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Home June 16, 2004 Agenda & Minutes


MEETING: Maine Library of Geographic Information Board
DATE: Wednesday, June 16, 2004
TIME: 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
LOCATION: Burton M. Cross Building, Conference Room 107

Time in Minutes

Topics for Discussion



Approval of May19 2004 Board Minutes

John Holden


Expiring Board Member Terms

John Holden


Recommendations of the Grant Proposal Review Committee

Larry Harwood


Report on the June 10 th Technology Conference

Jim Page


Update: Tech Subcommittee on Infrastructure, Interoperability, & Interface

Will Mitchell


FGDC grant proposals

Dan Walters


Update: Land Use/Land Cover Project

Dan Walters

Barbara Charry


Discussion: GeoLibrary Work Plan and Funding

John Holden


Other Business/Updates

  • Development Tracking Project
  • Study Impact of Statewide System for Electronic Filing of Deeds
  • APA Review of Proposed Digital Parcel Standards




NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, July 21, 2004 - Burton M. Cross Building - Conference Room 107


GeoLibrary Board Meeting Notes
June 16, 2005

At the scheduled meeting of the GeoLibrary Board, June 16, 2005 from 10:30 to 12:30 only seven members were in attendance. The rule for a quorum is eight members so no business could be transacted. It was decided to proceed with an informal meeting on informational, non-voting sections of the agenda. These are the notes from the meeting, not official minutes as such.

Board members present: John Holden, Barbara Charry, Jim Page, Richard Thompson, Jon Giles, Will Mitchell, and Sean Meyers.

Others present: Dan Walters - BIS, Larry Harwood - BIS, Tom Howker - BIS, Kevin Jones - Office CIO, Bill Duffy - Northern Geomantics, Mike Parkin - ESRI, Don Garrold - town of Searsport .

Item 1 - Could not be acted upon.

Item 2 - Expiring Board Member Terms

The terms of Jon Giles and Paul Mateosian expire in September 2004. Jon is willing to serve again if he gets approval from the City of Portland . John Holden will be leaving the Board when his term expires in September 2004. John will ask the regional councils to recommend one or more nominees. The replacement of the representative from the defunct Maine Science and Technology Foundation still awaits legislative action. Larry Harwood will find out the details of reappointments and nominations for appointments and report to the Board by e-mail before the next meeting of the Board which will be August 18 th , 2004.

Item 3 - Recommendations of the Grant Proposal Review Committee

Larry Harwood presented the Review Committee report and recommendations on what proposals should be funded. Of the 27 Rapid Development proposals submitted, 24 were approved for a potential reimbursement of $24,000.00. Of the 54 Standard Development proposals submitted, the 20 highest scoring proposals were approved for a total request of $147,862.00. The combined total thus comes in under the $175,000 earmarked for this round of grants. Lacking a quorum no action could be taken. John suggested that in order to maintain the proposed schedule, Board members could vote on the recommendations by e-mail. The report and recommendations are attached. After a period of time for review and questions, Larry will poll the Board by e-mail.

Item 4 - Report on the June 10 th Technology Conference.

Jim Page reported that the GeoLibrary panel discussion was very well attended but there was not a lot of audience participation. The participating panel members were Dan Walters, Ray Halperin, Sean Myers, Will Mitchell and Jim Page. Dan Walters preceded the discussions with a 10 minute PowerPoint presentation on the overall GeoLibrary structure, functions and projects, which presentation it was noted would be excellent for legislative committees. The 1 hour session dealt with the orthophoto project, the municipal grants project and the internet GeoLibrary portal development. Dan reported the morning sessions were standing room only.

Item 5 - Update: Technical Subcommittee on Infrastructure, Interface and Interoperability

Will Mitchell reported on the Committee meeting earlier that morning which focused on internet portal development - the 'face' of the GeoLibrary. The Subcommittee has developed a list of requirements and is working on a draft of an RFP to develop the portal software. MEGIS has received an additional grant of $35,000 which can be applied to the project. The Subcommittee is evaluating this development and other parallel efforts. Will thought that the draft RFP could be ready by the next meeting in August. John Holden asked that it be circulated for review before the meeting if possible.

Item 6 - FGDC Grant Proposals

Dan Walters reported on efforts to acquire additional grant monies from the newest rounds of Federal NSDI (National Spatial Data Infrastructure) grants. First is a $30,000 "Metadata Trainer and Outreach Assistance" grant for metadata development and assistance to other agencies. Second is a $75.000 grant for "Geodatabase and Maintenance Model for NHD" essentially contributing hydrographic data to the National Map. The third is a $15,000 grant for a County Strategic Plan and Funding Model, which would be a series of facilitated meetings between state local and county officials to examine funding issues.

Item 7 - Update: Land Use/Land Cover Project

Dan Walters and Barbara Charry reported that the proposals have been reviewed, a vendor selected and a contract sent to the vendor for signing. It is expected that the work will actually begin in late June of 2004. The imagery deliverable is SPOT 5 meter black and white imagery licensed for state and local use and Landsat thematic imagery.

Item 8 - GeoLibrary Work Plan and Funding

Dan Walters presented an updated budget report which is attached. Based on discussions with the Attorney General's office, the Federal match as it now stands appears to be acceptable. There was a substantial discussion of the line items under the orthophotography project funding and a request that staff evaluate the full implications of additional Federal match from grants and report at the next meeting.

Other Updates:

Jim Page reported on the progress, or the lack thereof, of the spring 2004 aerial photography. Due to a very late start occasioned by USGS being slow in dispensing the required work orders, Most of the low altitude but only about 20% of the high altitude photography was captured. Some of the captured photography may be rejected due to leaf out conditions. Jim submitted a graphic, unfortunately no digital version is available for attachment.

There were 49 submissions of B2 applications only. There were 5 submissions of both B2 and B1 applications.