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Home February 16, 2005 Agenda & Minutes


MEETING: Maine Library of Geographic Information Board
DATE: Wednesday, February 16, 2005
TIME: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
LOCATION: Burton M. Cross Building, Conference Room 600

1. Approval of the January 19, 2005 minutes Jim Page
2. Final review and approval of the Annual Report to the Legislature Jim Page

3. Subcommittee Reports
a. Finance
b. Policy
• Review and approval of the Private Industry Policy
c. Technical
• Orthoimagery Project
• Parcel Grants (second round)
• Portal RFP
4. Review and preparation for the presentation to the Legislature Bob Faunce
5. Other Business

Wednesday, March 16, 2005
10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Burton M. Cross Building, Conference Room 107.


Date: February 16, 2005
Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Place: Burton M. Cross Building, Conference Room 600

Members Present
Jim Page, Chair
Barbara Charry, Representing Environmental Interests
Robert Faunce, Representing Statewide Association of Counties
Jon Giles, Representing Municipal Government
Paul Mateosian, Representing Municipal Government
Will Mitchell, Representing GIS Vendors
Ken Murchison, Representing Statewide Association of Regional Councils (via conference call)
Dick Thompson, Representing State Government
Members Not Present
Marilyn Lutz, Vice Chair
Dennis Boston, Representing Utility Interests
Larry Harwood
Dan Walters
Suzanne (Sue) Scott, Jensen Baird Gardner & Henry - Portland
Elizabeth Hertz, SPO
Mike Parkin, ESRI

Agenda Item 1: Approval of the February 2, 2005 minutes

Description: Board members reviewed the minutes and were asked if they had any comments to the minutes.

Decisions/Conclusions: With two changes to the minutes requested (page 2 and page 4), Bob Faunce made a motion to accept the minutes with amendments and Will Mitchell seconded the motion. The Board voted unanimously to accept the minutes with amendments. ( It is the custom of the Chair not to vote except when required)

Agenda Item 2: Final Review and Approval of the Annual Report to the Legislature

Description: Board members were asked to review the Annual Report and comment on any changes.

Changes to the Report:

  • Page 6 - #2 – change 350,000 of bond funds to 366,550
  • Page 6 - #3 Change Contributed to a $3.2M project to read Implemented a $3.2M project
  • Add a third bullet requesting the Legislature appropriate______________ funding to OIT to support the operations of the GeoLibrary
  • Change third bullet to read: Approve $4.15M in new bond funding in support of statewide GIS development as detailed in the above list to include costs for bond administration not to exceed 2% (two percent).
  • Correct spelling on Jon’s name


  • Grant program administration needs man power
  • OIT fund what they have committed to – not take on new funding
  • Should raise issue of operating costs to the Legislature
  • Need to know if the Legislature is serious about the GeoLibrary or not
  • Need money to administer grants – Do we issue RFPs to do things?
  • Set aside a percentage of the bond money 4.15 for operating costs and administration of bonds (not to exceed 2%), to manage and store data
  • Need to deal with the data storage issue
  • A central Repository model needs funding to grow
  • Amount of monies requested was cut – asking for Fiscal Year 06 and 07 to match the State’s 2-year budget.


  • Dan make a list of resources needed/available and distribute to the Board
  • Bob Faunce made a motion to accept the Annual Report as amended and Barbara Charry seconded the motion. The Board members voted and unanimously approved the Annual Report as amended.

Special Agenda Item 3: LD 677 “Resolve, Regarding Access to Geographic Information System Data”

URL to the website for LD 677:

This resolve directs the Maine Emergency Management Agency to develop reasonable restrictions on who may access state geographic information system data. It also requires the Maine Emergency Management Agency to establish and collect identifying information from anyone wishing to access such data, including but not limited to personal identification, address and the purpose for which the data is being requested.


  • Dick Thompson noted he would be testifying in opposition to this LD.
  • Where did this bill come from?
  • Do have a policy already in place to take care of this “Freedom of Access Laws”
  • Can make arrangements to limit access to certain orthoimagery areas
  • The Board agreed to leave this with Dick Thompson and work with Dick for any support needed.

Agenda Item 4: Subcommittee Reports


Members from the Finance, Technical, and Policy subcommittees brought the Board members up to date on accomplishments to date.


Finance Subcommittee - No updates at this time - Working on budget report with $35,000 bond funds remaining.

