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Home October 15, 2003 Agenda & Minutes


MEETING: Maine Library of Geographic Information Board
DATE: Wednesday, October 15, 2003
TIME: 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
LOCATION: Burton M. Cross Building, Conference Room 107

1. Approval of August 20, 2003 Board Minutes

2. Fill Board Vacancy – MSTF designee

3. Budget Review

4. Land Use – Land Cover Initiative

5. GeoLibrary Annual Report

6. Status Report from the Technical Subcommittee on Infrastructure, Interoperability, and Interface

7. APA review of proposed Digital Parcel Standards

8. Report on the Subcommittee for Municipal Grants

9. Update on the Comprehensive Stakeholders’ Mailing List

10. GIS Day in the Capitol Building

11. Other Business

  • Development Tracking Project
  • Study Impact of Statewide System for Electronic Filing of Deeds

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GeoLibrary Board Meeting of October 15, 2003
Burton M. Cross Building, Conference Room 107
10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Board Members Present

John Holden, Chair
Ed Suslovic, State Representative & Board Co-Chair
Barbara Charry, Maine Audubon Society
Jim Page, James W. Sewall
Marilyn Lutz, UMaine
Jon Giles, City of Portland
Paul Mateosian, Municipal Government
Ray Halperin, Dept. of Transportation
Robert Faunce, Statewide Association of Counties
Will Mitchell, Mitchell Geographics
Tom Asbeck, Photo Science, Inc

Board Members Not Present

Dick Thompson, CIO
Dennis Boston, Central Maine Power
Bob Dioron, Maine Revenue Services
Staff to the Board Present
Dan Walters, DAFS/BIS – Staff to the Board
Larry Harwood, DAFS/BIS – Staff to the Board
Tom Howker, Bureau of Information Services
Richard Dressler, IF & W
Don Garrold, Town of Searsport
MaryAnn Hayes, SPO

Item #1: Approval of August 20, 2003 Board Minutes – John Holden

John opened the meeting at 10:36. Verifying that a quorum was present, John asked everyone to introduce themselves. John asked if everyone had a chance to review the August 20th minutes, at this time a motion was made to approve and seconded, with no comments or questions and no opposition the Board members, by a show of hands, voted unanimously to approve the minutes as written.

Item #2: Fill Board Vacancy – MSTF designee – John Holden

Filling the vacancy left by the abolishment of the Maine Science & Technology Foundation (MSTF) was opened for discussion. John Holden asked if the Board needed legislative action to fill this position. Ray mentioned that when the Legislature abolished MSTF they should have taken care of this but did not. Ed Suslovic offered to get something in as an emergency bill to the Legislature but would like to know from the Board members what they would like put into place. Recommendations from the Board members included: a member from the general public, representative from the land development community, representation from the small towns. It was also noted not to eliminate the position as it could have an impact on meeting the quorum needed for final vote by the Board. A question was asked if it was necessary to make a change in the legislature to make this process easier should this happen again in the future.

It was agreed that the language needs to be specific, broad enough, and insure diversity around the table. Tapping into another sector of GIS such as a land development professional could include an engineer, architect, surveyor, etc.

John asked that the Board move this task forward by voting their choice. With a show of hands the Board voted 3 for a general public member, 5 for a land development professional, and 5 for a rep for small towns. Board members discussed the need for this new Board appointment to have a stake in the ground with expertise and commitment to GIS. Some of the ideas tossed around the table were: general public at large could be anybody, representation from a group of communities, nice to have another municipal member on the Board, have a small town representative, is there an association for small towns? Appoint someone from a service center, and someone from a non service center community, or change the legislation to reflect a group.

Ed noted that the President of the Senate would appoint the position but would probably look to the Board or the CIO for names to pick from. John asked Ed to review and bring back a recommendation to the Board. Ed asked to do another straw vote on which way to put the language in…non service, municipal, land development professional. Other ideas included one of the tribes, assessors, Maine Association of Assessors or Planners. In concluding the discussion, The Board members agreed that Ed would get an emergency piece in to make technical corrections to replace representation from MSTF to a Land Management Professional covering a wide arena for selection.

