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Maine Library of Geographic Information Board Meeting

Date: Wednesday, December 14, 2005
Time: 10:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Place: State House - Governor's Cabinet Room


Agenda Items

1 . 10:00 -10:05 Approval of the November 16 minutes (attached) - Jim

2 . 10:05 - 11:00 Subcommittee Reports

  • Finance - Jim
    • Resolve request of $10,000 to MeGIS for project management of the Geo Portal project
  • Policy & Marketing - Marilyn
    • Status of GeoLibrary brochure
    • Status of Policy for Acceptance of Data Sets from Outside Vendors
  • Technical - Will
    • GEO Portal - Will
    • Status of Contract with Ionic
    • Developing requirements
    • Orthoimagery Project & Parcel Grants (attached) - Dan
    • Consultant Services/County Commissioners - Dan
      • Results from the Dec 8 session
      • Status of Consultant's final report

3 . 11:00 - 11:05 Term Expirations - Jim

    • Status of appointment/approval for Ken Honey from the Lincoln County Association
    • Status of action taken to replace Jon Giles
    • Status of DECD appointment - Sean

4. 11:05 - 11:15 Updates: GIS Executive Council - Liz

5 . 11:15 - 12:15 Bond Planning - Jim

    • Next Steps

6 . 12:15 - 12:30 Other Business - Jim

    • Status of Survey
    • Annual Report


NEXT SCHEDULED MEETING: Wednesday January 18, 2006 10:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., Burton M. Cross Building, Conference Room 105

Members Present:
Jim Page, Chair
Marilyn Lutz, Co Chair
Barbara Charry (via conference phone)
Bill Hanson (via conference phone)
Will Mitchell
Ken Murchison (via conference phone)
David Blocher
Liz Hertz
Paul Mateosian
Sean Myers
Members Not Present
Dennis Boston
Judy Mathiau
Staff to the Board
Dan Walters


1. Committee Reports

Policy & Marketing – Marilyn Lutz

Marilyn reported on the status of the GeoLibrary brochure. An artist has been selected and has designed the brochure in the form of a poster. He will be using the graphic design in conjunction with the list of departments that use GIS. He will deliver a proof electronically to Marilyn and Marilyn will send out to the Board for their review/comments. The final product will be available in mid January. The vehicle for paying the work done on the poster will be accomplished by setting up a small contract for the amount not to exceed $5,000.00.

Marilyn noted the Policy team had not been brought together to work on the “Policy for Acceptance of Data Sets from Outside Vendors”. She will send the draft policy to the team and bring back to the Board at the January 18th meeting.

Finance – Jim Page

An updated “Bond Expenditures Report” was distributed for review. Jim reviewed the report with the Board members noting that the $5,000.00 for the GeoLibrary poster needs to be deducted from the bond funds remaining.

A request for $10,000 from the bonds fund remaining to jump start a project on conservation land was discussed. Liz noted that SPO has applied for a grant via NOA to help the state move forward to complete and update work on conservation land. She noted the $10,000 from the GeoLibrary would help jump start the process.

Liz commented the state conservation land area project is dormant, is in better shape but is missing a lot of pieces. The work that needs to be done is pulling the materials on properties and ROWs that are in file cabinets in order to complete the conservation land layer. The state does not know what it really has. We need to update the layers. We also need to work on developing a cooperative agreement to manage the data layers and develop a template to keep the conversation lands updated. The hard part is going back in time and picking up what is not in digital format. We’ll need to have the Departments of Conservation and Inland Fisheries & Wildlife work with us to bring those parcels to life and put them into the database.

Jim asked, as a way of moving forward to write up a paragraph on the bond piece for support of conservation land. Barbara has this information and will send it to Jim. This same information needs to be structured and sent to the Technical Committee for review and bring back to the Board.

Another funding request not to exceed $10,000.00 was brought before the Board for a Project Manager for the Geo portal project. Will Mitchell discussed with the Board members the meeting that was held with Dick Thompson and other GeoLibrary Board members to get a better perspective of Dick’s view. Dick confirmed OIT will indeed provide the hosting environment and the portal application will be hosted at OIT. Dick will also provide some administration support for the time being but will need to be revisited later. The $10,000 would be to contract with Dan and MeGIS to hire Bob Bistrais as the Project Manager. The funding request is for time and materials up to $10,000 for project management of the GEO portal.

David noted this was a task that has to be accomplished and not an overhead charge. A question was asked if Bob has the skills with a response of yes. Will noted this project was less GIS specific in nature.

The Board has come to the realization there is a cost for managing projects. How we managed in the future will be an expense going forward. However, 5% of bond expenses are allowed for items such as this.

Another question raised was the estimate of time required for what needs to be done. Dan noted 2-3 weeks of staff work. In concluding this discussion, Will made a motion to authorize up to $10,000 for project management for the Geo portal, the motion was seconded by Paul. The Board members voted unanimously to approve funding, not to exceed $10,000.00, for Geo portal project management.

2. Approval of the November 16 minutes

The next item voted on was the minutes of the November 16, 2005 GeoLibrary Board meeting. Marilyn made a motion to accept the minutes as written, Liz seconded and Board members voted unanimously to approve the minutes as written.

Jim asked Dan to adjust the Bond Expenditures report with the $5,000.00 for the GeoLibrary poster and the $10,000.00 for the project manager on the Geo portal project.

Technical Committee – Will Mitchell

Will did not have much to report on the Geo portal accept that we do know where it will live, how it will be implemented and supported, and that the contract should be finalized and signed by January 1, 2006. A kickoff meeting will be scheduled to review requirements and get started. We are establishing a platform for registry and discovery. Once the platform is in place we need to contact folks to publish their materials (metadata).

