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Maine Library of Geographic Information Board Meeting
Date: Wednesday, January 18, 2006
Time: 10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Place: Cross Office Building – Conf Room 105

Agenda Items

1. 10:00 -10:05 Approval of the December 14 minutes - Jim

2. 10:05 – 10:35 Subcommittee Reports

Finance – Jim
LD 787 GeoLibrary Bond = Voted ONTP
Review Spreadsheet

Policy & Marketing – Marilyn
Status of GeoLibrary brochure
Status of Policy for Acceptance of Data Sets from Outside Vendors

Technical - Will
GEO Portal – Will
Ionic Presentation
Orthoimagery Project - Larry
Parcel Grants - Larry
Grant awards - Larry
Consultant Services/County Commissioners – Dan
Rescheduled meeting for January
Status of Consultant’s final report

3. 10:35 – 10:40 Term Expirations - Jim
Status of appointment/approval for Ken Honey from the Lincoln County Association
Replacement for Jon Giles

4. 10:40 – 11:45 Bond Planning – Jim
Next Steps

5. 11:45 – 12:15 OIT Restructuring Update – Dick Thompson

6. 12:15 – 12:30 Other Business/Updates
Draft of Annual Report - Jim
Ortho photography on Google – Dan
GIS Executive Council Update - Liz

Future Agenda Topics
Invite Jim Henderson from Archives for an update

NEXT SCHEDULED MEETING: Wednesday February 15, 2006 10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., Burton M. Cross Building, Conference Room 105

January 18, 2006 Minutes

Board Members
Jim Page, Chair
Marilyn Lutz, Co Chair
Dennis Boston – via conf phone
Barbara Charry – via conf phone
Judy Mathiau
William Hanson – via conf phone
Paul Mateosian
Will Mitchell
Ken Murchison – via conf phone
Sean Myers
David Blocher
Liz Hertz, via conf phone
Dan Walters, OIT
Larry Harwood, OIT
Carmen Fournier, OIT
Michael Jeffe, IONIC Enterprise
Sonny Parafina, IONIC Enterprise
Tom Lynch, Northern Geomantics
Jon Giles, Bradstreet Association

1. Approval of December 12 minutes

Sean made a motion to approve the December 12 minutes as written, Marilyn seconded the motion. Board members voted unanimously to approve the minutes as written.

2. Subcommittee Reports

Finance Committee – Jim
Jim noted that LD 787, bond money for the GeoLibrary Board, was voted Ought Not To Pass. Jim met with Tim Glidden at the State Planning Office regarding a new bond request for the GeoLibrary. Tim noted to Jim that the Governor made a strategic decision that bonds will be focused on Brunswick and economic issues related to BNAS. It was helpful for us to come in when we did – and we will work to be ready for the next round in the fall. In the meantime, we will stay closely in touch with SPO to get us up front for the second round in November. We will use information prepared for the annual report to assist.

Funding Discussions:
Are we confined to bonds for a revenue stream? No, we can request general fund monies from the Legislature, charge cost of production, piggyback on to other fees, real estate transfer tax, GIS surcharge. We could explore grant opportunities.

David Blocher talked about moving, long term, GIS infrastructure into OIT overhead…cover operating costs for the GeoLibrary Board. Looking at a wider base assessment – information technology assessment – cost of hosting the GeoLibrary Board services? Much of the data the state would want – GeoLibrary priorities may not be state priorities; state have input on the priorities. We need to identify key data sets we want to host and who will host? State or pay to have it hosting?

Barbara Charry noted that members (including Legislators) on the Community Preservation Advisory Committee spoke supportively about the GeoLibrary at their last meeting.

Dan will make notes of any changes from this meeting on the financial spreadsheet and send out an updated report.

Policy & Marketing – Marilyn

The GeoLibrary brochure is now available for distribution. It was suggested that a plan be put together to get the brochure distributed. Copies will be given at the next GIS Executive Committee meeting. . Send out copies to the GeoLibrary Board to distribute. Also, we need to reach out electronically (E-Mail) for distribution. Copies will also be distributed at the upcoming MMA conference and the Maine GIS Users Group. Judy offered to send copies out with the monthly municipalities mailings. Also, will put the brochure on the GeoLibrary Board website.

Policy for Acceptance of Data Sets from Outside Vendors
The policy draft was sent to the whole committee. A concern was raised regarding the ability of the GeoLibrary being setup to accept large data sets and a concern of the cost of opening the door without adequate QA/QC.

It was noted the Portal is a card catalog, separate from hosting data and it is not quite clear from the policy if they are two separate things. Should the policy address what will be in the portal? Do we have the capability of storing metadata? Do we have a plan in place to maintain, etc? Can we identify key databases that the Board is interested in and limit the amount of required resources.

On the metadata side, there is a need for a real policy. Accepting actual data sets and approval of is a nuts and bolts issue. We need the resources to handle the hosting. There are two separate issues here: a policy issue and a resource issue.

Liz brought up the Maine Coast Protection Initiative which increases the pace and quality of land protection by enhancing the capacity of Maine’s conservation community to preserve the unique character of the Maine coast for the benefit of the people of Maine and beyond. Perhaps this could be an opportunity for Regional Councils and others to get some funding to serve the data and provide resources. She suggested folks check out the website

It was agreed the policy would be sent back to the Policy Committee to review and resolve some of the issues brought before the Board. In particular, the Committee needs to define what a policy issue is and what a resource issue is. Will and Marilyn will work to define metadata/data sets.