Item #3: Budget Review – Dan Walters

To bring the Board members up to date, Dan handed out an updated budget report showing one time capital expenditures and proposed operating expenses. Dan reviewed and explained each item on the report showing the Resolve 23 estimated total cost, adopted spending plan, actual expenditures, and matching funds/services confirmed.

Ed asked Dan when he anticipated spending down the bond with the exception of the parcel grant. Dan commented that a lot of the bond monies were encumbered with USGS agreements and he anticipated the time allotment for spending down the bond monies would be within a two (2) year period. Ed did comment that it would be very difficult to get more bond money if previous bond money is still on the books. He felt that the faster we spend the bond money we have been allocated the sooner we can get back in line.

John H shared that he met with Dan and Larry to discuss the future of the Library’s finances. He commented about Resolve 23 having a number of recommendations for funding and he would like to get some sense from the Board members on how to proceed with a development/financial plan for the Library and how the Board is going to finance the operating expenses.

An extensive Board discussion followed on how the Library is currently being funded via the BIS Enterprise Fund ($144,000 (fees being paid to BIS by other agencies for connecting computer devices). It was agreed that the current financial process in place for the Library was living on borrowed time and borrowed money. Members discussed other avenues that might be available for funding the Library to include general fund allotment, fees from real estate transfers, plumbing permits, licensing fees, and fees for furnishing hardcopies of GIS information (printing).

Also discussed was the funding for the Maine Office of GIS. Dan explained to the Board members that the monies to support MeGIS were from Service Level Agreements (on a voluntary basis) from various Departments/agencies. These SLAs are issued on a yearly basis. It was noted that some agencies use GIS services and pay while others use GIS services and do not pay, and those budget items to cover GIS services via SLAs are equally at risk on a year by year basis. In closing this discussion for funding the Library which included many good ideas and options to look into, the Board members agreed to set up a small subcommittee to review funding sources and bring recommendation(s) back to the Board. The amount agreed to that would be needed to support the Library would be approximately ½ million dollars yearly.

John H asked for volunteers for the Ad Hoc Finance Subcommittee and that he would be willing to lead the group. Volunteers were: Ed Suslovic, Ray Halperin, John Giles, Barbara Charry, Bob Faunce.

Dan asked the Board if they could move to Item #10 GIS Day in the Capitol Building as he had to leave the meeting early. With approval from the Board, Dan talked about the upcoming GIS Day to be held November 19th in the middle of geography week. The Hall of Flags has been reserved to set up GIS presentations and demos. Those invited to participate are school districts using GIS for education, municipalities to show how they use GIS, the MEGIS User group. Dan suggested this would be a great opportunity to get some key leaders to see what is being done in the State of Maine with GIS.

Ed S commented that November 19th was not a regular committee meeting day and asked if these presentation/demos could be done again in January or February when the legislature is present. Dan agreed this could be done. Also Ed suggested having GIS firms in Maine set up tables in the Hall of Flags for a January/February presentation.

Ed shared that he will be sitting down with the Governor after the election for a GIS session which should take place before the New Year. Ed will also be getting a letter out to all the Committee Chairs asking to present GIS to each committee to give them an opportunity to see all the great things that are happening in the Maine GIS world. John H also recommended inviting Regional Councils and asked that GeoLibrary Board members attend too.

With this upcoming GIS Day, Ray Halperin suggested that the Board start assembling a list of what the Library has accomplished so far, projects currently being worked on, and what the Board is looking to the future to accomplish for the Library.

Item #4: Land Use – Land Cover Initiative – Ray Halperin

Ray passed this agenda item to Richard Dressler (from the Dept. of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife) to present to the Board members. Rich talked about what some of the state agencies have been pulling together and that they had already given the GIS Executive Council a presentation on new land cover for Maine. The land cover initiative will include getting new satellite imagery and making it a product for the GeoLibrary. He shared that a number of state agencies have been talking about this for several months to update the land cover that is currently out of date. They are looking to getting this project on a faster track and are looking at funding options and hope to get a pool of financial resources to make this happen. Once funding is in place, the next step would be to develop a Request for Proposal (RFP) to get out on the streets for bidding/proposals. Rich also commented that this would not be a one time thing, would need future updates on a regular basis and also need a mechanism in place with support from the Library.

In closing his presentation, Rich offered to come back to the GeoLibrary Board at a future meeting with an updated report on how the land cover initiative is moving forward.

