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January 17, 2007 Meeting Minutes and Agenda


Jim Page, Chair

Marilyn Lutz, Co-Chair

David Blocher

Will Mitchell

Nancy Armentrout

William Hanson

Elizabeth Hertz

Gretchen Heldmann

Ken Murchison (by phone)

Sean Myers ( by phone )

Christopher Kroot


Dan Walters ( by phone )

Larry Harwood


Rich Sutton, consultant ( by phone )

Mary Cloutier, OIT

The Chair called the meeting to order at 10:00 and read the printed agenda, adding one additional item: #9 the Annual Report.

1. Approval of the November 18 th meeting minutes

After a pause for review, the Chair entertained a motion to approve. Elizabeth Hertz moved to approve the minutes as written with Marilyn Lutz seconding. The Board voted unanimously in favor. The motion carried. (note: unless otherwise indicated the Chair abstains from voting)

2. Subcommittee Reports


Dan Walters reported that littlehad changed ann that the total amount of money remaining unspent or unencumbered was $70,000.00. He also noted that due to the nature of the bonding, all moneys must be spent by November of 2007. The Chair re-read the previous financial report.

Policy & Marketing

Marilyn reported that some progress has been made on a Public Rights to Data policy which came out of a previous discussion on funding. There was some discussion whether or not fees for reproduction could be figured as a funding source; the nominal amount is 3 times the cost of reproduction. It was noted that this is based on the old paper copy model. State agency data is mostly freely available although InforME reportedly has some options for management fees for service.

There was extensive discussion of state agency data, policies regarding the same and how they developed. The Office of Information Technology policy on data access was read and commented upon. The role of the GeoPortal in data distribution was discussed; it was noted that the portal is a node network connector not a repository as such and fees would not apply. The Chair summed up by noting that the Board needs policies to support its needs and resources to support many of the proposals discussed are not available.


Status on the GEOPortal . Will Mitchell reported that in brief the GeoPortal had been stalled but was now getting back on track with a new schedule. The main problem has been the user interface. Sean Meyers summarized a conversation he had with Ionic project manager Steve Smith ( per chance at an ESRI Federal Users Conference in Washington ) about the GeoPortal project. Sean put the two main problems as 1) the graphical user interface and 2) the workflow by Ionic. The approach suggested is to use a storyboard to guide the design and a new schedule has been extended out to April. Members were invited to contribute to the storyboard/GUI process. Dan Walters also noted that he has approved the 3 rd invoice from Ionic for $15,000. The concensus was that when the Technical Committee needs input from the Board they will ask at the appropriate time.

Guidelines for Portal Administrator . There was nothing new to report to the Board

Orthoimagery Project. . There was nothing new to report to the Board

Parcel Grants. Two remaining towns on contract extension from round 1 are still not in. Several towns in round two have sent in data.

3. Purchase of Intermmediate ortho products

The contract has been extended. Photo Science has promised deliveries by Feb. 20 th .

At this point due to time constraints the Chair jumped ahead to agenda items 6, 7 and 8.

6. Grant Applications Report

Sean Meyers and Rich Sutton gave a joint report on the 2 federal grants being applied for. There are 5 catagories of Federal Geographic Data Committee ( FGDC ) matching grants. The proposal is to apply for two of them: Category 3 (CAT 3 ) and Category 5 ( CAT 5 ).

The proposal for CAT 3 is to update the Maine GIS Strategic Plan - Resolve 23 to bring it in line with the National States Geographic Information Council ( NSGIC ) criteria and to plan a unified structure to capture and maintain property data to the parcel level statewide. This is a 50% matching grant up to $50,000.

The proposal for CAT 5 is development of FGDC metadata and internet mapping at the participating sites of Aroostook County and the City of Portland . This is a 100% matching grant up to $50,000. These sites would be published as open source Web Mapping Services ( WMS ) and added to the federal Geospatial One Stop ( GOS ) portal as well as the GeoPortal. CAT 5 would have the effect of supporting content for the GeoPortal.

7. Grant Funding Discussion

Considerable discussion ensued with questions put and answered by Sean and Rich. Rich explained the mechanism of the grants. It was stressed that these WMS sites would be usable by any brand software or completely "open source". Some members were uncomfortable voting without seeing the actual text of the grants. Rich agreed to e-mail the full text of the grants and read the important parts of the narrative to the Board. It was also noted that the grants can be "backed out of" by the Board if necessary. The Geolibrary will be the grantee and OIT/MEGIS will manage the grants; Dan Walters will be the named manager.

8. Grant Funding

Liz Hertz moved to appropriate $15,000 for the CAT 3 grant contingent upon review of the narrative by conference call. Marilyn Lutz seconded. In discussion and after a reading of the narrative, it was concensus to remove the contingency. The motion and second were withdrawn

Liz Hertz moved to approve $15,000 for the CAT 3 grant. Dave Blocher seconded. The Board voted 9 in favor, 1 abstention, the Chair abstained. The motion carried.

Will Mitchell moved to appropriate $20,000 for the CAT 5 grant. Ken Murchison seconded . Considerable discussion ensued. Rich Sutton read the narrative of this grant. There was concern about how the sites to be created by the grant would be maintained; the wording was not found to imply maintenance. It was questioned as to how these services could be used by small towns; Northern Maine Development Corporation was cited as an example of such a "small outfit". The "open source" nature of WMS was described in some detail. Marilyn described a UMO "geodata commons" project as an example of such an undertaking. The Board voted 9 in favor, 1 opposed, the Chair abstained. The motion carried.

4. New Structure of the GIS Executive Council

Mary Cloutier passed out a document comparing the functions of the Geolibrary, MEGIS, the GIS Executive Council and state agencies. She described this as being based on the actual legislation for each organization. She also noted several areas of overlap that exist bwteen them. Dave Blocher reported that the GIS Executive Council has been made obsolete by the OIT restructuring. The EC has morphed into a state agency GIS Stakeholders Group. This will require a new charter - which the CIO wants to be complimentary with the Geolibrary functions - and MEGIS will commit one staffer to the new organization. The general charge of the Stakeholders group will be how to represent the state agencies needs somewhat in the manner of the Executive Council before them. The development and activities of the GIS Stakeholders Group will be a regular item on future Board Agendas.

5. Status of GeoLibrary Board bond request

There was not much to add beyond the previous report. The bond request was forwarded sent to Tim Glidden at SPO. Tim later requested a write up showing how the bonding request supports the Brookings Institute Study. The Chair read the aforementioned write up to the Board and it was favorably received. Dave Blocher noted that the CIO will be asking for state support for bonds to pay for, among many other things, increased data storage. There was some discussion of how to promote the bond package to the legislature, perhaps emphasising cost savings.

9. Annual Report

Time pressing, the Chair will update last year's report. He will be asking for information from Larry, Dan and Mary Cloutier and other solicitations from Board members may be requested.

Adjourned 12:30 .

The next scheduled meeting: Wednesday March 21 st , 2007 10:00 to 12:30 , room 105 in the Burton Cross ( state office ) building.