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MEETING: Maine Library of Geographic Information Board
DATE: Wednesday, June 15, 2005
TIME: 10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
LOCATION: Burton M. Cross Building, Conference Room 105

1. Approval of the May 18 minutes

2. Other Updates

  • Contact Rep. Koffman
  • Contact SPO Director
  • Board Rep for DAFS Commissioner (send name to Dick Thompson – Dick contact Commissioner)

3. Subcommittee Reports

  • Finance
  • Policy

a. Board website (check to make sure all policies & standards are posted)

b. Review Policy Subcommittee priorities and update Board

  • Technical

a. Portal RFP

b. Orthoimagery Project

c. Parcel Grants

d. Consultant Services/County Commissioners

4. Board Marketing Subcommittee

5. GIS Executive Committee (further discussion to finalize reason(s) for meeting)

6. OIT Consolidation Presentation

  • Meet with Dick on possible impact of State Portal / Geo Portal (Dan Walters, Will Mitchell, Jon Giles, Marilyn Lutz)

Wednesday, July 20, 2005
10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Burton M. Cross Building, Conference Room 105


GeoLibrary Board Meeting
Wednesday, June 15, 2005
COB – Conference Room 105

Members Present
Jim Page, Chair
Marilyn Lutz, Vice Chair
Barbara Charry, Representing Environmental Interests
Robert Faunce, Representing Statewide Association of Counties
Will Mitchell, Representing GIS Vendors
Jon Giles, Representing Municipal Government (via Premiere Conferencing)
Dennis Boston, Representing Utility Interests
Tom Howker, Designee for Dick Thompson, CIO
Dick Thompson, Representing State Government
William Hanson, Representing Real Estate and Development Interest
Members Not Present
Ken Murchison, Representing Statewide Association of Regional Councils
Paul Mateosian, Representing Municipal Government
Sean Myers, Representing the Public
Stacy Benjamin, State Planning Office
Don Garrold, Searsport
Lavana Snyder, Office of the CIO
Larry Harwood, Maine Office of GIS
Dan Walters, Maine Office of GIS

Next GeoLibrary Board meeting is July 20, 2005

Tasks from this meeting:

  • Larry (with Grants Subcommittee) revise Appendix A page 9 of the Parcel Grants (second round) RFP
  • Larry contact South Portland and Gorham asking them to send, in writing, request for contract extension with justification and timeline.
  • Dan set up pre-meeting for GeoLibrary Board and GIS Executive Committee
  • Carmen change September meeting date

Items for July meeting:

  • Approve June 15 minutes
  • Update on hearing from SPO Executive Director
  • Meeting with GIS Executive Committee
  • Update on Board Rep for DAFS’ Commissioner
  • Update on MEMA pilot project involving 10 border areas
  • Subcommittee Reports (Finance, Policy, Technical)
  • Liz Hertz appointment to the Board
  • Supporting efforts for developing conservation lands data layers to be in the GeoLibrary
  • Report on the Board Marketing Subcommittee
  • Board members term expiration

Agenda Item #1: Approval of the May 18 minutes

After one question on item 4, Marilyn made a motion to accept the minutes and Barbara seconded the motion. With a show of hands the Board members unanimously approved and accepted the minutes as written.

Agenda Item #2: Other Updates

1. Contact Rep. Koffman and SPO Director

Jim passed around a letter that he faxed to Representative Koffman on May 24 followed by an e-mail and phone call. No response from Rep. Koffman to date. Jim sent an e-mail to Martha Freeman, Executive Director of the State Planning Office, requesting a date and time to meet with her at her convenience, waiting to hear from her. Stacey Benjamin noted that the SPO will be having a GIS person fulltime in the office.

Jim noted the original vision was to have close collaboration with MEGIS, SPO, GIS Executive Council, and the GeoLibrary Board in a collaborative way to assist the GeoLibrary Board meet the initial intent of the law setting up the Maine GeoLibrary. It should remain a Board priority to work with these organizations.

2. Board Rep for DAFS Commissioner

Dan reported (per Dick Thompson’s e-mail) that the Deputy Commissioner Domna Giatas had been made aware of the nomination of Judy Mathiau (from MRS) to fill the vacant seat on the Board. Once the Legislature has adjourned, this matter will be resolved.

