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Home June 21, 2006 Board Meeting

Maine Library of Geographic Information Board Meeting
Date: Wednesday, June 21, 2006
Time: 10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Place: Cross Office Building – Conf Room 105


  • Approval of the May 17th minutes
  • Subcommittee Reports
    • Finance – Jim
    • Review of Financial Standing
  • Policy & Marketing – Marilyn
    • Discussion of policy statement on acceptance of data sets from outside vendors
  • Technical
    • Status on the GEOPortal – Will
    • Guidelines for Portal Administrator – Marilyn
    • Update on Orthoimagery Project – Larry
    • Updates on Parcel Grants - Larry
      • Issuing contracts to towns
      • Letter to towns regarding publishing parcel data with names and addresses - Bill
    • Update on project to incorporate land cover data, parcel data and an area measurement tool into an IMS - Dan, Liz
    • Plan to purchase intermediate products from orthoimagery production
      • Policy check – Dan, David
      • Vendor Check – Jim, Will, Jon
  • Other Business
    • Board Membership - Jim
    • Review membership post-September
    • Nominations in process
    • Seeking new members
    • Landcover Report – Mike Smith
    • GIS Executive Council Report – Liz
    • Setting up a joint meeting/retreat with a facilitated agenda for the GeoLibrary Board and the GIS Executive Council
      • Timing and logistics - Jim, Dan
      • Draft Agenda – Jim
    • General discussion of Consultant Services/County Commissioners Final Report – Jim
    • General discussion of use of remaining funds - Jim
    • If time is available / priority for next meetings
      a. USGS 50 State Initiatives.
      b. Further funding work.
      c. Discussion of a state enterprise GIS umbrella, the Regional Planning Councils (RPCs); County Governments, etc.
      d. GeoArchive Project Report


NEXT SCHEDULED MEETING: Wednesday July 19, 2006 10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., Burton M. Cross Building, Conference Room 105.



James Page, Chair
Marilyn Lutz, Co-Chair
Dennis Boston (via phone conf)
Will Mitchell (via phone conf)
Elizabeth Hertz
David Blocher
Paul Mateosian
Ken Murchison (via phone conf)
Dan Walters
Larry Harwood
Mike Smith, Dept. of Environmental Protection
Jon Giles, Bradstreet Consultants Inc.
Christopher Kroot, (nomination for Board member)

Approval of the May 17 Board meeting minutes

Due to a lack of quorum, approval of the May 17 minutes was tabled to the August 2 meeting.

Land Cover Update – Mike Smith

Mike reported the Maine Land Cover Dataset project was completed. This project now provides updated land cover and imperviousness data for Maine based on 2004 satellite imagery. The dataset delivery was in May; dataset is online in the MeGIS Catalog; dataset was put on DVDs and sent out to those who have requested it (Marilyn asked for a DVD copy of the dataset), and the dataset is at a higher resolution of 5 meters. This is a very good land cover dataset for Maine.

If we want to redo the land cover in 2 or 5 years we would need to talk with vendors for proposal update to pull out changes and map those or redo the whole thing. The dataset has an estimated accuracy of 75% with only three classes under 75% accuracy. Could we form a Federal partnership to extend? The Feds are currently done; their project known as Zone 66 includes Maine, NH, and Vermont and is based on watershed boundaries. If we do re-map we could talk to the Feds concerning a partnership.

Note: Mike did a fantastic job moving this project forward and bringing it to completion. This dataset is a great asset for the state, thank you Mike for a job well done.


There has been an ongoing issue in the state around “Tracking Development”. There has been no sound way to do that and this gives us a tool. We can now populate wetlands with more than wetland classes and set up a system to fix areas we can find. This is an opportunity for the GeoLibrary Board to work with state agencies via the GIS Executive Council for training sessions on using this data. This could also be a pilot to work collaboratively; market the GeoLibrary Board and add value to the product.

How many users know this product is available? We may also want to push this information out to municipalities. Could we develop a simpler version via the website? What about using Remove Video Conference and directed to all the campuses with interest in GIS? The University GIS Consortium does have 14 members with a unified training program and for now Matthew Bampton would be a good resource to contact. Teachers would be another group to use this type of dataset and Barbara Charry would be a good resource.

Responsibility to follow through with getting this information out was passed on to Liz and Marilyn.

Mike will update the Board on a regular basis. What is on the website now? Five meter data and we will be adding more.

Mike also reported on another project for updating DOQ noting the project was canceled by USGS. We could look into getting what information is available and completing the project ourselves. All the data is there, get it in place, produce the DOQ; this could take a month or more to the get the data.


