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Home November 16, 2005 Agenda & Minutes


Wednesday, November 16, 2005
10:00 am - 12:30 pm
COB - Conference Room 105

Agenda Items

1. 10:00 -10:05 Approval of the October 19 th minutes - Jim

2. 10:05 - 11:00 Subcommittee Reports

  • Finance - Jim
    • Using bond money to develop an educational tool for the GeoLibrary Board? (Tom and Larry to research and report back)
  • Policy & Marketing - Marilyn
    • Will provide information of folks using GeoLibrary data to Marilyn to include in the presentation to the Legislature
    • Educational material presentation
    • Draft policy on accepting data
  • Technical
  • GEO Portal - Will
    • GEO portal be the sole point of access?
    • Review draft of standards for data accepted for the portal
    • What are the liability issues that might be imposed on the Board attributed to data being let out the door? (Tom Howker to discuss with Dick Thompson)
  • Orthoimagery Project & Parcel Grants - Larry
  • Consultant Services/County Commissioners - Dan

3. 11:00 - 11:05 Term Expirations Jim

  • Status of appointment/approval for Ken Honey from the Lincoln County Association
  • Status of action taken to replace Jon Giles
  • DECD appointment - Sean

4. 11:05 - 11:15 Updates: GIS Executive Council - Liz

5 . 11:15 - 12:15 Bond Planning / Annual Report Planning (see pages 6-8 of Attachment #1) - Jim

6 . 12:15 - 12:30 Other Business - Jim

  • Sending out survey asking folks how they are using GIS and how it is working for them and place on the GeoLibrary Board website? Larry
  • Replacement for Tom Howker?

NEXT SCHEDULED MEETING: Wednesday December 21, 2005, 10:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., Burton M. Cross Building, Conference Room 105


Members Present

Jim Page, Chair
Marilyn Lutz, Co Chair
Barbara Charry (via conference phone)
Judy Mathiau
Bill Hanson
Will Mitchell (via conference phone)
Ken Murchison (via conference phone)
Tom Howker
Liz Hertz
Members Not Present
Dennis Boston
Paul Mateosian
Sean Myers
Lavana Snyder, CIO's Office
Don Garrold, Searsport
Ray Halperin
Larry Harwood, OIT
Dan Walters. OIT
Carmen Fournier

Agenda Item #1: Approval of the October 19th minutes – Jim

Recommendation to the Minutes: Item 6 Other Business – change the word GIS to “GeoLibrary Ortho Photography”.

Conclusion: A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes as amended. Board members voted unanimously to approve the minutes with recommended change.

Agenda Item #2: Committee Reports

Finance Committee – Jim Page: Jim reviewed the Bond Expenditure report dated November 16, 2005. The report was accepted by the Board.

Discussions: The Board discussed a requested allocation of $10,000 to MeGIS for project management of the Geo Portal project. . A question was raised regarding ongoing maintenance. One response was to have the InforME portal manage most of the tasks related to the Geo portal.

Other questions/concerns discussed:

• Who will handle the GIS tasks under the portal?
• Is there FGDC funds in place for this? No
• Could the ½ time funding for a data specialist be used for portal managing? Money does not exit for that position at this time.
• Are all other ongoing projects, such as imagery, parcel grants, consulting with commissioners, staffed to see them through? We will (OIT) fulfill current ongoing projects.
• Managing the portal over a 3-month period – need to devote resources and have the Board pay for them.
• Include management/installation of portal to InforME.

Will Mitchell asked if the Board could table this item and decide at the next meeting what the Board would be willing to do. The Technology Committee needs to regroup on the portal project and discuss items overall.

Jim noted the need to bring the Finance Committee together, have the Technology Committee regroup and bring back to Jim their findings concerning the MEGIS request. Jim asked who would like to serve on the Finance Committee and the following folks volunteered: Liz Hertz, Dave Blocher, Jim Page, Bill Hanson, Dan Walters.

Conclusion: The Technology Committee will meet and report back to Jim. Jim will bring the Finance Committee together and report back to the Board at the December 21 meeting.

Using bond money to develop an educational tool for the GeoLibrary Board – Tom Howker reported back to the Board this was appropriate use of bond money. However, we need to avoid using it as a lobbying tool.

Policy & Marketing Committee – Marilyn Lutz

Marilyn brought to the Board for discussion a draft policy for accepting data sets from outside vendors and the educational tool brochure for the Maine Library of Geographic Information.

Discussions: The Board agreed the brochure should not be focused just to the Legislature. They also agreed it was very valuable and need to work toward review, refining, and coming up with a finished product for printing. The Board was asked to allocate up to $5,000 for printing the brochure.

Liz Hertz moved to support the brochure project, to be managed by Marilyn, for up to $5,000, seconded by Judy Mathiau. The Board voted and unanimously approved the informational brochure project and funding as an education tool for the Maine Library of Geographic Information.

Conclusions: Marilyn will send the draft PDF file of the brochure to the Board members for their review and comments. Need to focus on: a) is there something missing, b) is there something that should not be there, c) review content/language, and d) are there better illustrations available). The deadline to get your comments back to Marilyn is Wednesday, November 23.

Other concerns the Board needs to resolve are storage and distribution of the brochure. Some recommendations were to distribute electronically, place on the website, and that Marilyn and Dan have a sidebar on how to pay the bill.

Policy for accepting data set: Marilyn noted the Policy Committee had not been involved in writing up this draft. The draft policy brought to the Board reads as follows:

Policy: Acceptance of data sets from outside vendors

Outside vendors may contribute data sets to the Maine GeoLibrary for public access through the portal. Data sets that are not funded through the GeoLibrary’s mission will be accepted and access to them maintained, if the following submission requirements are met:

1. Review of the data sets is approved by the GeoLibrary Board as content that enhances and/or expands the GeoLibrary collection and is appropriate for public access through the Portal.
2. The vendor signs a digital data release form absolving the GeoLibrary Board of any liability issues.
3. Verification of the file format(s) meets GeoLibrary collection standards.
4. Metadata is provided in the ….. Standard, or the vendor migrates the metadata to the standard format.
5. The vendor agrees to update the data sets within xxxx years.