During the discussion, it was noted that supporting numbers from the draft proposal were based on licensed data. There was agreement that the Board could not expend funds that restricted access, and therefore the Board would need to see a revised draft before making any definitive commitment.

Barbara Charry commented that she was very excited to see that there were state agencies working toward this new land cover initiative as she could see so many uses including development tracking, habitat changes, land use planning and asked for the Board’s support. She recommended the board consider financial support in the $50,000 to $100,000 range because the produce would be used immediately, statewide, at, town, regional, and state levels, and would be addressing one of the highest priority needs identified in Resolve 23. Ray noted this is a great project and keep working on it.

In closing, John H asked that the Board stay in communication with the new land cover project and that Barbara directly be involved by sitting on the subcommittee with Rich Dressler.

Item #5: GeoLibrary Annual Report – John Holden & Ed Suslovic

Ed noted that the Board is legislatively required to file an annual report. Ed suggested that the report needs to be selling a statewide GIS. Some of the topics Ed suggested to be included in the report are: what is the GeoLibrary, who are the consumers of GIS, what GIS firms are located in Maine, what would be the result for economic development, what would be the impact across the state, what are the various uses of GIS statewide, what is the timelines to have the Library up and running, and what are we looking into the future to accomplish. He also suggested that the report be an electronic report sent out to stakeholders, legislature and not look at this annual report as just a requirement from the legislature.

A suggestion was made, along with sending out the annual report via e-mail, to produce some type of a glossy 8 x 10 report or trifold pamphlet with GIS pictures to use as a handout and update this every six to 12 months. The report could be sent to many folks via E-mail and getting it out would be at a low cost. The report is due December 31, 2003.

Item #6: Status Report from the Technical Subcommittee on Infrastructure, Interoperability, and Interface (TSIII)

Will Mitchell presented a very brief report on this committee which had concluded its second meeting immediately prior to the start of the GeoLibrary Board meeting. The Board was provided with a one page summary of the proposed work plan for the FGDC matching grant ($25K federal, $25K state) to develop web based services compliant with open GIS standards. Will commented on the committee meetings held so far, getting up to speed on technical issues, and keeping the Board fully informed as matters progress.

Item #7: APA Review of proposed Digital parcel Standards

With Dick Thompson not being able to attend the meeting, this agenda item was moved to the November 19th meeting.

Item #8: Report on the Subcommittee for Municipal Grants – MaryAnn Hayes & Larry Harwood

A “DRAFT” “Request for Proposals for the Maine Library of Geographic Information Board FY2004 Grants for Digital Parcel Mapping Projects” dated January 2004 was handed out to the Board members for their review and comments. Please send your comments to

MaryAnn talked about having four levels of effort and the bond money funding only three of these levels. Suggestions from the subcommittee included funding level 1 at $5.00 per parcel with a 50/50 match and offering a higher match to go to level 2 or 3. She asked for feedback from the Board on this. Once the proposals are received, MaryAnn suggested the Board appoint a 5 member review committee not to include Board members. John H asked Board members to send their written comments to Larry on the draft RFP and to bring the RFP back to the Board with potential changes.

Item #9: Update on the Comprehensive Stakeholders’ Mailing List – John Holden

A copy of the Stakeholders List as of October 15, 2003 was handed out to the Board. Members we asked to review the list and get back to Larry ( or Carmen ( with other interested parties. To register for the Stakeholders Mailing List see the following URL:

Item #10: Other Business

Development Tracking Project – MaryAnn Hayes reported that there has been good input from the electric utilities on using their data for tracking development.
Study Impact of Statewide System for Electronic Filing of Deeds - Ed commented that the Legislature does want to move forward with this and would bring more information to the Board at the November 19th meeting
LOGO - Ray Halperin will send out the 2 versions that have been designed and send to the Board members for voting. Board members are asked to vote on one
and get back to Ray with their choice.

Board Chair – John Holden brought before the Board that the law requires the Board to vote every November to elect a Board Chair. This will be brought forward at the November 19th meeting.

With no other items to be brought before the Board, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 12:40 p.m.

NOTE: Next meeting will be held Wednesday, November 19, 2003 from 10:30 – 12:30 in Conf Room 107 of the Burton M. Cross Building.