  • Send out an e-mail announcement to stakeholders RE: new land cover dataset
  • Mike set up a presentation for the winter MEGUG meeting

Policy on Submission of data sets to the GeoLibrary from sources outside of state agencies.

A vote to accept the policy, with a change to Page 2, #4 (see below), was made by Liz and seconded by Ken. With other changes being requested and agreed to, the motion to approve was again brought before the Board. The Board voted 7 in favor and Jim offered to canvas one more vote and get back to the Board. However, following an extensive discussion on the above policy, Chair to the Board declared the prior vote null and void due to lack of sufficient votes.


  • Carmen was asked to incorporate changes agreed to by the Board into the policy and send it out to the Board for another review before the August 2 meeting.
  • The Board will be asked to vote on this policy at the August 2 meeting.

The following changes were agreed to by the Board:

  • Page 1, #2: Geospatial Data Sets under “Definitions” – remove the last sentence which reads “It is these datasets that are affected by the policy outlined below.”
  • Page 2, #2: The data set is of interest to the state Agencies. This sentence is to be replaced with the following:
    • The data set is of interest to either the state agencies or the GeoLibrary Board. Either the state has agreed to provide resources for housing the data to include cost of housing OR the GeoLibrary Board has interest in the data and agrees to cover the costs of housing the data and the state will provide housing resources.
  • Page 2, #4: “The data custodian provides metadata for the data sets in accordance with the international geospatial metadata standard (ISO19115/19139), or migrates………..
    • The Board agreed to remove the words: international geospatial metadata standard (ISO19115/19139) and replace them with: FGDC (Federal Geographic Data Committee).
  • Page 2, #5: “The staff supporting the GeoLibrary Board verifies that the file formats of the spatial data meet the GeoLibrary standards.”
    • The Board agreed to remove the words “the file formats of”

Some of the topics of discussion on the above policy were:

  • No mechanism for funding resources in the policy
  • What are the standards for allowing the data: standards for housing vs. registering data; not clear in the policy.
  • What is the minimal level of metadata that is required?
  • Board wants the data the state does not; need a clarification of the resources that would cover.
  • Assign responsibility for developing the standards this process needs to begin if the policy is going to be approved – responsibility will be assigned to the Technical Subcommittee.
  • Do we need to go the route of the parcel standards? Not necessarily

Committee Reports

Finance Committee

After distributing a copy of the Bond Expenditures, Dan reviewed the document with Board members and noted he would be bringing the report before the Controller’s Office to verify that the figures are exact figures.

Policy & Marketing

With the policy update being done, Marilyn reported there was no progress to date on marketing.

Technical Committee

Will reported the work on the portal was making progress, however, there were some issues with access to the server (a remote access issue for the contractor coming through the state’s firewall and not issuing the vendor a secureID because there are not a state employee. With this issue, timing of the project has suffered. We will need to be quick in the turn around of the next step.


  • Will tol follow up with Bob Bistrais, Project Manager and the Contractor
  • Will to call the contractor for a quick turn around of the next step
  • Review of the second build – to be done by the Technical Committee – need a follow up conference call ASAP.
  • What is posted is what we need to review – Will will contact Technical Committee members via e-mail
  • Dan will set up a conference call and get a new schedule of dates for action items.

Guidelines for Portal Administrator: Marilyn reported nothing had been done on this but will have something at the next meeting.

Orthos: Larry reported no additional imagery had been received; they (USGS or the contractor) are way behind schedule and we are not receiving any concrete information from our contact.


  • Larry let Jim know if nothing happens in the next couple of weeks
  • Jim will do some research

Ken did thank Larry for getting out the imagery for Aroostook.

Parcel Grants: Contracts going out to the towns dated July 1 with one year from the start of the contract to supply the data unless an extension is requested. The letter to towns for publishing names, addresses has been written and sent to Bill Hanson for review. Larry is waiting for Bill to get back to him with any comments/changes to the letter.


  • Jim will follow up with Bill

Update on project to incorporate land cover data, parcel data and an area measurement tool into an IMS:

The viewer had the parcel and land cover data and incorporating an area measurement tool would be a valuable addition to the viewer. We would ask the Board to allocate $1500.00 to purchase area measurement tool.


  • Christopher will research existing IMS measurement tools and bring the information to the Board at the August 2 meeting.
  • Plan to Purchase intermediate products from orthoimagery production
  • The policy check, to see if the Board would do this, needs to be expedited.

Action: David and Dan will research and get back to the Board this week.

Vendor Check: Jim noted that the Board did receive pledges for the $5,000 from vendors.

Board Membership

Changes to the Board membership were reviewed and updated accordingly. Judy Mathiau representing the Commissioner of DAFS will become vacant. Carmen will follow up with Judy Beloff (the CIO’s Secretary) on getting a new designee to sit on the Board. A question was asked if there were any GIS folks with particular skills and knowledge missing from the Board and if anyone has any suggestions for Board representation please send these recommendations to Carmen.