A recommendation was made, and the Board agreed, to replace the word “vendors” with “non-state data custodians”. Jim noted there were two options available to have the entire Board review the policy or have Marilyn take it to the Policy Committee. Another recommendation for the policy was to remove Item #5 or make it more encouraging for folks to update.

Conclusions: It was agreed the Policy Committee would meet and review the draft policy and bring back to the Board at the December 21 meeting.

Technical Committee: Will asked Dan to update the Board regarding the Geo portal. Dan noted folks from the Contract Office were working with Ionic in the development of a contract with a goal to have the contract in place first of the year and to start work.

The next step is to sit down with the Board and start developing requirements. The Technical Committee will work to set up a project kickoff day with Ionic mid January.

Orthoimagery Project & Parcel Grants – Larry Harwood

Larry reviewed the handout attached on “Proposed Areas for Orthoimagery Production” as of November 14, 2005. The delivery of orthoimagery to the USGS by their contractor has been delayed . The first shipment to USGS is now scheduled for Nov 21st.


Orthoimagery Map

Larry reported the deadline for parcel grant applications was Friday, November 18, 2005. Approximately 80 RFPs were sent out electronically/snail mail.

Consultant Services/County Commissioners – Dan Walters

The next session is scheduled for December 8 | 9:00 am to 2:00 p.m. at the Pine Tree State Arboretum. Formal invitations have been sent out to all County officials. At this session the Consultant plans to confirm the information we have been given regarding GIS county needs and note if anything was left out. The Consultant’s final report will be published end of January 2006.

Agenda Item #3: Term Expirations – Jim Page

Conclusions: Jim will contact Bob Faunce to get an update on the appointment of Ken Honey. He will also follow up with MMA for a nomination to replace Jon Giles. Sean is following up with DECD for an appointment to replace the former Maine Science & Technology Foundation.

Agenda Item #4: Updates – GIS Executive Council & SPO– Liz Hertz

Liz had no updates to report at this time for the State Planning Office. The updates for the GIS Executive Council included work being done on reviewing and refining the GIS Strategic Plan to focus state resources in an efficient way and in line with the GeoLibrary Board activities. The Council is also discussing funding.

Item #5: Bond Planning – Jim Page

Jim updated the Board members regarding his meeting with Tim Glidden from the State Planning Office. Tim works on getting materials together for the Governor’s bond. Some of the recommendations from Tim to Jim were:

• All items must be justified
• Don’t expect the Legislature to edit the monies requested
• Need to focus on economic decisions and development
• Need a cost savings tool – brief them on it and how it is helping
• Tim mentioned that Jeremy Fisher from the legislature would be a good resource to brief
• How will this benefit entities, how is this saving money? What do the savings mean? Give some examples of savings (Dan and Larry)

Dan commented on the extensive list of e-mails from folks using orthos and contacting them via a survey asking them how this has saved them money.

Jim distributed a draft of the GeoLibrary Funding Priorities for FY07/08 approved by the Board at the October meeting. He discussed the item line by line and what further information was needed.

Items 1 and 2: Need examples of cost savings or avoidance (Dan, Larry).

Item 3: Conservation lands = tie into a major initiative, detail on spending monies on conservation lands (Barbara)

Item 4: Zoning grants – funding for regional support – what kind of projects would be supported – need more detail (Dan and Larry)

Item 5: Update statewide land cover – need more information on federal fund leverage – how much money is likely to be leveraged.

Item 6: DFIRM production – Why is the GeoLibrary doing this? FEMA initiative … working with coastal data … need long paragraph detailing the whole context/history to include FEMA (Larry and Bonnie Cowle, SPO)

Item 7: Development tracking – Tim will do some work on this from the State Planning Office. Liz and Tim work together on this and review the study done in PA, use as a model.

Item 8: Build statewide GIS network – Will drafted idea on what this meant. Does have policy implications; not Board reviewed and approved. Will Mitchell to send copies to the Board to use as beginning point for discussion ASAP. Policy review and put on December agenda

Item 9: Merge DOT & E911 databases – Will not meet requirements for bond funding – zero funding.

Item 10: Upgrades & Validation, Conformity Tools – Need details and cost savings benefits (Dan and Larry)

Item 11: Seed money – Have to make a case that it is good for development. Should contact Peggy Schaffer (DECD) (Will and Sean)

Jim commented that most of the background writing was in pretty good shape. We do need quantifiable data. Jim asked that folks get their assigned tasks completed and send to Jim. Jim will put all information together prior to the December 21 meeting. Jim will deliver final report to Tim before the December holidays.

Other discussions:

Was the development tracking turned into the parcel grants stuff? There was a final report on development tracking from Stacey Benjamin. We may want to set up a Development Tracking Committee.

Tom Howker noted the homework done by the Board for bond request was very strong; however, the Board needs a “good story” on all items and needs to watch out for weak link(s).

Survey: Larry and Dan will discuss how to implement the survey

It was noted the David Blocher will be replacing Tom Howker as the rep from the CIO’s Office. Need to write up a formal letter to the Board (Update: Carmen’s has contacted Dick Thompson on this). The Board thanked Tom for his many contributions to the Board.

FYI: Jim reported that USGS is redefining its role in federal government and coordination with states.

Annual Report: The report is due first of January. Once the bond request data is “final”, Jim will draft the annual report and bring to the January meeting.

11:30 motion made and seconded to adjourn.