Conclusion: The policy will be review/reworked and brought back to the Board at the February meeting.

Consultant Services/County Commissioners – Dan
The next meeting is scheduled for January 26 at Maple Hill Farm. Invitations have been sent out. Having received an extension from FGDC, the final report will be issued the middle of February.

Parcel Grants – Larry
Three municipalities submitted proposals for Rapid Grants (up to $1,000.00) and all three were recommended for approval by the review Committee. 36 proposals for Standard Grants (up to $10,000.00) were received. 24 were recommended for approval by the Review Committee. Three towns (Friendship, Bethel, and Lincoln) came in very close in the review process. The Board was asked if they wanted to include these three towns in the second round as accepted.

Paul made a motion to accept the list of accepted towns including, Bethel, Friendship and Lincoln, and transferring the needed funds from the reserve funds to include Bethel, Friendship, and Lincoln. Judy seconded.

Jim and Will recused themselves from voting. Liz asked what the criteria were to recuse yourself. Jim noted the Board did have a clarification from 2003 on this from the AG’s office and he will bring this back to the Board.

The motion passed with 8 yes, 2 no, and 2 recusals

GEO Portal – Will Mitchell
Will noted the portal would be implemented over the next 6-9 months with a kickoff meeting scheduled for today. He also welcomed two of the folks from IONIC (Michael Jeffe, Sonny Parafina) to the Board meeting. Sonny came before the Board and gave a brief overview of the technology and plans to implement.

Conclusion: The metadata will be submitted to the portal which will be created and registered for searching.

Items for discussion involving the portal were:
• Inputting the metadata = there will be controls in place for registering/submitting the metadata with administrative vs. user rights.
• We do anticipate having a portal manager to administer the process.
• IONIC is comfortable with the implementation schedule.
• IONIC will make sure all is working after having a joint development session/deployment.
• There will be a process behind for types of metadata, what we want to catalog, index fields, etc.
• After building the first catalog will start loading available metadata and do a walk through on the portal part.
• There will be 3 major builds: Initial client, Walk throughs, Acceptance testing.
• There will be documentation and hosting of a training session to the user group.
• We will start now and hope to finish the first week of May.

The Technology Committee, working with Bob Bistrais the Project Manager, will develop the workplan. We will conduct a workshop.

Conclusion: The Technology Committee and MeGIS will work together with IONIC to implement and report to the Board monthly the status of the project.

3. GIS Executive Council Update – Liz
Liz reported that the GIS EC was focusing on 2 relative issues: Strategic Plan and funding. The Strategic Plan was originally written from MeGIS needs to support state agencies. Rather than revising, the GIS EC will take a new look at creating the strategic plan based on what everybody needs. Work on the strategic plan is underway over the next several months. One big issue for the GIS EC is funding for GIS in state government. Liz will report back to the GIS EC if there is anything the GeoLibrary Board can do to help.

Liz also noted that Matthew Bampton, Univ. of Southern Maine – GIS Consortium had been selected at the Vice Chair for the GIS Executive Committee.

4. Term Expirations – Larry
Larry will contact the necessary folks at the Legislative Office to move these appointments along. We still need a nomination from MMA to replace Jon Giles. If need be, the Board can come up with nominations.

5. Bond Planning – Jim
The Board will revisit bond request in the fall.

Ortho photography on Google - Dan
All files have been downloaded – still working on publishing.

6. Draft of the Annual Report – Jim
We need to move forward to complete the annual report.
• Use format from last year
• Incorporate information on bond issues
• Emphasize the GeoLibrary Board’s needs
• Will deliver report to Tim Glidden at SPO also in addition to the Legislature

Conclusions: Send any edits to Jim no later than January 26
• Board members read the draft report to make sure nothing is missing that should be in the report.
• Jim will walk through the report with Tim Glidden
• Need to include more on the Portal
• Include list of all municipalities who did receive grants (Round 1 and Round 2)
• First week of February one more draft for approval

7. OIT Restructuring Update – Dick Thompson, CIO

Ongoing funding – Dick noted that there needs to be a whole new approach and is still working on it. The solution with the GEO Portal and the InforME portal may not be a good solution at this time.

Dick introduced the new OIT Organizational Charts and explained the responsibilities/tasks for each of the teams:

Agency Services: These are OIT’s customers; focus on delivering services using IT; turning operational tasks to the Enterprise Services.

Enterprise Services: This being the greatest change to lead enterprise services for Maine State Government; one entity in the way OIT is doing IT business.

Office of the CIO: policy, strategic planning; governs the way state government should go forward with IT, measure performances.

OIT is working on a platform to start building things enterprise wide and strategically.

A question was raised regarding looking at the business processes and who is involved? Response was the AITDs are working with the business folks within their agency/department.

Another question brought up to the CIO was the funding for the GeoLibrary; could we move forward with a bill for general fund managed via OIT?

Dick briefly explained the OIT funding process being proposed. Staff would be 100% of cost and pass it on to the agency; services products and direct overhead would be a fee attached to the agency; indirect costs would be the Office of the CIO, Security, GIS infrastructure (with some part in the Enterprise and build out as a service).

Regarding the OPEGA report, Dick noted that a full scale IT audit was completed; the interim report does talk about serious issues in security and project management.

In closing the meeting, Board members were reminded of the following:

Technology projects (Portal) are moving forward very well
Need to revisit the policy for Acceptance of Data Sets from Outside Vendors and bring back to the Board
Members review the draft annual report and send edits to Jim no later than January 26.

Motion was made and seconded to adjourn.