We still need a nomination from MMA or perhaps we could have someone nominated by the Service Center Coalition (SCC), another group that represents the municipalities, to replace John Giles representation on the Board.


  • Ken will follow up with the Caribou City Manager to have someone nominated from the SCC.

Representing Counties: A nomination, Ken Honey, has been forwarded to the Governor’s Office, and we are awaiting appointment.

Public Utilities and Environmental Interests: The terms for Barbara Charry and Dennis Boston expire in September 2006. They will not be seeking re-appointment. Dennis Boston will work with the Board to find a good utilities person; trying to get someone from Bangor Hydro was recommended; other recommendations made were someone from the water district, sewerage district; Maine Public Service, etc.

We need to have an active group on the Board of at least 12 by September.


  • Liz will talk with Barbara to get a nomination that can interface with the Legislator; perhaps someone from the Nature Conservancy.
  • Dan will make the first approach to get a nomination from Bangor Hydro.
  • It was suggested that Jim contact the Governor’s Office on the importance of getting the appointments completed.

GIS Executive Council Report

The GIS Executive Council’s major focus at this time is putting together a strategic plan. The July 12 Council meeting will be facilitated by Ray Halperin to work with the Council to development a strategic plan. This work should be helpful to the joint GeoLibrary Board and Council meeting.

Other topics being addressed by the Council are:

  • replacing the SLA funding resource which is being handled by OIT (we will do SLAs for FY07);
  • need to consider the money that agencies were/are allocating for the GIS SLAs and not let those funds disappear;
  • we are looking at places where SDE is being used in the state and looking at consolidation;
  • looking at delivery of GIS services using CITRIX;
  • negotiating a master agreement with ESRI (ESRI is open to having an unlimited pool of licenses for usage); we still have a lot of work to complete; we are trying to identify what our license usage is statewide
  • Joint Meeting of the GeoLibrary Board and the GIS Executive Council

Joint meeting of the GeoLibrary Board and the GIS Executive Council

Jim presented to the Board the important of setting up a joint meeting of the Board and the Council and the need for them to work collaboratively. Jim noted he did send an e-mail to the CIO, Dick Thompson and introduced the topic. We are looking to have Ray Halperin facilitate this meeting with approval/funding from the CIO.


  • David Blocher was asked to check in with Dick on having Ray facilitate

The joint meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 2, 2006. The July 19 and August 16 GeoLibrary Board meetings will be canceled. The Board will meet for business from 10:30 a.m. to Noon; lunch break from Noon to 1:00 p.m. The joint meeting for the Board and the Council will start at 1:00 p.m. and end at 5:00 p.m. Update: Carmen did secure the Florian Conference Room at the Central Maine Commerce Center for August 2.

  • What are the benefits of this joint meeting?
  • Why are we doing this?
  • What is the outcome?
  • What will we do with the end results?

Jim noted four agenda items:

  • Self Introduction to each organization (who we are and what we do)
  • Who do we serve?
  • Needs meant to be served
  • Responsibility of each organization

Strategic Plans/Priorities for each organization

  • GIS Executive Council – copies of the GLB annual report
  • GeoLibrary Board – copies of the draft GIS Executive Council strategic plan

Compare/Contrast the 2 organizations

  • Are there overlaps?
  • Are there gaps?

Mutual Opportunities

  • Action items

Legislative Agenda

  • GLB needs more funds and support
  • Go to the Legislature for support and funding


  • Jim will send the agenda to the Board for review and comment
  • Christopher take the agenda back to the Council for their comments
  • Send agenda to Ray for his review/comments

Item #2 above: Need this information in advance of the meeting; boil down to a slide show; Carmen send URL to the GLB annual report to Christopher.

There are some very clear mutual opportunities that can be identified in advance. The more information we can provide people in advance of the meeting the more productive we can be at the meeting; need to make a statement of why we are having this joint meeting. What do we want as an outcome? How can we benefit work collaboratively?

County Report

Board members were asked to read the report for discussion on where do we go from here. We may also want to incorporate this into the discussion of a state enterprise GIS umbrella, the Regional Planning Councils and County Governments.

Board remaining funds: Jim recommended that the Board limit spending until the new Board is in place in September.

Board Chair and Co-Chair will need to be elected at the September meeting.

Possible Agenda for August 2 GeoLibrary Board meeting

10:30 - Noon

  • Approval of minutes for the May 17th and June 21 meetings
  • Approval of the policy for data sets
  • Subcommittee updates
  • Board membership – need to focus on getting nominations for vacant seats.