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Home May 18, 2005 Agenda & Transfers


MEETING: Maine Library of Geographic Information Board
DATE: Wednesday, May 18, 2005
TIME: 10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
LOCATION: Burton M. Cross Building, Conference Room 105

1. Approval of the March 16 minutes

2. Subcommittee Reports

a. Finance

b. Policy

c. Technical

  • Portal RFP
  • Orthoimagery Project
  • Parcel Grants (second round)
  • Consultant Services to assist the County Commissioners to identify county GIS needs

3. LD 787 “An Act to Authorize a General Fund Bond issue for the Enhanced Development of Public geographic information”

4. Other Business

Summer Action Items

  • Rep for State GIS Functions
  • Federal grant partnership
  • “Draft” letter to congressional delegation on funding issues
Wednesday, June 15, 2005
10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Burton M. Cross Building, Conference Room 105


GeoLibrary Board Meeting
May 18, 2005 | 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Burton M. Cross Building | Conf Room 105

Members Present: Barbara Charry, Jon Giles, William Hanson, Marilyn Lutz, , Will Mitchell, Ken Murchison (teleconferencing), Jim Page, Dick Thompson, Dan Walters, Larry Harwood
Members Not Present: Dennis Boston, Robert Faunce, Paul Mateosian, Sean Myers
Guests: Tom Howker, Liz Hertz, Lavana Snyder

Action Items from the meeting:

  • Contact Rep. Koffman (phone/meeting) – Jim Page
  • Contact SPO Director – Jim Page
  • Set up meeting with the GeoLibrary Board and the GIS Executive Council – Dan Walters
  • Update and send the Board’s finance spreadsheet to all Board members via E-mail.- Dan Walters
  • Keep Board informed of meeting dates/location/agenda/action on the County Commissioners progress – Dan Walters
  • Send e-mails from Rep. Koffman and Rep. Fisher to Jim – Dan Walters
  • Send the recommended name, to representative DAFS Commissioner on the Board, to Dick Thompson. – Dan Walters
  • Meet with Dick Thompson possible impact of State Portal / GEO Portal – Dan Walters, Will Mitchell, Jon Giles, Marilyn Lutz (may be others)
  • Get back to Commissioner Wyke to make the appointment – Dick Thompson
  • Review the Board’s website to make sure all policies/standards are posted accordingly – Marilyn Lutz
  • Prepare a list of outstanding issues for the Policy Subcommittee to address and share with all Board members via E-mail – Marilyn Lutz
  • Establish Board Marketing subcommittee – Marilyn Lutz
  • Review Policy Subcommittee priorities and update Board at next meeting – Marilyn Lutz
  • Report to the Board at the June meeting the number of proposals submitted for the GEO Portal RFP. Bring final selection for Board approval at the July meeting – Will Mitchell
  • Conduct one more round of phone calls/E-mails to the towns who have not submitted their data. Draft a letter to send out requesting towns to submit their data before deadlines (send to Jim, Marilyn, Will for review). Update of parcel grants at the June meeting – Larry Harwood

Agenda Item #1: Approval of the March 16th Minutes

Discussions: With no comments or corrections brought forward, a motion was made (Dick Thompson) and seconded (Marilyn Lutz) to approve the minutes as written.

Action Items: Board members voted unanimously to approve the minutes as written.

Agenda Item #2: Subcommittee Reports – Finance, Policy, and Technical


Finance Subcommittee: Jim Page, for the Finance Subcommittee, reported no updates at this time. Jim asked Dan Walters to update the Board’s finance spreadsheet and distribute to Board members via E-mail. For the Board’s new member, William Hanson, Jim gave a brief description of the Board’s finance spreadsheet which shows monies spent, encumbered, and/or free. Currently the Board has approximately $35,000 of free money.

Policy Subcommittee: Marilyn Lutz, for the Policy Subcommittee, reported the subcommittee has not met to discuss the next steps. Jim asked about the official repository for the Board’s policies/standards. He asked Marilyn to check the Board’s website to make sure all policies/standards were posted accordingly. Marilyn noted the subcommittee did need to work on resolving some process issues and she would also put together a list of outstanding issues for the Policy Subcommittee and share them with Board members via E-mail.

Jim noted the subcommittee has made good progress and needs to keep moving forward. He also commented that the Policy and Technical subcommittees were very instrumental in codifying the activities of the Board. He explained the Policy subcommittee works to sort out issues and prioritize them and bring recommendations to the Board. The Technical subcommittee has been working with Larry and Dan to make technical recommendations to the Board regarding data and technology to access the data. They are currently working on a number of projects such as RFP for the GEO Portal, parcel grants, etc.

