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Home February 2, 2005 Agenda & Minutes


MEETING: Maine Library of Geographic Information Board
DATE: Wednesday, February 2, 2005
TIME: 10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
LOCATION: Burton M. Cross Building, Conference Room 400

Item #4 of the Annual Report “Requested Legislative Actions”

Second and Third Bullet Items: Consider General Fund or other dedicated revenue sources to insure operational funding for the GeoLibrary (Ideas)

  • Support new bond funding in support of GIS development (How much and for What?)
  • “Draft” of the Private Industry Policy


Date: February 2, 2005
Time: 10:00 am – 12:30 pm
Place: Burton M. Cross Building, Conference Room 400

Members Present
Jim Page, Chair
Marilyn Lutz, Vice Chair
Dennis Boston, Representing Utility Interests
Barbara Charry, Representing Environmental Interests
Robert Faunce, Representing Statewide Association of Counties
Jon Giles, Representing Municipal Government
Paul Mateosian, Representing Municipal Government
Will Mitchell, Representing GIS Vendors
Ken Murchison, Representing Statewide Association of Regional Councils (via conference call)
Dick Thompson, Representing State Government
Members Not Present
Sean Myers
Larry Harwood
Dan Walters
Suzanne (Sue) Scott, Jensen Baird Gardner & Henry - Portland
Stacy Benjamin, SPO
Tom Howker, Office of the CIO
Ray Halperin, Former Member of the Board

Before bringing the meeting to order, Jim noted that Ken was participating via conference call. He also introduced Sue Scott (waiting appointment to represent Real Estate & Development).

Agenda Item #1: Annual Report “Item 4 Requested Legislative Actions”:

Board discuss second and third bullet items: Consider general fund o other dedicated revenue sources to insure operational funding for the GeoLibrary (ideas), and Support new bond funding in support of GIS development (how much and for what).

With meeting opened for business, Jim introduced four items that need to be discussed and resolved between today’s meeting and the Wednesday, February 16th meeting. Those items being: 1) Annual Report, 2) Presentation to the Legislature, 3) Funding to include operational and bond monies, and 4) the Private/Public Policy.

Jim noted that he and Marilyn met with Dick Thompson and Tom Howker (at Dick’s request) to discuss the realistic levels we can expect for funding, noting that the Board was secure for FY05 which ends June 30, 2005. At this time, Jim handed out a written summary of his take on the meeting and also noted that he did send it to Dick and Tom for their review but had not heard back. Jim read his summary report to the Board followed by a discussion of the following items:

  • Going before the legislature for general funding
  • Going before the legislature for bonding monies
  • The Board as it relates to MEGIS (? of consolidating)
  • Is there redundant data in the state? Dan noted no redundancy at this time.
  • CIO wants a single repository for all state data (data that the state uses on one operational platform)
  • Hosting the data (GeoLibrary, Univ. InforME?)
  • Geospatial data produced by the state is the GeoLibrary’s data
  • Portal concept where all the data would sit – include outside data?
  • Would the GeoLibrary host localities’ data?
  • Some towns do host there own data, some towns do not
  • Towns that do not have their own hosting – host on the GeoLibrary Portal?
  • Is it cheaper to have one repository?
  • Parcel development grants to towns for their data
  • Pulling information from registry of deeds, portal access to tax information, parcels, assessment database
  • GeoLibrary serve those towns not at MeGIS
  • Board given a huge task to start out with: gather the data, store in a central place
  • If a town does not line up with GeoLibrary standards what is the benefit for them to change?
  • CIO pay to host state’s data – not town’s data
  • Option of using commercial host approach?
  • Go back to the legislation and review what the legislation does ask the Board to do
  • There is no requirement that the state funds operational needs
  • State would keep the data already stored, backuped, and managed (state cannot fund users needing new applications designed to get or read the data – user would need to make investment).
  • Does the Board make a push for capital and operational funds?
  • How do we argue for this to the Legislature?
  • Board needs operational funds to manipulate the data
  • Board makes it best shot
  • Board has option to charge 3x the cost of reproduction of the data – Board is not comfortable charging a fee – would not bring in much money
  • Hosting of the data: State host, University of Maine, InforME, other?
  • Portal RFP will be done by February 9th.
  • Portal: need funds for management and ongoing maintenance of the portal – something to think about
  • Have raw data on an ongoing basis, gathering data from other projects, data continue to be available in it current way, more data gathered needs to exist somewhere, ask for bond money for grants?
  • If a town does not want to host their data and pass to MeGIS? Good chance this will not happen due to funding
  • State agencies accessing MeGIS data do pay via Service Level Agreement
  • If there is a place cheaper to store it….move it
  • Creating data sets = storage and operational costs
  • Option: outsource the entire program…look at the private sector – go that route need cash to spend on operational requirements
  • GeoLibrary has public data available for free – private sector can recoup their costs

Jim again noted that the Board had some practical tasks that have to be done now. The Board is currently late in submitting the Annual Report to the Legislature. We need to complete the report and get it delivered, need to work on selling what we want to the legislature and time is short on accomplishing both.