Technical Subcommittee

  • Orthoimagery - Aerial contract in place for the spring, contract for new work in progress Orthoimagery data received not of good quality (nature of problem is in the tone balancing) – working with USGS to rectify the problem – will re-deliver all of Batch 2, looking at batches 3, 4, 5 to make sure they are ok, schedule somewhat delayed and trying to work out new schedule. Batch 1 was of excellent quality (both 1 and 2 foot). Will load interim data and replace with new data being redone
  • Parcel Grant Program - Data in coming in, reviewing it, working on RFP for the next round – have at next meeting, goal is to have the 2nd round RFP go out end of March, incoming data needs work, working on a template to input data for submission
  • Portal RFP - Ironing out technical details, acceptance/functional requirements, wrap up next week or two

Policy Subcommittee

  • Richard Thompson chaired this agenda item because of Marilyn’s absence.
  • Drafts 5 (Marilyn), 6 (Jim), & 7 (Will) were handed out to the Board for review
  • State of Maine has a lot of GIS resources, need to foster GIS industry within Maine, very important to understand the need to build a very strong GIS industry in the State Of Maine
  • (Redundant of same action discussed in decisions/ below.)
  • Concern the Board may not exist in a few months, can be addressed once the Board is financially solvent
  • The Board encourage GIS industry in the state – not one of the Board’s primary focus
  • Draft 7 - #2: data and information……to foster economic development and governance
  • Where is the Board going to go with this?
  • Already covered in our enabling legislation, already part of our charter
  • Suggestion to take the 3 drafts, bring down to 1 draft bring back to the Board – table for now.


  • Review orthoimagery batches for quality
  • Bring Parcel Grant Program RFP for the 2nd round to the next meeting
  • Complete review of the Portal RFP
  • A motion was made and seconded to table the Private Industry Policy to the next meeting. Marilyn will come back with one version for discussion.
  • Paul M made a motion to table indefinitely the Private Industry Policy issue, seconded by Bob F. Board voted 5 in favor, 3 opposed, did not have 7 positive votes, motion did not carry.

Agenda Item 5: LD 787 “An Act to Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for the Enhanced Development of Public Geographic Information”

URL to the website for LD 787:

Description: The funds provided by this bond issue, in the amount of $6,000,000, will be used for the enhanced development of public geographic information through the Maine Library of Geographic Information for digitizing town parcel maps, for complete orthoimagery, for orthoimagery updates, for digitizing zoning and conservation and open space, for land cover and land use updates, for development of tracking applications, for data validation tools and for generic browser and viewer library portal upgrades.


  • Public Hearing Session – Wednesday, February 23, 2005 - Appropriations is hearing the bill
  • Testify verbally and written testimony
  • Written testimony be consistent with the Annual Report
  • Does the State Planning Office still have an interest in GIS
  • Bond process – Appropriations will determine priorities later in the session, may not get result until late April/May, bonds are a big issue


  • Barbara will prepare written testimony and distribute to the Board
  • Send Committee names to the Board (Natural Resources, Appropriations, & State & Local Government)
  • Liz Hertz e-mail Martha Freeman and bring her up to date on the GeoLibrary Board
  • Jim Page set up meeting with Martha Freeman, SPO Executive Director
  • Send notice of public hearing to stakeholders
  • Bob and Barbara put together official presentation and organize testimony
  • After hearing, Barbara send out short paragraph to the Board on how the hearing went
  • Annual Report finalized and in the hands of the Natural Resources Committee ASAP.

Agenda Item 6: Review and Preparation for the Presentation to the Legislature

Description: Bob Faunce has put together a power point presentation on the GeoLibrary for the Legislature.


  • Decide who will give the presentation
  • Jim send letter to the Natural Resource Committee with the Annual Report requesting an opportunity to come before the committee with their presentation

Decisions/Conclusions: - Barbara Charry and Bob Faunce work to prepare the presentation to the Legislature

DATE: Wednesday, March 16, 2005
TIME: 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
LOCATION: Cross Building, Conf Room 105

March 16th Agenda Items:

  • Approve January 19th and February 16th minutes
  • GeoLibrary Board presentation to the Legislature
  • Updates on LD 787 – 677
  • Subcommittee Updates (Finance, Technical, Policy)
  • Finalize and approve Private Industry Policy

Future Agenda Items - Filling vacant GeoLibrary Board seats