Technical Subcommittee: Will Mitchell, for the Technical Subcommittee, reported on the status of the GEO Portal RFP. The RFP was announced in the Kennebec Journal weekend of May 7-9. Questions on the RFP are due in by Friday, June 20th. A team of five has been set up to review, score & rank the proposals. A final vendor selection will be made and brought to the Board for final approval at the July meeting (June is possible).

Will gave a brief background of what the GEO Portal will accomplish. As part of the Board’s charge to make data accessible to the state agencies and the public/private sector, an RFP was put together and issued to build this portal for the GeoLibrary. This portal will be a repository of data and information from local, state, and municipal entities and made available for access the public and private sectors.

Will described it as a giant card catalog showing who has data, what kind of data, where the data is, and in what format. The portal will have a map viewer component to it. The focus of the portal is on open standards and web mapping services. The portal will have new and improved data download functionality. The portal will be available for towns to list what data they have and who to contact to get the data. It will be set up as a sort of search and discover tool.

A question was raised if the Board was working with towns to participate. Jim noted that Ken Murchison was working with organized towns in Aroostook to become the regional portal for northern Maine. It was noted that this type of project will have champions and resistors.

Jim noted the Board had set aside $100,000 for the GEO portal. Jim asked if the Board would be approving the vendor selection at the July meeting. Will commented the team of five would probably end up with a short list of vendors and have them do a presentation and than make a final selection for Board approval. At the June meeting, Will Mitchell will report how many proposals were submitted and bring final Board approval at the July meeting.

Orthoimagery Project: Larry reported the USGS contract was in process for finalization to cover the next set of photography (2004/2005). Schedule is to start in August and complete sometime Jan/Feb 2006. There are two remaining batches in the 2003 flying for orthoimagery development. Dan noted there are no funds for the 2005 photography to be developed into orthoimagery.

Parcel Grants: The work continues on finalizing the RFP. Larry will contact the towns that have not set in their data by phone/e-mail. Out of 45 towns only 7 towns have submitted their data. The data is due one year from the date of contract signing. We could work something out to extend the contract but this would not be a good thing to do. After one more attempt at phone calls/e-mails, if data does not come in from the towns Larry will put together a letter to send out to those towns alerting them to get this information in before the deadline.

Consultant Services: The contract for consultant services to assist the County Commissioners to identify county GIS needs was awarded to Applied Geographics. The first meeting will be held on June 10 at the Gorham campus. Invitations were sent out to all counties and regional councils.

The June 10 session will consist of: introducing GIS, how GIS is being used by county governments outside of Maine, etc. The plan is to draw out if they are using GIS, how are they using GIS and how they could be using this information better. Also work with them to coordinate GIS use from county to county. Also would like to draw in the activities of the county registries. Next meeting will be late July early August with a report due in September. The second meeting will probably be held in Orono.

Agenda Item #3: LD 787 “An Act to Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for the Enhanced Development of Public Geographic Information

Discussions: Several Board members have been involved in the process for keeping the bond ALIVE. Members have attended the hearing/work sessions and a letter was drafted and submitted decreasing the bond request from 6M to 4.125M. Dan commented on the need for an amendment to the legislation in moving the bond forward. Rep. Koffman and Rep. Fisher have been contacting Dan via e-mail with requests for maps. Rep. Koffman acknowledged keeping what is on the table now (6M) and requesting additional information about GIS to educate the House on the use and value of GIS.

Dick noted the extremely serious issues ongoing around the budget, base closure announcements, Part 2 budget, $447M revenue in Part 1 budget, and bringing bonds to the voters. He noted the Board is and has presented a good case and taking all these issues into consideration the Board is along for the bumpy ride ahead. Should the GeoLibrary bond issue not make this round the next window of opportunity may be sometime in January of 2006.

A suggestion was made for the Chair, Jim Page to approach Rep. Koffman by phone or meet with him when possible. Jim asked the Board members for a clear direction on what and how he should approach Rep. Koffman. Option 1: we appreciate his efforts and shoot for the 6M; Option 2: we appreciate his efforts, we only need 4.125M and offer an amendment; Option 3: if we get approximately1M we can keep going.

The Board members did agree to have Jim contact Rep. Koffman. Let him know the Board is grateful for his efforts, remind him of available resources and support from the Board, if helpful point out options, and explain the availability of matched resources. Jim asked Dan to send him the e-mails he has received, and Marilyn send him the letter she signed and was submitted to Appropriations. Jim will call Rep. Koffman and follow up with a meeting.

Jim proceeded to ask about the $955,000 absolute amount the Board could work with. Barbara Charry made a motion to add, as another option of funding for the GeoLibrary, the amount of $950,000 to allow continued worked of the GeoLibrary for orthoimagery, processing, and digital parcel grants. Will Mitchell seconded the motion. With no further discussion, The Board voted unanimously to approve the motion. Jim, as Chair, abstained from voting. (Options 3 and 4 are really the same.)

