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Home March 16, 2005 Agenda & Minutes


MEETING: Maine Library of Geographic Information Board
DATE: Wednesday, March 16, 2005
TIME: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
LOCATION: Burton M. Cross Building, Conference Room 105

1. Approval of the January 19, 2005 & February 16th minutes


3. Subcommittee Reports

a. Finance

b. Policy

  • Review and approval of the Private Industry Policy

c. Technical

  • Portal RFP
  • Orthoimagery Project
  • Parcel Grants (second round)
  • Consultant Services to assist the County Commissioners to identify county GIS needs

4. Board Presentation to the Legislature

5. Other Business

  • Updates on LD 787 & 677 (testimony for 787 attached)

Wednesday, April 20, 2005
10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Burton M. Cross Building, Conference Room 105

Future Agenda Items
Filling vacant seats

  • Rep for State GIS Functions
  • Maine Science & Technology Foundation
  • Rep for DAFS Commissioner
  • Rep for Real Estate & Development


Date: March 16, 2005
Time: 10:00 am – 12:30 pm
Place: Burton M. Cross Building, Conference Room 105

Members Present
Marilyn Lutz, Vice Chair
Sean Myers, The Public
Barbara Charry, Representing Environmental Interests
Robert Faunce, Representing Statewide Association of Counties
Paul Mateosian, Representing Municipal Government
Will Mitchell, Representing GIS Vendors (via Premiere Conferencing)
Ken Murchison, Representing Statewide Association of Regional Councils (via conference call)
Members Not Present
Jon Giles, Representing Municipal Government
Jim Page, Chair
Dennis Boston, Representing Utility Interests
Dick Thompson, Representing State Government
Larry Harwood
Dan Walters
Suzanne (Sue) Scott, Jensen Baird Gardner & Henry - Portland
Stacy Benjamin, SPO
Tom Howker, Office of the CIO (For Dick Thompson, CIO)
Ray Halperin, Former Member of the Board
Jim Henderson, Archives
Don Garrold, Searsport
Mike Parkin, ESRI
Liz Hertz, State Planning Office

Agenda Item 1: Approval of the January 19 and February 16 minutes.

Decision/Conclusions: Bob moved and Paul seconded to accept these minutes as written. The board voted unanimously to approve these minutes as written.

Agenda Item 2: GeoArchives – Jim Henderson, Director, Maine State Archives (see attached report “The GeoArchives: Goals and Status II – A Report to the Maine GeoLibrary Board”)


  • The mission of the Maine State Archives is to insure preservation of, and access to, the permanently valuable records of State Government. In this process we need to include geographic information/data.
  • GeoLibrary key element in this project to permanently retain GIS information for users in the future. The GeoLibrary is advisory/information group to help on the GeoArchives project. Folks from Archives and MeGIS have been working on this project together.
  • Need to ensure preservation of state records.
  • Outcome of this project is to make information as accessible as it is now to all users.
  • Archiving information would allow the user to compare today’s metadata to yesterdays.
  • Question on data planning – what metadata do we need in addition to the metadata the GeoLibrary already has?
  • No one else has done this (archiving GIS data) we are on the cutting edge.
  • Is there a list of categories on GIS information to collect for archiving?
  • Use same appraisal criteria used for archiving other records
  • Not everything in the GeoLibrary may need to be archived
  • Are there legal requirements?
  • Is there information value for research? This is worth archiving?
  • Need an ongoing relationship between GeoArchives and the GeoLibrary Board (decision making process)
  • State and local governments do have archiving schedules in place
  • How do you plan to store all this information? Archiving does take responsibility to keep.

Integrate into the GeoLibrary

  • Have current information and how it was yesterday both available in the GeoLibrary with separate access to the archived data.
  • There are certain things you are required to keep automatically.
  • Currently not working with communities for archiving data sets.
  • No state agency is currently supporting the GeoLibrary


Jim meet quarterly with the GeoLibrary Board for updates on the project

Agenda Item 3: Subcommittee Reports

a. No report from the Finance Subcommittee at this time.

b. Policy Subcommittee – Marilyn Lutz

The “Private Industry Policy” – Final Draft v. 8 was distributed to the members for final review/approval. Some comments around the policy included a concern about having an undue amount of focus on this one policy but the written language was getting better.

