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June 20, 2007 Meeting Minutes and Agenda


•  Approval of the May 16 th meeting minutes - Chair

Dan Walter's transition - Dan

Subcommittee Reports

•  Financial - Dan Walters

•  Policy & Marketing - Marilyn Lutz

•  MOU - Jim

•  Title Standards Committee Letter - Bill

•  Technical - Will Mitchell

•  Orthoimagery Project /Parcel grants - Larry Harwood

•  Maintaining standards - Ken, Larry

•  Status on the GEOPortal - Will

•  Guidelines for Portal Administrator - Marilyn

CAT 3 grant RFP discussion - Dan

GIS Stakeholders Group Report - Christopher or Marilyn

Membership Issues

Geolibrary Funding - Group

•  Legislature inventory


Meeting Minutes



Jim Page, Chair

Gary Duplisea ( by phone )

David Blocher

Gretchen Heldmann

Elizabeth Hertz

Christopher Kroot

Nancy Armentrout

Ken Murchison ( by phone )


Larry Harwood

Dan Walters


The meeting was called to order at 10:08


1. Approval of the May16th , 2007 meeting minutes

The Chair entertained a motion to approve the minutes. Liz Hertz moved to approve the minutes as written with Dave Blocher seconding. The Board voted unanimously in favor. The motion carried.


In an aside, the Chair reported meeting with the new Director of the Maine Emergency Management Agency, Robert McAleer and briefing him on the Geolibrary. The Director is very interested in GIS technology and its use in emergency management. It would be desirable to encourage MEMA to be a major stakeholder in GIS. MEGIS will give Director McAleer a short demo and review of the state's data holdings as soon as possible.


2. Dan Walters Transition

Dan Walters is resigning from state service. He is taking a position with the US Geological Survey as Maine Geospatial Liaison, essentially the Maine liaison officer. He will be based in Augusta at the USGS Maine Water Science Center at 196 Whitten Rd. This position deals with the foundation in Maine of USGS activities, i.e. the National Map, Geospatial One-Stop, Federal Geographic Data Committee, ect. Dan will be dealing with the major GIS stakeholders in Maine , encouraging state stewardship of GIS data and making sure that the state takes advantage of all the available grants and programs from USGS.


Dave Blocher is also transitioning. Due to legislative budget cuts, the Planning Office was eliminated. He will be leaving OIT and going to DHHS. He will remain on the Board for a limited period of time until a replacement is designated by the CIO.


3. Subcommittee Reports



There was no change from the last report. $1,717,235 has been spent, $497,281 has been encumbered by contract: $300,000 for orthoimagery, $20,000 for the GeoPortal, $14,864 plus $147,417 for parcel grants and $15,000 for the FGDC CAT3 grant match. This leaves $85,483 still under consideration.


Policy & Marketing

There was no specific policy matter to report.


Memorandum of Agreement ( MOU )

The Chair reported that there is a first draft of the MOU between the Board and OIT. It will be recalled that the original MOU was to be between the Board and the GIS Executive Council but that body was replaced by the GIS Stakeholders. That group serves in an advisory capacity to the CIO. It was then decided that an MOU with OIT would be more to the point. Dave Blocher noted that the bulk of the existing MOU was still appropriate.


Title Standards Committee Letter

Bill Hanson was not present so there was no report on this item. It was noted that there is a place on property transfer forms for tax map & lot numbers. There was some discussion of white papers and examples of linking property transfers with tax maps and there was a consensus that that should be noted in the CAT 3 Grant RFP.



Orthoimagery Project-Parcel Grants

There was nothing new to report on the existing orthoimagery. The parcel data is coming in steadily however a few contracts will need to be extended to make sure the vendors could deliver the data.


Dan Walters reported that the USGS had found additional funds to create orthoimagery in an area of east central Maine previously bypassed due to a lack of funding. In addition the Dept. of Homeland Security plans to fly and make 1 meter color orthoimagery for the remaining unorganized townships in northwestern Maine . The border area will be updated yearly out to about 30 miles from the boundary line.


Status on the GEOPortal .

The attending members of the Technical Committee reported on the status of the GeoPortal project.


1) The Technical Committee had a conference call last week on the GeoPortal. The latest build was found to be unacceptable in most respects by those able to view it. OIT was having technical problems making an external link to the application and it was not entirely clear the problems were with OIT or Ionic. It was decided to give Ionic at least one more chance to create an acceptable product. There was also discussion of how much of the code would be available


2) The Committee had a conference call with Ionic last Tuesday. The requests for input from Ionic seemed "murky". Certainly they will try to accommodate the requested changes. OIT will try to have an external link to the existing portal ready by this Friday. The portal will have to work with Internet Explorer 6.0 and up at the least.


In subsequent discussion the Technical Committee members were uniformly negative in their appraisal of the current portal build. It was thought that the source codes, if they were made available, would be hard to alter. The consensus was that the Committee needed a formal and cohesive review process. Staff will circulate a copy of the contract to the Board for review.


Guidelines for Portal Administrator .

There has been no progress to report on this item.


4. CAT 3 Grant RFP Discussion

Nancy Armentrout reported that a prototype of the RFP has been generated but it requires at least one more review before being presented to the Board. They need a specification of the registration - who the proposal selection team will consist of and what names will be on the contract. The draft document should be circulated before the August Board meeting.


It was noted that there is nothing in the MOU about OIT providing contract management for the Board. One option would be to get an outside contractor to manage the contract. The time frame of the project was also discussed with the general idea being to have something in place by this Fall or at the latest next Spring. A grant extension, if needed, would apparently not be a problem. The possibility of splitting the RFP between the two principal tasks was considered but rejected on the grounds of efficiency and timing.


Discussion turned to the actual scope of the Grant and how it might be enlarged. One idea was to address the currently very topical issue of conservation lands, their location, inventory and regulation. This is a very hot topic with State Planning Office and Dept. Environmental Protection and has been the subject of recent legislation.


Discussion was spirited but no concrete conclusions were arrived at except to invite a number of state agencies to a conference on the Grant and RFP. The idea would be to collect ideas for enlarging the scope of the grant and perhaps acquiring additional funding. Suggested invitees: MDOT, DOC, MEMA, IF&W, DEP, DMR. The Chair agreed to send out invitations such a meeting and July 11 th was selected as the probable date. The place is to be determined, either at MDOT the state office building.


Time being pressing, the remaining agenda items were tabled to the next meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:25 .