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MEETING: Maine Library of Geographic Information Board
DATE: Wednesday, August 17, 2005
TIME: 10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
LOCATION: Burton M. Cross Building, Conference Room 105

1. Approval of the July 20th minutes

2. Updates

  • Appointments to the Board

a. Liz Hertz (official)

b. Judy Mathiau

  • Term Expirations

a. Ken Honey (replacing Bob Faunce)

b. Jim Page

c. Will Mitchell

  • Elect new Chair/Vice Chair in September

3. Update on the GIS Executive Council

4. SPO GIS Interests / Priorities

5. Subcommittee Reports

  • Finance
  • Policy
  • GeoLibrary Board Marketing
  • Technical

a. GEO Portal proposals

b. Orthoimagery Project

c. Parcel Grants

d. Consultant Services/County Commissioners - July 28th meeting

4. Bond Money

a. Develop a plan

b. Work with SPO

c. Must be ready for early November

5. Other Business

a. Inviting GIS Executive Council to GeoLibrary Board

b. Reschedule Sept. meeting

Wednesday, September 14, 2005
10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Burton M. Cross Building, Conference Room 105


GeoLibrary Board Meeting Minutes
August 17, 2005 | 10:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Cross Office Building - Conference Room 105

Jim Page, Chair (Representing Vendors)
Marilyn Lutz, Vice Chair (Representing University of Maine System) - absent
Dennis Boston, Representing Public Utilities
Barbara Charry, Representing Environmental Interests - absent
Robert Faunce, Representing Counties
Jon Giles, Representing Municipalities - absent
William Hanson, Representing Real Estate & Development Interests (by phone)
Paul Mateosian, Representing Municipalities - absent
Will Mitchell, Representing Vendors - absent
Ken Murchison, Representing Regional Councils (by phone)
Sean Myers, Representing the Public - absent
Tom Howker, Representing the State of Maine CIO's office
Elizabeth Hertz, Representing GIS functions of a state department (by phone)
Ray Halperin
Mike Parkin
Don Garold
Larry Harwood, GIS
Dan Walters, GIS

Not having a quorum, Jim brought the meeting to order noting that the Board would move to Agenda Item #2 Updates.

It was noted the appointment for Elizabeth Hertz was official, representing state GIS functions. The appointment of Judy Mathiau (designee representing the Commissioner of DAFS) was updated by Carmen noting that a letter had been drafted and forwarded to Domna Giatas, Deputy Commissioner of DAFS, for her review and signature. The goal is to finalize this appointment at the September meeting.

Bob Faunce noted that Lincoln County had recommended Ken Honey to replace Bob Faunce's position on the Board representing counties. We are waiting review and approval from the County Association. Jim asked Bob if he could follow up on this to move the appointment forward.

Jim Page has received a letter reappointing him as a member of the Board representing vendors. We are waiting to hear from Will Mitchell on his reappointment to the Board. At this time, Jim noted that Jon Giles will be making a change in his employment which will result in his resigning from the Board. Jon Giles’s position on the Board represents municipalities. The appointment is made by the Speaker of the House from a nomination by the association's governing body, the Maine Municipal Association. Jim will contact MMA for this nomination/appointment.

At the September meeting the Board will need to vote for a new Chair and a new Vice Chair.

Agenda Items 3 & 4: Update on the GIS Executive Council and SPO GIS Interests / Priorities

Liz reported that the State Planning Office did have interest in GIS and was using GIS functions and as a result of position changes was able to hire an in-house GIS Coordinator. . External benefits will include more support from SPO at other levels when talking about resources needed throughout the state. This will be more helpful in the bigger picture.

Liz commented she did not get a chance to connect with Seth Barker, Chair of the GIS Executive Committee and did not have anything to report at this time. Dan, at Liz's request, discussed the meeting to collect requirements for the upcoming RFP for the InforME portal. The meeting was productive and included a discussion to accommodate GIS in the future. Also, a topic of discussion was the current development of a GEO portal and how services need to be integrated into E-Government. Dan felt the GeoLibrary Board was not represented adequately and future meetings need to take place with the GeoLibrary Board, or at least the Technical Committee of the GeoLibrary Board.

Bob Faunce noted his disappointment with SPO's administration in their support of the GeoLibrary. He noted that the SPO was instrumental in getting the GeoLibrary Board up and running but felt the Board may have fallen off the SPO radar. With Liz on the Board he felt this would be helpful to get the GeoLibrary Board back on the SPO agenda. Liz noted we will hopefully be able to turn this around. The meeting with the SPO Executive Director, also attended by Jim Page and Marilyn Lutz was very important. We may not see the SPO Executive Director actively involved; we do have her blessings to work with a couple of key people from SPO who do communicate with the Governor's Office. Noting this, Jim commented on the need to develop a plan for working with SPO which will be further discussed during Agenda Item #4.

Now having a quorum, Agenda Item #1, Approval of the July 20th minutes was brought back to the table. A motion was made by Bob Faunce and seconded by Tom Howker to approve the minutes as written. One change was requested to the minutes on page 3 to include regional representation on the diagram. The change adding a circle marked R from the "GEO Portal" will be made. With this change, the Board voted unanimously to approve the minutes.

Agenda Item #5: Subcommittee Reports

For the Finance subcommittee report, Jim asked Dan to e-mail the updated spreadsheet (date change only) to the entire Board. There have been no changes to the financial spreadsheet since the last meeting.

With Marilyn being absent, Policy subcommittee updates were tabled to the September meeting. The GeoLibrary Board Marketing initiative being led by Marilyn was also tabled to the September meeting. Bill Hanson mentioned his availability to work on this initiative but would need guidance/direction from Marilyn.

The Technical subcommittee updates (with Will Mitchell being absent) were delegated to Dan and Larry to report on.

GEO Portal Proposals: Dan reported the GEO portal proposal review team had reached agreement on a potential bidder, did reference checks and set up conference calls with the top 2 vendors, and are now working to get approval on a decision. The team is working to complete all necessary paperwork, submit it, and perform a package validation test. A recommendation for the bidder selected will be brought to the Board at the September meeting. Tom Howker requested a project plan be written up and brought before the Board.

Orthoimagery Project: Larry reviewed the graphics that showed existing and proposed orthoimagery production as of August 13, 2005 and proposed areas for orthoimagery production revised Augusts 16, 2005. The new proposed plan, as a result of savings being available from USGS, would include Priority 7 the Moosehead Lake area and Priority 8 Aroostook County. A discussion followed on what areas of Aroostook County should be done. Jim noted that the Board is not expending new funds here therefore he asked the Board if they would be comfortable letting Larry work with Ken to fine tune the Aroostook County area.

A question was asked as to the amount of savings and Larry responded approximately 40 grand. Larry noted it is desirable that the imagery be in compact and contiguous blocks and would work with Ken to outline the Aroostook County areas to be done.

Dan noted there would not be much of the "Yellow" area to complete the project next year and perhaps it could be done with bond money or from other agency money.

A question was asked to explain the "White" area on Attachment 1. Larry explained the "White" area was basically the yellow area (showing on the other graphic map) that has been completed, the unorganized territories, and the "yellow" area (showing on the other graphic map) to hopefully be completed next year providing funds are available.

A question was asked that USGS does approve the current schedule, when will the orthos be produced. The answer is not known at this time. Will towns have an opportunity to compete for grants that do not currently qualify? Not at this time.

Jim asked if the Board was satisfied with the Orthoimagery priorities and leaving the responsibility to work things out with Larry and Ken, with input from Barbara Charry? The Board agreed they were comfortable with this. A motion was made, so moved by Bob and seconded by Dennis to have Larry move forward with the planned Orthoimagery schedule. Board voted unanimously in favor of this motion.

Dennis asked Larry to send along a graphic map of what is in hand, has been completed, and what is to be delivered by USGS on the Orthoimagery project.

Parcel Grants: Larry reported that the parcel grants were in much better shape. The deadline was August 8 with all delivered accept the Town of Stonington (they have/will default on their contract for the amount of $1,000.00 which will remain in the parcel grants funding). Twenty five towns have been approved, have been or will be paid. Everything came together at the end.

A motion was made, so moved by Tom and seconded by Bob to keep the extra $1,000.00 in the parcel grant funding. Board voted unanimously in favor of this motion.

New Parcel Grants: The RFP is ready to go but not out on the street as yet, should be out end of this month.

County Commissioners: Dan reported the second meeting was held, six counties were in attendance, and participation from all the counties was very active. There were strong emphasis on public safety and emergency management. There seem to be a growing interest on their part in GIS. There are one or two more meetings left to schedule. Dan will be meeting with the consultant to decide the next steps. The consultant will be summarizing the results of the meetings. Jim noted they seemed to consider, with an open mind, dedicating some funds from transfer fees.

Bond Money: The current 6M bond bill has been carried over to the next session. We need to make contact and work with the Legislature. Our goal would be to get on the Governor’s bond. The Board needs to work on its priorities and arguments for those priorities. Jim asked Dan to send the Board’s “Wish” list via E-mail, Board members to review, add other items they consider important and prepare arguments for each item for the September meeting. Input from Liz (SPO) or the CIO is welcomed.

Tom Howker suggested going in a little high but need to have “strong” arguments and focus on programs, economic benefits, jobs. A good story is essential.

Bob Faunce recommends looking for economic development. Review line by line and evaluate how a particular item can positively affect economic development. Also, include leverage (what dollars will the bond fund leverage).

Jim tasked the Board members with reviewing the list, adding, establishing priorities, money needed, and developing arguments for September. Let’s put everything on the table.

GIS Executive Council: With the InforME piece coming up, should set up meeting with the GeoLibrary Board Technical Committee.

Ray Halperin recommended the Board issue a standing invitation, on an ongoing basis, to the Chair and Vice Chair of the GIS Executive Council to attend the Board meetings. Jim will take on this effort to issue the standing invitation. Liz will be the liaison for the Board and the Council reporting updates at the meetings. Ray noted having more than one person involved would be helpful.

September meeting: The September meeting was moved from September 21 to September 14 at 10:00 am to 12:30 p.m. Update on location: Cross Building, Conference Room 600.

11:30 a.m. motion to adjourn, so done.