Dan was asked to speak on the recent NGA (National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency) meeting. Attending the meeting were: Dan Walters, GeoLibrary Board Chairs, GIS Executive Council Chairs, representatives from MEMA, representatives from NGA, the New England USGS liaison and a representative from the Dept. of Justice. The agenda was for folks to get to know each other, what folks were doing and would be doing for the coming year. The session also involved information gathering and they agreed to continue communication and to focus on overlaps. Also brought up at the meeting was the possibility of NGA having funds available for the orthos project.

Jim noted they were interested in knowing where the data sets are and felt they could lend their moral weight and help the GeoLibrary. He noted they (NGA) were prohibited by statute to house data unless the data was from one of their client agencies.

A question was asked if they would be interested in the border areas and if the GEO Portal was mentioned at the meeting. There was a short discussion regarding the Geo Portal.

Dan noted that MEMA mentioned exercises that were performed and/or will be performed by the Border Patrol. He is working with MEMA staff on a pilot project involving 10 border areas and might be able to allocate funds. He commented that MEMA, USGS, and NGA were interested in the pilot project.

Agenda Item #3: Subcommittee Reports

Finance Subcommittee: Jim reported on the Finance subcommittee using the Bond Expenditures report that was distributed at the meeting. Nothing has changed since the last meeting and there remains approximately $35,000 uncommitted. Item #4 of the finance report, $400,000 for the 2005/2005 orthoimagery production may be less and this could result in some savings.

Policy Subcommittee: Marilyn reported on the Policy subcommittee and distributing a list of what has been accomplished and what needs to be accomplished. The subcommittee’s next focus will be on “Policy on contributed data: what data do we accept and in what format” and “Policy regarding standards that are adopted”.

GEO Portal RFP: Will updated the Board on the current Geo Portal RFP noting that 40 requests had been made for the RFP. The responses to the RFP are due Friday, June 17 by 2:00 p.m. at the Bureau of General Services. A team has been set up to review and score the proposals. Will Mitchell will report results at the July 20 meeting. He noted that the potential changes with MEGIS and moving to InforME will not impact this process and changes will be included as needed. A meeting will be scheduled with the Review Team to begin reviewing and scoring.

Orothos: Larry reported on the current status of orothos noting we had received the 1 foot imagery for the third batch and are waiting for the 4th and 5th batches that were due to arrive in April. Next batch will be in the fall. Almost all of Tier A and B have been flown, new contract with USGS is in place, money is there, and delivery should commence in October.

Funding from Grants: Jim asked if there was any update on the work Ken was doing to secure funding from grants? There was nothing to report at this time.

Dan noted that USGS has allocated an additional $400,000 to support Maine – noting Maine does not have the matching funds and needs to work on getting the funds. This money could complete orthos for Tier B and Tier C.

Parcel Grants: Larry passed out the RFP for the second round of parcel grants. On the first round of parcel grants most towns have committed to getting their digital parcel data in on time. Two towns (South Portland and Gorham) will not be able to meet the deadline. Noting this, the Board had an extensive discussion to reach a decision on whether or not to allow these two towns an extension of their contract.

A motion was brought before the Board, with respect to parcel grant extensions for the towns of So. Portland and Gorham, to contact the towns and ask them to submit a written request justifying the extension and the timeline they would need to get the digital parcel data into MEGIS. Motion was moved by Will, seconded by Barbara, and unanimously approved by the Board

Another motion was brought before the Board, with respect to receiving these letters of request from So. Portland and Gorham, to authorize Larry to grant the extension, on behalf of the Board, with an extension date of June 2006. Larry was asked not to put the extension date of June 2006 on the table (up front). This motion was also moved by Barbara, seconded by Tom, and unanimously approved by the Board.

Second Round of Parcel Grants: Larry noted there were no changes made to Appendix A on page 9 of the RFP. There were some items added, as attachments, to the back of the RFP from the Division of Purchases and the Contract Manager within OIT. It was noted only the dates were missing on the RFP.

Appendix A, page 9 (Evaluation Criteria) of the RFP did however bring up a discussion regarding the towns who already have GIS and the capabilities to gather the digital parcels and the towns who did not have GIS or the capabilities to gather the data. Where should the focus be on the second round? It was noted that Appendix A does favor towns that have GIS staff or can hire a vendor to do the work.

After extensive comments, recommendations, and discussion the Chair called for a non-binding vote on having the scoring criteria (weighing) of Appendix A page 9 of the RFP revised. With a vote of 3 (Leave as is) and 4 (Revisit/Revise) it was agreed Appendix A page 9 of the RFP would be revised and brought back to the Board at the July meeting. It was noted that the changes to the RFP were strictly limited to Appendix A page 9 for the weighting.

