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October 19, 2005 Agenda

MEETING: Maine Library of Geographic Information Board
DATE: Wednesday, October 19, 2005
TIME: 10:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
LOCATION: Burton M. Cross Building, Conference Room 105

Time Allotted

Agenda Item


10:00 - 10:10

1.  Approval of the September 14 minutes


10:10 - 10:50

2.  Subcommittee Reports

•  Finance

•  Policy

•  GeoLibrary Board Marketing

•  Technical

•  GEO Portal Status

•  Orthoimagery Project

•  Parcel Grants

•  Consultant Services/County Commissioners











10:50 - 11:00


3. Updates

  • Term Expirations

    Ken Honey (status of appointment/approval from the Lincoln County Association)
    Will Mitchell (status of appointment)
    Jon Giles replacement (status of action taken - Jim contact MMA)



11:00 - 11:15

4.  Update on the GIS Executive Council | State Planning Office

Liz Hertz


5.  Bond Planning



6.  Other Business




Wednesday, November 16, 2005
10:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Burton M. Cross Building, Conference Room 105


GeoLibrary Board Meeting Minutes
October 19, 2005 | 10:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Cross Office Building - Conference Room 105

Jim Page, Chair (Representing Vendors)
Marilyn Lutz, Vice Chair (Representing University of Maine System) -
Dennis Boston, Representing Public Utilities - absent
Barbara Charry, Representing Environmental Interests - (via conference phone)
William Hanson, Representing Real Estate & Development Interests (via conference phone)
Paul Mateosian, Representing Municipalities
Will Mitchell, Representing Vendors
Ken Murchison, Representing Regional Councils (by conference phone)
Sean Myers, Representing the Public - absent
Tom Howker, Representing the State of Maine CIO's office
Elizabeth Hertz, Representing GIS functions of a state department – absent
Judy Mathiau, Designee for the Commissioner of DAFS
Larry Harwood, GIS
Dan Walters, GIS - absent
Don Garrold, Searsport
Ray Halperin, former member of the Board
Bonnie Cowle, SPO – Flood Management
Tom Lynch, Northern Geomantics

1. Approval of the September 14 minutes

With a request for one change to the minutes, a motion was made (Will Mitchell) and seconded (Marilyn Lutz) to accept the minutes. The Board voted unanimously to approve the minutes with change noted.

2. Committee Reports

a. Finance: A finance sheet as of October 19, 2005 was distributed. Jim reviewed the line items with members present. A note was made to include, for further discussion, statewide coverage of conservation lands with a zero dollar amount.

b. Policy: Marilyn reported that due to other GeoLibrary commitments, the committee has not been actively writing policies at this time. Will update the Board at the November meeting.

c. Marketing: Marilyn reported she has started working on this with Sean and Bill. She noted two focuses were 1) a brochure/piece of literature that would focus on the GeoLibrary and give it identity, and 2) focus on the GeoLibrary Portal vs. the MEGIS website.

The Board members discussed item 2 above to reach an agreement on whether the GeoLibrary Portal (“Portal”) would be the sole “Point of Access” or the MEGIS website. Does the Board want to take an official stand that the GeoLibrary Portal will be the point of access? It was noted the Portal would become direct access for the public. The point of access issue will need to be included in the discussions with Ionic.

Other points of discussion on “Point of Access to Data” included:

  • Defining the lines between the GeoLibrary and MEGIS
  • Possibly having some level of integration or replacement with the MEGIS website
  • Accessing some parts of existing technology but do it via the Portal
  • MeGIS as a state entity to be accessed by the Portal and the parent is the GeoLibrary Portal
  • We are the point of access between the public and the GeoLibrary data sets
  • Who actually owns the data – State or the Library? Earlier discussions suggested the State owns the data

Going before the Legislature for bond money, the Board needs to identify itself and bring awareness to what the Board is doing to make it possible for the public to access GIS data sets. The Board is in agreement on what it is suppose to do. Does the Board want to impact the dissemination of data? Need to keep current discussion at a policy level, not a technical level.

A motion was made (Will) and seconded (Paul) for the GeoLibrary Portal to be the central point of access to data for the public.

It was recommended to use the word “only” or “sole” point of access to public access of data. It was noted that state agencies want to continue to work among themselves and the private sector/citizens need to go through the GeoLibrary Portal.

A recommendation was made that the Board describe itself as the law states the Board should be operating. Do we need to vote on this as it is pointed out in the law? In concluding discussions, the motion was withdrawn.


  • Jim asked the Technical Committee to take action on this, Marilyn to proceed with writing up the marketing documentation, and asked Larry to follow up with Dan as to his thoughts on the Portal being the point of access to the GeoLibrary for the public.
  • The documentation to bring before the Legislature needs to be written up as reflecting the GeoLibrary Portal being the main access for the public. Bring a “draft” to the Board for their review and final resolution.

Marilyn noted funds would be needed to prepare the marketing tool. She suggested the project may require somewhere around $5,000.00. Jim asked if this would be proper use of bond money if used as an educational tool for the GeoLibrary.

As an educational tool, it would be used to sell the GeoLibrary to the Legislature and other folks involved. Will noted the Board should have done this a long time ago and he does support branding of the GeoLibrary. Paul asked if spending bond money to lobby for bond money was a good idea and would a brochure be as effective as going before the Legislature in person.

It was noted many folks do not have a clue what GIS is about, we need to try to make them understand the importance of data and how to use it. This would be a good education tool.

During the discussion, Tom Howker called the folks in Finance, reported to the Board they (Finance staff) would need to contact the Treasury and get back to Tom. Jim asked for a motion, conditional upon being able to use the funds in this way, to allocate up to $5,000.00 to develop an educational tool for the GeoLibrary. Motion was made by Will) and seconded by Marilyn. Board members were asked to vote; 4 voted yes, 3 voted no, with 3 abstaining and the motion failed to carry.


  • Jim asked Larry and Tom to do some research to see if this was an allowable use of funds.

Request for Data Load from Outside Vendors.

Jim brought to the Board attention a request from TeleAtlas to Dan Walters for a complete data download from the GeoLibrary. Jim noted this is the first time the Board has encountered such a request and how does the Board want to handle this. He noted Tele Atlas will pay for the re-production and their intent would be to re-sell to their customers. Is there anything the Board wishes to do about this?

Points of discussion were:

  • Having private vendors build an interface to our data
  • Anyone can download and attach to the web service to utilize the data
  • Can they attach to it and build interfaces to it?
  • Do we have freedom of action here?
  • Should we pursue a closer relationship via interface?
  • Board have a policy in place for future requests of this type
  • We could suggest a fee subscription but we would have to make sure we have current data available.
  • Imagery will probably end up in Google Earth…we could embrace it and put our logo on it. Get some branding out of it.
  • Concern sharing data in this manner. In some way that the public sector takes our data and limits our use of the data in the future. The data they get from us is not copy rightable. Can only copyright the value added part.
  • Is it the goal of the GeoLibrary to encourage businesses to grow?
  • Data may not be up to date, but what we are giving them is improvement.


  • Private vendors are within their rights to make this request and have the data.
  • The Board needs to think about ways to make money by adding value to data.
  • Can we request vendors display source of information in the form of a logo

Will Mitchell noted various cases he was aware of, by accessing GeoLibrary data, they were doing business smarter or better. Some of these cases were real estate, forestry, etc.


  • Jim asked Will to provide this information to Marilyn for documentation to include in the presentation to the Legislature.

Will Mitchell noted that the Island Institute would like to make a contribution of data to the GeoLibrary. To make sure the process is done properly; Will asked to postpone this discussion until he talks further with folks from the Institute and State Planning Office.

This does raise the issue of whether the Board should have a policy in place regarding contribution of data sets to the GeoLibrary. What do we have or what do we need for a written policy for the acceptance of data not funded as part of the Board’s mission? This does raise policy and technical questions. Some data may not even fit the format.

A question was raised regarding funds for storing data. Does the GeoLibrary have storage capabilities, has this been resolved. Cost would generally be trivial although there will come a point where this will change. We could get a flood of data; we can take it in and worry about the second part later. It was noted we accepted Fort Fairfield’s data sets and we did not put any funds into it.

A recommendation was made that the Board be sure of any liability issues that may be imposed upon the Board attributed to data being let out the door.

Paul shared the process they use is a digital data release form. Before you give them the data they have to sign a release and it has all kinds of legal disclaimers.


  • Policy Committee to draft a policy regarding accepting data for review at the November meeting.
  • Technical Committee to draft standards and bring to the Board for review at the November meeting.
  • Tom Howker to discuss with Dick Thompson the liability issue and bring response back to the Board at the November meeting.

d. GeoLibrary Portal

Will reported the vendor had been selected; they have gone through validation testing and passed. They are currently in contract negotiations and the goal is to start work next month, noting this would be a project that will take several months to complete.

e. Orthoimagery Project

Larry reported contact was made with USGS to revamp the priorities list and they have agreed to do this.

f. Parcel Grants

Requests have been coming in and Carmen is keeping a log of requests. The Review Committee has been set up and will consist of: Anne Gregory, Assessor, Stacy Benjamin, SPO, Larry Harwood, MEGIS, Orman Whitcomb, DECD, Lisa Whynot, MRS

g. Consultant Services/County Commissioners

No update

3. Term Expiration Updates

  • Jim will contact Bob Faunce on the Ken Honey appointment/approval.
  • Will Mitchell finally received his letter of appointment.
  • Jim has contacted MMA for an appointment to replace Jon Giles, waiting to hear from MMA.
  • Sean has made contact with DECD for an appointment replacing representation from the Maine Science and Technology Foundation which was abolished.

