moved to approve the RFP as written (v.10). Liz Hertz seconded. There were 8 votes to approve and 2 abstentions (not including the Chair, also abstaining as customary) The motion carried.

There was attendant discussion on how the project would be managed. It was expected there would be more than usual overview required. It was expected that MEGIS would have a significant hand in the management but Greg McNeal, CTO will have to be consulted on this as soon as possible. The Chair called for volunters to review the proposals, the most logical being the RFP subcommittee plus attachments. The review team will be Nancy Armentrout, Marilyn Lutz, Greg Copeland, Bill Hanson, Dan Coker and Dan Walters in an advisory capacity only.

5. Elections

The current Chair and CoChair were not standing for re-election. Nominations were opened. Bill Hanson was nominated for Chair. Dan Coker was nominated for Co-Chair. There were no further nominations. After a secret ballot, staff posted 10 votes for Bill Hanson and 10 votes for Dan Coker. Bill Hanson will serve as Chair and Dan Coker will serve as Co-Chair.

Concluding informal discussion dealt with the upcoming Maine Users Group Meeting. Greg Copeland invited any and all on the Board to attend. Dan Walters will be giving a presentation, possibly 1 or 2 from the Board to be determined.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:55