  • Opposition to having an overly restrictive policy
  • Explain each point and what they mean and how they would apply in the future
  • Item 1 of the policy is what the GeoLibrary does
  • Try to find a balance between the tension between the public and private sectors
  • There will be collaboration between the state and the private sector for GIS
  • This is a policy, can be reviewed and changed


  • Item 2 of the “Private Industry Policy” – the word “ENSURE” change to “Encourage”
  • Bob made the motion to approve the policy as amended, Paul seconded his motion.
  • Board voted unanimously to approve the policy as amended.

c. Technical Subcommittee – Sean Myers

  • Portal RFP was toned down in reference to benchmarking and testing, all changes have been made.
  • RFP has gone through the Contract Review process and will be posted on the website

Orthoimagery Project – Larry Harwood

  • Do have agreement from USGS to redo the imagery with poor color balancing
  • USGS reviewing final 5 batches, should see them end of this month
  • Start working on 2005 imagery – flying next month

Parcel Grants – Larry Harwood

  • Working on Standards to make sure they are correct
  • Will be adding additional language to the RFP for the next round – bring to next meeting for approval – once approved will launch immediate

Consultant Services to Assist the County Commissioners to Identify County GIS Needs – Dan Walters

  • RFP has been issued, proposed reviewed, vendor was selected to complete the task(s) for $20,000
  • Vendor is collecting information from the County Commissioners
  • Overall plan is to have 3 or 4 facilitated sessions throughout the state


  • Dan send final Portal RFP to the Technical Committee for reading purposes only and prepare for incoming proposals
  • Bring new language for the Parcel Grants RFP to April meeting for approval

Agenda Item 4: Board Presentation to the Legislature


  • Bob Faunce and Barbara Charry work on putting presentation together. Bob did a power point presentation.
  • $256,000 was put in the Annual Report (to be allotted to the CIO’s office) to help support the GeoLibrary.
  • LD 787 bond requesting money is a separate issue from the annual report request for money and the presentation before the Oversight Committee
  • It is important we do the presentation.
  • Need a state agency as champion for the GeoLibrary Board
  • Need to think about the make up of the GeoLibrary Board Committee
  • Issues for the GeoLibrary are data storage and support
  • Should we have a rep on the Board from the legislature?
  • Can we be our own champion


  • Carmen send memberships for the Joint Standing Committee on Natural Resources and State and Local Government to the Board
  • Dan contact Committee Clerks to set up presentation date/time/location

Agenda Item 5: Other Business

LD 787 Bond requesting money for the GeoLibrary

  • Not part of the Governor’s bond
  • Written testimony to both the Joint Standing Committees on Appropriations and BRED
  • Work Session with BRED – talk about the bond(s) and make recommendation to Appropriation


  • Board members contact your Legislature
  • Bob moved and Barbara seconded to have a letter drafted by the Chairsand sent to the committees supporting LD 787.
  • Board voted unanimously approving letter be written.
  • Marilyn will draft letter, send to Board for review
  • Carmen will send list of bonds to the Board members
  • Barbara Charry will call the bill Sponsor (Hoffman) to find out how we can piggyback on a bond and what bond

Notes on LD 787:

  • Half of Maine has been serviced…stop now you are dumping on northern Maine
  • Money going to towns – towns have significant interest – improve tax maps
  • Reduce the amount, piggyback with another bond, politically good move
  • The Legislature will put a bond(s) together in a way that people will vote for it
  • Too many bonds out there people will say no
  • Is there another bond or group of bonds to attach to?
  • Board take official vote, record in the minutes, create a letter and send to the two Committees

LD 677 on access to GIS data


  • Bob made motion and Sean seconded to draft letter to the Committee on LD 677 – Board voted and motion failed to pass.

Notes on LD 677

  • Board submit written testimony
  • How did this bill originate?
  • MEMA should provide a fiscal note
  • What is the bill really about? Register to access the data.

Motion made and seconded to adjourn the meeting, meeting adjourned at 11:40.

DATE: Wednesday, April 20, 2005
TIME: 10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
LOCATION: Cross Building, Room 105