Orthoimagery Project & Parcel Grants – Dan Walters

Orthoimagery Report to the GeoLibrary Board December 14, 2005

The original schedule for delivery was to begin September 30, 2005, and then was postponed to begin November 21, 2005. Dan has now been informed that priority areas 1 & 2 were delivered to the USGS on December 2, 2005, the delay being blamed on technical problems. The USGS contact says that the USGS review usually takes about 60 days. Being optimistic that USGS can do both in-hand batches in 60 days and that the contractor can get somewhere near back on the original schedule of deliveries to USGS, his new estimate for deliveries is: Priorities 1 & 2 by Jan. 30, 2006 – Priority 3 by Mar. 1, 2006 – Priority 4 by Apr. 1 2006, Priority 5 by May 1, 2006 – Priority 6 by Jun. 1, 2006 – Priority 7 by Jul. 1, 2006 and Priority 8 by Aug. 1, 2006. He has made up a new graphic to reflect this and copies are in the handout packs.

Parcel Data

Existing parcel data collected under contract has been loaded onto the Oracle servers, has full FGDC metadata and is, insofar as Dan is aware, available to state agencies subject to permissions settings by the SDE administrator. The next plan is to either add the parcel data directly to the current orthoimagery IMS site or make a duplicate of that site minus the orthos and serve the parcel data on that.

The Review Committee met Dec. 1st to begin reviewing proposals from the latest request for proposals for parcel grants. The committee reviewed some proposals as a group and then broke to review the proposals individually. The committee will meet again the week of January 9th to tabulate and average the individual scores and formulate recommendations. The committee’s recommendations on awards will be ready for the January 18th meeting of the Board.

On the new grant program, 40 grant proposals have been received, they will be reviewed and scored and will report back to the Board members at the January meeting.

Consultant Services/County Commissioners – Dan

The December meeting was cancelled and will be re-scheduled for January. We have gotten the grant extended to the end of February with the final report being done by the end of February.

3. Term Expirations – Jim

There were no appointment updates for Ken Honey or to replace Jon Giles. Jim asked that Larry contact appropriate legislative staff and see if they have any action on these two appointments in place. Sean reported that the did talk with Peggy Schaffer (DECD) and she told Sean that DECD was no longer bound to fill that seat due to language change. David Blocher offered to check this out and get back to the Board. The Board will work on the assumption that seat is gone.

4. Updated: GIS Executive Council – Liz

Liz noted the GIS Executive Council was meeting this afternoon and shared the agenda items with the Board members. Jim asked if the GIS EC Strategic Plan being worked on would involve the GeoLibary Board.

Dan Waters noted that David Blocher is a member (representing CIO) on the GeoLibary Board and the GIS Executive Council and he will be looking at the long-term plan for GIS via the Board and the Council.

At this time, David was asked to introduce himself. David noted he reports directly to the CIO, Dick Thompson. He has sat on the GIS EC in the past. He will be working to research how does GIS fit into the new OIT structure, how do we want to organize it within the state as we move forward.

5. Bond Planning - Jim

Jim noted that were 11 items identified and prioritized and that he had received some of the materials justifying each item. All remaining justification language needs to be sent to Jim no later than December 31, 2005. Jim will assemble all the information and send out to the Board members before the January 18, 2006. The goal at the January meeting is for a final review before bringing to Tim Glidden at the SPO.

The Board agreed to remove the “Seed Money” item #11 from the bond request as DECD does have something like this in place for technology.

Liz reported she did meet with Tim Glidden on developing tracking issue. Tim noted the Governor’s bond will be focusing on a small economic bond. Tim will be meeting with Martha Freeman, SPO Director, to see how much of the GeoLibrary Board bond request would fit in the Governor’s bond.

The Board agreed to drop item 11 (Seed Money); continue forward with remaining items; re-order the ranking as needed; and focus on economic development.

Issues discussed were:
• What is the approach to get in the Governor’s bill?
• What is the status of the GIS bond from last year for $6M
• At what point do we seek funding other than bond money?
• How can we seek general funding for operations and support?
• How do we get the ongoing cost to maintain the portal?
• How do we support the portal in the future?
• The Board needs a revenue stream – how do we look beyond bonds

Do we set up a fee structure?
Do we go before the Legislature?

A comment was made the Board would have to go through the CIO to get support from the Commissioner of the Department of Administrative & Financial Services.

6. Other Business – Jim

PUC Secured Infrastructure Database: Dan explained the need for regulatory utilities to submit maps at a certain scale for their infrastructure and to secure and retain confidentially of this information. What is the best method to store and utilize that information with their partners? The PUC needs to keep the data confidential and share with certain agencies. How do we do this in our current environment? There is a project underway in OIT to assist them to accomplish this.

The subject of archives was brought up to the Board with a recommendation that Jim Henderson be invited to a Board meeting to bring folks up to date on this project.

Will brought up the new imagery from Baxter State Park and why the GeoLibrary did not about it. In the future, it would be good to let the GeoLibary Board know of such happenings and perhaps the Board could help with funding and make the data public. This particular BSP project was funded by NASA, it is licensed and restricted to state agencies. The data comes for a private satellite.

The Board does serve as a Clearing House for data. If we knew there was a need out there in advance, we could construct viable options. The Board needs to be more proactive, not wait for folks to offer data, and reach out to those folks who are planning to collect data. This could prevent collecting the same data already available.

We need to use the Geo Portal to reach out to folks for available data. Get the Board organized and get state agencies, companies, etc. to work together, bring them to the table to give the Board a good mission moving forward.

Jim will use the bond information, review 2005 accomplishments, and the GeoLibrary poster to draft the 2005 Annual Report.

A question was asked about putting the ortho photography on GOOGLE? Dan noted that is being worked on right now.
Meeting adjourned.