The Board needs to look at their funding situation and make a bonding list. What are the dollars needed for operations, and also have a Plan B in place should the Board not succeed at the Legislature. Some options available for the GeoLibrary are to charge for the data, pass on to InforME, or send it out.

Jim noted the meeting time left and what the Board needed to accomplish. He then turned it over to Marilyn to discuss the Private Industry Policy.

Agenda #2: ‘Draft” of the Private Industry Policy

Marilyn pointed out the revision on the Mission and Vision document adding a bullet for Development and maintenance of appropriate standards for the GeoLibrary and its holdings.

With the revision noted, Bob made a motion to accept the Mission/Vision document as written and seconded by Paul., The Board voted unanimously to approve the Mission, Vision and Goals and/or Strategic Initiatives document.

In discussing the Private Industry Policy, comments were brought up regarding the need for this policy, concerns for item #4 as to what it actually meant (GeoLibrary not engage in competition) and item #5 the wording of “digital property maps”.

With concerns/recommendations noted, Marilyn will redraft the policy and bring before the Board at the February 16th meeting for final reading and voting.

Ray Halperin brought up the suggestion of selling the portal to the highest bidder as a means for the Board to acquire funding resources. He noted InforME’s process of charging fees and getting a piece of the change. Agreements are made between InforME and the user.

Marilyn noted InforME having a very different model and the Board should stay away from charging for the data. Dan brought up the funding side of Resolve 23 “Funding Approach” which listed the enumeration of funding possibilities. Board needs to review all possible options.

At this time, Jim brought the Board back to put together a list of priorities and costs asking Larry to write them on the board. Bob also wall projected his powerpoint graphics on the bond issue.

Item & $Cost

Parcel grants program - 400,000 – 750,000 a year -- ask for 1Million for parcel grants

*Statewide GIS Network - 500,000

Tier B production of 2006 aerial photos - 540,000

Tier C production of 2007 aerial photos - 660,000

Update of statewide land cover in 2007/2009 - 200,000 Not in Resolve 23

Continue municipal grant program for digital property maps`- 3,133,000

Municipal grant program to digitize zoning and local conservation lands maps - 750,000

Merge DOT and E911 roads databases - 400,000

Create technical standards for zoning conservation and roads maps - 200,000

Upgrade data storage capacity and improve tools - 500,000

Create development tracking system - 250,000

The above list comes from items in the PowerPoint presentation the Bob put together as a presentation to the Legislature.

* Will distributed a document on the development of a statewide GIS network that effectively shares GIS information across the State of Maine. He asked to include 500,000 in the funding document.

The presentation shows Funding Requirements for FY06 as $2,290,000, FY07 as 2, 160,000.

The Board did agree to focus on a two-year budget in line with the State’s two-year budget process. It was noted but not adopted as policy that it would probably not be a good idea to include items that are not in Resolve 23.

A question was asked about the time a bond could be written for. Tom Howker noted that a bond is written with a life during which you must expend the funds. Tom also noted that the Board has not expended all the funds from their original bond. Jim commented on the need for staying within a scale to where the Board has a fighting chance. What are we asking for and how we are asking for it? Also discussed was the possibility of matching funds from USGS.

In conclusion, the Board agreed to submit a cost proposal for a bond in the amount of $ 4.15 million. A motion was made and seconded for this proposal, the Board voted unanimously to accept the amount of $ 4.15 million for a bond request from the Legislature. Should the Board get less they will work to prioritize the lists accordingly. Bob Faunce will update the slide, adding the statewide GIS network. Jim will add list of items and costs to the annual report, bring to the Feb 16th for final approval from the Board, pass on to staff for formatting. The report will then go back to Jim and Marilyn for final review prior to printing and delivering to the Legislature.

The item of GeoLibrary FAQ was brought up before the Board for discussion. Is it needed in the report? The Board agreed to rewrite that section using the original language from the legislation.

The Board also asked if they could get a written document from the CIO showing 2-year budget figures available to support the GeoLibrary. Tom Howker volunteered to put this document together and distribute to the Board. Also need to note that the monies being requested are for the GeoLibrary.

In itemizing the “Requested Legislative Actions” the list includes;

  • Board position made vacant by the dissolution of the Maine Science and Technology Foundation. The current motion was tabled. Bob Moved, Marilyn seconded and the Board voted unanimously to replace this vacancy with a Licensed Land Development Professional
  • Consider General Fund or other dedicated revenue sources to insure operational funding for the GeoLibrary - Board agreed not to bring this before the Legislature
  • Support new bond funding in support of GIS development – Request an amount of $4.15 million as a bond request.

The Chair entertained the previous motion for the Board to accept the Annual Report with recommended amendments. The Board voted unanimously to accept the report with amendments. Jim will complete the report with recommendations.

The Board needs to develop the presentation piece put together by Bob Faunce, decide who will be the spoke person, what legislative committees should the Board appear before, need to schedule getting on the Legislative agenda.

At the February 16th meeting the Board will finalize the Annual Report and the Public & Private Policy.

Will Mitchell asked that the Technical Subcommittee meet from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m.

Motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 12:30 p.m.

DATE: Wednesday, February 16, 2005
TIME: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
LOCATION: Cross Building, Room 600