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Home August 2, 2006 Board Meeting

Maine Library of Geographic Information Board Meeting
Date: Wednesday, August 2, 2006
Time: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Place: Central Maine Commerce Center – Florian Conference Room

Directions: Take Civic Center Drive (US Route 27) 1.2 miles past the Turnpike toward Belgrade. (If taking the turnpike, use exit 112B, North Augusta). Turn left at the Central Maine Commerce Center (Old SCI Building). Park in the big lot and use the entrance with the flags. Once inside go straight down the hall and watch on your left for the Florian Conference Room.


Approval of the May 17th & June 21 minutes

Final Review & Approval of the Policy on Submission of data sets to the GeoLibrary from sources outside State Agencies

Subcommittee Reports/Updates

  • Financial – Jim & Dan
  • Policy & Marketing – Marilyn
  • Status on the GEOPortal – Will
    • Guidelines for Portal Administrator – Marilyn
  • Orthoimagery Project – Larry
  • Parcel Grants - Larry
  • Plan to purchase intermediate products from orthoimagery production - Dan

Board Membership


Joint meeting of the GeoLibrary Board and the GIS Executive Council

NEXT SCHEDULED MEETING: Wednesday September 20, 2006 10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., Burton M. Cross Building, Conference Room 105.


James Page, Chair
Marilyn Lutz, Co-Chair
Will Mitchell
Elizabeth Hertz
David Blocher
Ken Murchison
William Hanson
Sean Myers
Dan Walters
Larry Harwood
Carmen Fournier
Tom Marcotte, DOT
Christopher Kroot, GIS Executive Council Chair
Ray Halperin, former Board member
Nate Kane, DOT

Approval of the May 17 & June 21 Board meeting minutes

Dave Blocher moved and Will Mitchell seconded, to approve the May 17 Board minutes. Board members voted unanimously to accept the Board minutes for May 17 as written.

Dave Blocher moved and Liz Hertz seconded, to approve the June 21 Board minutes. Board members voted unanimously to accept the Board minutes for June 21 as written.

Final Review and Approval of the Policy on Submissions of Data Sets to the GeoLibrary from Sources Outside of State Agencies.

A draft copy of the policy, with edits from the June 21 meeting, was distributed for final review and discussion. The following changes were agreed by the Board to be made to the policy:

  • The objective of this policy is to provide a general policy framework for the submission of …….
  • Definitions #2: The GeoLibrary will take delivery of copies of volunteered spatial data sets and related attributes, and will host …..
  • Assumptions #4: In their role as data custodians, The GeoLibrary Board ….
  • Requirements (new topic)
    • (first line under Requirements) Metadata and spatial data sets will be accepted and maintained ….
  • Requirements #2: Remove the period at beginning of sentence.
  • Requirements #4: (Federal Geographic Data Committee) and close parenthesis
  • Requirements #5: Remove the last line “We should articulate what there are, or at least where a canonical list of standards might be found”. Add new line: See the GeoLibrary Website for applicable standards
  • Requirements #7: Sentence added to read: The data custodian has the right to distribute the data. The data custodian gives up the right …..

Discussion/Comments on the Policy:

Should the data be Maine specific or not? Not necessarily, data from other states could be of interest and benefit to the State of Maine. Maine does have the ultimate veto to accept or not accept the data being submitted.

A question was raised on the attribution of data sets. Where do we store the attributes? How would we handle this? Is it necessary to call this out in the policy? Board agreed to include related attributes in the policy under Definitions #2: spatial data sets and related attributes.

How do you submit data? What is the format? What is the protocol? Should this information be included in the policy? Board agreed to amend the very first sentence of the policy to read: “The objective of this policy is to provide a general “policy” framework for the submission …..

At this time, Will Mitchell made a motion to accept the policy as amended.

Should the GeoLibrary serve up an index; submit the index; once index is submitted the GeoPortal be the first stop for data? A concern was brought up regarding the GIS private sector and the state offering up a free for all handout situation. The GeoLibrary cannot compete with the private sector. The state does have the right to decide if data is of sufficient value. However, the Geo Portal is not being set up as a store for geo data. Should the GeoLibrary set up those standards; should there be a conscientious decision up front with guidelines?

The Geo Portal is primarily a place for metadata and spatial data; perhaps the portal could provide information of data available and data that may be for sale. This would fall into a larger business plan; how do we get a return for our investments (ROI)? We will need to sort this out as cases come up and review on a case by case basis. We can add new documentation or appendices to the policy at a future date as needed, for now let’s keep it broad and get it done. We can leave it vague at this point.

The Board legislation does allow the Board to enter into partnerships when and if the time comes.

Will Mitchell’s original motion was re-submitted to approve the policy with recommended changes, seconded by David Blocher. The Board, by a raise of hands, voted unanimously to accept the policy with recommended changes.

Subcommittee Reports/Updates

Financials: Jim reported on the Financial committee noting that the financial spreadsheet had no changes from the report at the June meeting. He asked that the remaining bond money remain in place for now, so agreed.

Policy & Marketing: Marilyn had no report or updates for the Policy & Marketing committee.

Geo Portal: Will Mitchell reported on the status of the Geo Portal: Tasks from the contractor were currently up in the air; a deliverable from the contractor was reviewed and not acceptable; the contractor has slipped in its schedule; a list of requirements met and not met has been written and does not, at this time, look to good. What is the timeline now? September Perhaps we need to let the contractor know that the Board is concerned and we need to pay attention to the functionality.

We need to see the first prototype; this is something that will be presented to the entire state of Maine; other people represented by the Board need to see it; someone needs to write up the testing requirements and the people that should be involved. There is a concern about the contractor meeting the requirements; we need to regroup and identify issues with resolutions.

We need to do the first line of defense review; need one or more additional bills to allow for a feedback period; need get a first and second draft for review; need design and usability of the whole thing at the end of the day; it needs to be as good as it can be. There is a concern about delay and getting what we want. We need to drive this forward; make some calls and move in the right direction.

Action Items:

  • Need to regroup and focus; meet with the contractor; come away with a plan with a lot of feedback; report back to the Board on status of project.
  • Dan check the expiration date of the contract
  • Marilyn set up guidelines for Portal Administrator

Orthoimagery Project: Larry reported that USGS received orthos for batches 3, 4, 6 and 7 from Photo Science on July 10. We are awaiting information on the schedule for batch 5. The nominal time for review at USGA is approximately 60 days. If that holds, then we could expect the deliveries to be very extended: batch 3 in September; batch 4 in November; batch 6 in January 2007 and batch 7 in March 2007.

Does is make any sense to issue a letter of concern to USGS? Because of the reorganization and downsizing going on at USGS they do not have the staff to put on the project. Should the letter go to the congressional folks to give USGS more staff? USGS is undergoing a large reorganization/downsizing and we need to be careful and somewhat understanding.

Jim noted that if Dan does feel pressure and feels a letter from the Board would be of benefit to let him know.

Action Items:

  • Post status map of orthos on the GeoLibrary website (Larry and Carmen). Be careful with advertising delivery dates; put a map of what is done and what is under development.
  • Larry design status map/index map of the parcel grants and post on the GeoLibrary website.

Parcel Grants: Larry reported the contracts have gone out to towns.

Plan to purchase intermediate products from orthoimagery production: There has been an agreement to purchase, it has been cleared with the CIO and we are moving forward.

Board Membership

  • The Board needs to elect Board Chair and Co-Chair at the September 20th meeting.
  • Nancy Armentrout, AITD for DOT, has been appointed by Commissioner Wyke as the Designee for the Commissioner of the Dept. of Administrative and Financial Services. Currently working on a letter of appointment to be signed by the Commissioner and submitted to the Board Chair.
  • We are waiting for the Governor’s Office to appoint Christopher Kroot to the GeoLibrary Board representing GIS functions of a state department that is a data custodian of GIS information.
  • Municipalities: Ken Murchison has sent a memo to Bill Bridgeo and he is going to look into it. Larry will check with the Speaker of the House to see if they have received any nominations.
  • Jim will check with Paul Mateosian on his reappointment which expires July 22, 2006.
  • We need to get nominations moving forward and get them to the proper appointing body.

Representing Municipalities:

Ray Halperin mentioned the name of Dennis Keschl for a possible seat on the Board representing municipalities. He noted Bill Bridgeo was approachable enough to get something accomplished.

It was noted that representatives to the Board need to have a stake in GIS and believe in its mission; also need someone with policy and political skills to go before the Legislature.

The following names were recommended and agreed to as possible seats on the Board to represent municipalities:

Action Items: Need to contact these folks and get back to Jim by Friday, August 11.

Dennis Keschal = Liz will contact
Matt Nazar – Liz will contact
Peggy Daigle = Jim will contact
Ben Ouellette = Sean will contact
Greg Copeland = Dan will contact
Jim ward = Dan will contact
Bob Osborne = Bill will contact

  • Jim will distribute the results and get the names in the rights hands for appointment, etc.
  • Ken and Will meet and discuss contacting Bill Bridgeo

Representing Counties: The name of Ken Honey has been submitted for appointment by the Governor’s Office.

Environmental Interests Representation:

Liz will contact Dan Coker at the Nature Conservancy. If Dan is not interested Liz will ask him for other possibilities to contact. Liz will also check with Barbara Charry for recommendations she may have.

Public Utilities Representation:

Gary Duplisea from Bangor Hydro has accepted the nomination. His nomination needs to be sent to the Governor’s Office for appointment.

Board membership needs to be in place by the September meeting.

Action Item: Carmen and Larry were asked to put together a Board package for new members.

Agenda items for the September 20th GeoLibrary Board meeting

  • Election of Board Chair and Co-Chair
  • Approval of minutes for the August 2 meeting
  • Approval of the policy for data sets
  • Subcommittee updates
  • Board membership
  • Legislative Planning

Adjourned at 12:00