Larry will also have the dates for the RFP at the July meeting.

Going back to the financial report, Barbara shared that a group of land trusts representing by GIS folks was talking about how to bring conservation land data (state and private) together and have the data in the GeoLibrary. She recommended that perhaps the Board could use some of the $35,000 dollars currently available to help move this project forward. Jim noted Barbara’s request to be added to the list of possibilities to support/coordinate efforts for developing conservation lands data layers to be in the GeoLibrary.

Agenda Item #4: Board Marketing Subcommittee

Marilyn had nothing to report at this time and will report at the July meeting.

Agenda Item #5: GIS Executive Committee

Dan will set up a pre-meeting with Jim, Marilyn, Dan, Jon and folks from the GIS Executive Council to put together an agenda and bring back to the entire Board. The GIS Executive Committee will than be scheduled to attend one of the GeoLibrary Board meetings.

Agenda Item #6: OIT Consolidation Report

Dick Thompson, CIO presented to the Board the IT Governance Deployment and Strategy Process taking place in Maine State Government to improve the way we deliver services to Maine citizens and customers.

The three purposes governing the OIT consolidation coming from the Governor are: 1) setting up a single point of authority statewide for OIT, 2) The Governor requesting an enterprise approach for delivery of services, and 3) saving money and positions. This initiative was given to the State Chief Information Officer to accomplish. In beginning the process, a statewide IT Management Plan was developed and an evaluation of state services provided was done.

Per the Governor’s Executive Order, The CIO will take charge of Maine State Government IT (statewide) effective July 1, 2005.

Dick explained the foundation of the OIT infrastructure to include:

  • Specialized Services (customer applications)
  • Shared Services (GIS, IPHIS, Radio, Regional Services)
  • Common Services (Internet, WAN, E-mail, Help Desk, Directory Services, Procurement, Desktop, Security, MFASIS, TAMS)

The overall organization includes an IT Executive Committee and CIO Council that will serve as advisory to the CIO. The organization will include nine Agency Information Technology Directors (AITDs) who will provide management and business interface to one or more agencies. Dick has been meeting individually with Commissioners, Department Leaders, and IT personnel to discuss with them what will happen and to get their thoughts/feedback to the restructuring. Dick noted their will be changes in the IT organization on how we strategically manage delivery of services. We will work to develop and deploy, uniformly, all state applications. The Network Services area needs upgrading and improvement. Need to focus on planning and managing IT projects better than we are currently doing (will set up a Project Management Office).

The AITDs, once in place, will be given 60 days to complete a portfolio of each agency they are responsible for to include an inventory of assets and a scope of services that need to be provided by the agency. After this task is completed they will meet with the CIO with a plan on how they will organize the agency to meet its goals and objectives.

In referring to State Geographic Information Systems, Dick noted that GIS does fall within three areas of the organization: 1) E-Government Services, 2) Policy & Strategies, and 3) Application Services.

Following his presentation, questions were asked of Dick. How does GIS fit within InforME? We will define in the InforME RFP a set of requirements and define what needs to be happening for GIS in Maine. Dick recommended using the InforME portal to maintain GIS data. The GeoLibrary Board would set it up get the GIS component into InforME and they would provide the base line data. With the new restructuring, who would the CIO’s Designee be for the Board? Dick will appoint someone who understands the importance of GIS and work to push GIS forward.

Will Mitchell and Bob Faunce shared that the restructuring process for IT made a tremendous amount of sense, that it was forcing a common language, will be more efficient and more productive for the State of Maine, and wished Dick the best of luck.

Other Business:

Dan updated the Board on the recent County Study meeting that was held on Friday, June 10th. Two staffers from Applied Geographics ran the meeting. Dan noted that fewer people than he had hoped for attended and the feedback was not as complete. On a positive note he noted major county officers were represented (five counties from southern Maine). The next meeting will be held in Orono or Bangor leaving two other meetings remaining. One meeting will be an open meeting for all county offices.

Jim asked Dan to let the GeoLibrary Board know when the next meeting will be held and where (Orono/Bangor).

Barbara suggested the September meeting date be changed as it does conflict with the Northeast Arc Users Conference (NEARC) September 18-21 in Portland.

Jim brought up the expiration of term limits for Board members to include himself, Bob Faunce, and Will Mitchell. These folks need to decide if they are willing to serve on the Board again and let Larry know preferably before the July meeting.

Motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting.