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Home April 20, 2005 Agenda & Minutes


MEETING: Maine Library of Geographic Information Board
DATE: Wednesday, April 20th, 2005
TIME: 10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
LOCATION: Burton M. Cross Building, Conference Room 105

1. Approval of the March 16th minutes

1a. Welcome new member

2. Subcommittee Reports

a. Finance

b. Policy

c. Technical

  • Portal RFP
  • Orthoimagery Project
  • Parcel Grants (second round)
  • Consultant Services to assist the County Commissioners to identify county GIS needs

3. Hearings and Board Presentations to the Legislature

4. Other Business

  • Rep for State GIS Functions
  • Rep for DAFS Commissioner

Wednesday, May 18th , 2005
10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Burton M. Cross Building, Conference Room 105


At the scheduled meeting of the Geolibrary Board on April 20th, 10:00 to 12:30 in the Cross office Building, there was no quorum. Therefore no business could be transacted. The Co-Chair opened a short, informational meeting roughly based on the published agenda. These are notes from that meeting. These are not official minutes.

Members in attendance
Marilyn Lutz, Co-Chair
Dennis Boston
Jon Giles
Ken Murchison
William Hanson
Members not in attendance
Jim Page, Chair
Dick Thompson, CIO
Robert Faunce
Will Mitchell
Barbara Charry
Paul Mateosian
Sean Myers
Staff to the Board
Dan Walters
Larry Harwood
Don Garrold, Searsport
Stacy Benjamin, SPO
Ray Halperin, former Board member

1) Since a quorum did not obtain, no vote on the minutes could be taken.

1a) A new Board member was introduced. Mr. William H. Hanson of Rudman & Winchell LLC, Bangor, has been appointed to representing Real Estate and Development Interests. Mr. Hanson spoke briefly about his background which has included working with surveyors who utilize GIS technology. He noted that he will be confering with staff to get up to speed on the Geolibrary.

2a) There was nothing to report on the Finance Committee

2b) Marilyn noted that nothing had changed with regard to the Policy Committee.

2c) Dan reported that the Portal RFP has been approved by Purchases and once the dates have been set it can be issued. The current funding level is $100,000.

Larry reported that ortho imagery from the areas flown in 2003 is finally being delivered in quantity and fairly quickly. This includes areas that MEGIS requested be re-done to give better color balancing and radiometry in the first 2 batches. It is expected that all of the 2003 imagery will be on line by June or July. The 2004 imagery should start arriving shortly after.

Larry reported that the RFP for the next round of grants was still under construction but will definitely be available for the next scheduled meeting. Parcel data has been slow coming in and MEGIS will be contacting the towns and vendors to proceed as soon as possible.

Dan reported that Applied Geographics Inc. has been selected as the vendor for the County GIS needs project. The funding is $20,000. AGI will be setting up and facilitating several meetings of the county commissioners to identify county GIS needs.

There was ad hoc discussion of possibly getting additional orthoimagery by working woth other groups involved in homeland security and border issues. The flood insurance rate map modernization being undertaken by the Federal Emergency Management Agency was suggested as a possible angle, although this does not involve the county emergency management agencies. Dan explained that map mod is in two levels: basic recompilation on to a new base and entirely new flood studies.

3.) Marilyn reported on the apparent demise of the proposed GIS bond in committee. It will be recalled that this was LD 787 sponsored by Rep. Ted Koffman. This was a bond for 4.15 million dollars in support of unfinished Geolibrary initiatives especially ortho images and parcel grants. Barbara Charry and Bob Faunce were not present to give any further details, if any.

Dan noted that there is an attempt underway to re-animate at least a small part of the bond to cover at least the remaining ortho imagery. This would heve to get before the appropriation committee as soon as possible.

There ensued an ad hoc discussion of public relations and how to get the funding issues before the legislators. One suggestion was for everyone to go to their own senator and representative. It was also noted that the Geolibrary needed 1 or 2 “legislative champions” as Rep. Ed Suslovic had been in the past.

There was also a suggestion that the Washington delegation might be willing lend moral support, send letters and so forth. Marilyn agreed to draft a letter to the congressional delegation on funding issues.

Finally Ken Murchison announced that NMDC is looking to partner with MEGIS and Geolibrary on a Federal grant. This would be for digital parcel generation and upgrades with funding in the area of $150,000. Ken also proposed looking at foundation grants as a source of funding and passed out two examples of successful applications.