4. Update on the GIS Executive Council | State Planning Office

Deferred to the November meeting.

5. Bond Planning

Jim noted he and Marilyn had met with the folks at the State Planning Office who are working on putting the Governor’s bond together. They will meet again, once the Board has finalized and approved its bond item request sheet. The Board proceeded to review the updated bond list incorporated into the September 14th meeting minutes.

After extensive review and discussion, The Board voted and unanimously approved the attached updated bond listing request. Items are numbered on the sheet according to priority.

Topics of discussion included:

  • Complete orthophoto project: Board agreed this should be #1 on the priority list.
  • Orthophotos, update cycle:
  • Update statewide land cover:
  • Grants – digital property maps
  • Zoning & conservation lands: Breaking out the zoning and land conservation into separate items with separate funding. The Board agreed to delete the zoning, conservation lands, roads item under Standards and incorporate the funding into zoning and land conservation. Zoning will be 150,000/150,000 and land conservation would be 200,000/200,000. It was noted funding and prioritization could be changed and/or funding could be reduced. Objectives and a measurable performance outcome will be need for each line item.
  • Merge DOT & E911 databases: The question was raised if this needed bond money. Paul noted finding efficiency in state government; the state should unify this function. Can the state agency (ies) accomplish this merge without GeoLibrary funding?
  • DFIRM production: This is a state agency project. Bonnie Cowle, from the State Planning Office/Flood Management, gave a history, status, process, and progress on what is being done and needs to be done. She also talked about how the project could work with more funding and would be managed by SPO. Jim noted this would be an added benefit in tying the Board with SPO.
  • Data Warehousing – Upgrades & validation; conformity tools: The Board agreed to put this on the bond list as a very low priority and
  • Standards – zoning, conservation lands, road: May not get any funding for this. Board agreed to strike out the Standards line item and use the funding for zoning & conservation lands.
  • Data Warehousing: Upgrades & validation; conformity tools
  • Build statewide GIS network: Take to form of a grant program to help people put data online to make it accessible on the portal and expose the data that is out there. Make services OGC compliant; put a data repository on line (Will asked to write up a paragraph on this).
  • Development tracking: Is the SPO still interested? Is this project core to the Resolve 23 study? From a state perspective is it important? Who will manage the program, is the GeoLibary hosting it, what is going on. The GeoLibrary needs to work in the direction of the mission for the Library.

There are all types of agencies and private sectors where development is happening in Maine. There is no accurate data out there. Where is development happening for economic reasons? Development can be occurring under private ownership.

  • Seed Money for economic development of GIS: Set up a fund for people to develop the GIS industry. Supplement start ups and research grants. Would this take us out into an area the GeoLibrary belongs? Does the GeoLibrary have the expertise? Providing funds to communities to develop GIS capabilities (buy hardware/software). Falls in the Out Reach role of the Board. Need to support the GIS industry not the use of GIS.

The items agreed to by the Board for the GeoLibrary Board bond request were prioritized accordingly and members were assigned to write a paragraph for each item on how this will contribute towards economic development. These paragraphs must be submitted to Jim no later than Monday, October 31.

1. Ortho Project Tier Band C – Jim, Larry
2. Ortho Update Cycle – Jim, Larry
3. Digital Property Maps – Jim, Larry
4. Conservation Lands - Barbara
5. Zoning - Barbara
6. Statewide Land Cover ( do a 5-year update for value) - Barbara
7. DFIRM – Jim, Larry , Dan
8. Development Tracking – Jim and Barbara
9. Statewide GIS Network – Will
10. Merge DOT/E911 Databases - Dan
11. Upgrades, Validation, Conformity Tools - Dan
12. Seed Money - Sean

The motion to accept the order of priorities was seconded, voted on by the Board members, and unanimously approved. Next step is to meet with the State Planning Office to incorporate the bond request into the Governor’s bond.

6. Other Business

Will asked that a survey be sent out with 1 question asking folks how they are using GeoLibrary Ortho Photography and how is it working for them. Also suggested the survey be placed on the GeoLibrary Board website.

Tom Howker reported on his position change to Agency Information Technology Director for the Dept. of Public Safety. Dick Thompson will need to reappoint a Designee for the GeoLibrary Board. Tom agreed to stay on until the new person was appointed by Dick.

Motion to adjourn, seconded.