At this time, Jim asked Ken to update the Board regarding federal grant partnership. Ken noted a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was being developed in partnership with MeGIS and the Planning Commission to contract for services for parcel mapping (640 square miles of Maine). He noted the grant has very limited money for imaging. The Council on GIS agreed to develop parcel data for towns in Aroostook County with MeGIS as a partner (using MeGIS staff). Development will also include parts of Penobscot, Washington, and Piscataquis counties at Level 1.

Dan noted they would have to either use the CIO’s short vendor list or go out to RFP as MeGIS does not have the staff to do all the work involved. The discussion also included unorganized towns vs. organized towns. Contact has been made with LURC; they are aware of the standards for parcels and are working toward donating/publishing the data in the GeoLibrary. The only downside noted was the unavailability of orthos for that area.

Regarding orthos, Ken noted no funding source was available for imagery. Ken tried to approach other departments in his organization but to no avail. Ken will also try to contact the Aroostook MMA.

Dan reiterated that USGS has $265,000 for the next year to match and complete the rest of organized territories in remainder of 04/05 flying which will allow USGS to finish our project statewide. Jim noted there is only $35,000 of money available to consider using for the orthoimagery that still needs to be completed.

Possibly contacting our federal Congressional representatives for possible funding assistance was discussed. Until the bond issue is settled, it was felt that moving to the federal level may not be good timing. Another option brought forward was the funds from DHS (Dept. of Homeland Security) that have been made available to the state. It was noted that a portion of these funds were made available to locals (80%) and to the state (20%). There is a lot of competition out there for these funds (radio networks, devices, etc.) that are drying up. DHS will also realign where money goes to reach higher risk targets.

Jim noted that from the Board’s position in pursuing bond funding, if Ken will organize his people to go after any of these monies, the Board will provide information, data, support whatever it can do to get the part 1 imagery piece off the ground. Once we know the status of the state bond (LD 787), the Board will pursue/revisit how we can partnership more on specific items.

Agenda Item #4: Other Business

The Board was alerted to a discussion regarding the practice of GIS becoming a licensed profession in the State of Maine. The Board needs to be alert and prepared to look at the issue seriously.. Dan will get back to the Board after the June 28 meeting with the Board of Licensure. MeGIS has formed a committee to be involved.

Marketing the GeoLibrary: A recommendation was made to set up an Ad Hoc committee to draft these materials, put together an action list, devise a plan for getting our brand out there, and build around the portal. Jim asked for volunteers from the Board. Those volunteering were: Marilyn Lutz, William Hanson. Barbara offered to talk with her Communications Director to assist in the process of reviewing the marketing documentation. Jim appointed Marilyn as the Chair and to look to Bill and Barbara for assistance.

Summer Action Items:

  • Stay on top of the bond issue
  • Ongoing technical initiatives: GEO portal, parcel grants,
  • Marketing the GeoLibrary: Need to get a plan and action steps in place, use as a support tool for next round of bonding, marketing item needs to be standardized and have multi uses, marketing and PR plan should be ready to go by November 2006, need to research how the Board can get on committee agendas, start lobbying, write articles, and the Board needs to work on getting a legislative champion. This work could be tied in with the GEO Portal.

Support for GIS/GeoLibrary: Dick Thompson shared the outcome of his meeting with the GIS Executive Council regarding ongoing sustainability for storage and delivery of GIS data. He discussed his idea of to take care of the baseline to include partnering with the Maine InforME portal. He noted to a new RFP being developed for the State’s Portal to be issued in the fall.

There will be two committees set up (Technical & Finance) as an access point for a lot of different things going on in E-Government. With the Board’s approval, using the State Portal approach could help cover some of the infrastructure costs. Using revenue from this portal could help sustain baseline. The Portal provider does receive fees for services provided (costs of transactions). We may be able to get under the umbrella of free portal services. This may not cover 100% but it is an opportunity to get us there.

In closing this discussion, Jim asked that this be included on the June and July meeting agendas. Dick also asked the Board to give his presentation on the OIT consolidation effort at the June meeting (1/2 hour).

June 15 Meeting | 10:00 – 12:30 | COB – Conf Room 105

Agenda Items:

  • OIT Consolidation Presentation – Dick
  • State Portal (InforME) for storage/delivery of GIS data – Dick
  • GIS Executive Council
    • Jim contact Rep. Koffman
    • Jim contact SPO Director
    • Work with County Commissioners – Dan
    • Appointment to the Board for DAFS – Dick
    • Subcommittees: Finance, Policy, Technical
    • Board marketing = Marilyn
    • Number of GEO Portal RFP proposals – Will
    • Parcel Grants - Larry