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Home June 18, 2003 Agenda & Minutes


MEETING: Maine Library of Geographic Information Board
DATE: Wednesday, June 18, 2003
TIME: 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
LOCATION: Burton M. Cross Building, Conference Room 107

1. Approval of May 21, 2003 Board Minutes
2. Letter from Board to USGS in support of DeLorme and other Maine firms (Larry Harwood will distribute draft letter)
3. Request from GPCOG
4. Request from the Legislature’s Committee on State and Local Government
5. Budget Discussion

a. Board approve $25,000 fund match for Internet mapping (Larry has letter in support of FGDC grant and Board needs to vote in support of or not in support of)

b. Citipix imagery: Board needs to approve $134,400 and $5,000 line items for infrastructure improvements

6. Discussion of New Technology & Presentations to the Board of Ongoing GIS Projects Happening in Maine (Need input from the Board on how to handle “presentations” from those in the GIS community)

7. Comments on the “Draft” report for the State of Maine Standards for Digital Parcel Files

8. Citipix Images Status Update

9. Other Business

a. Don Hildebrand (for Dick Thompson) report on the regulatory process as it relates to public review.

b. LD 740 = Ought Not to Pass

c. Suggestion from Will Mitchell: Another technical subcommittee to oversee the systems architecture design, and the development of truly open standards for GeoLibrary data access

d. Suggestion from Ray Halperin: A July agenda item suggestion to have Bob Marvinney, Chair for the State’s GIS Executive Council, make a presentation on ESRI software licensing options that through the State contract are available for others to use.

e. Publish a regular (every other month?) article for the web and other media on the Board’s activities.

f. Establish a comprehensive stakeholders mailing list (paper & E-mail) so that we can easily communicate and drum up support for activities.

NOTE: The Grant Committee will be meeting at 1:00 p.m. after the GeoLibrary Board meeting In Conf Room 107 of the Burton M. Cross Building. All are welcome to attend.


GeoLibrary Board Meeting of June 18, 2003
Burton M. Cross Building, Conference Room 107
10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Board Member Attendees as follows:

Representative Ed Suslovic, Co-Chair, Real Estate & Development Interest
Robert Faunce, Statewide Association of Counties
Jon Giles, City of Portland
Bob Doiron, Maine Revenue Services
Marilyn Lutz, UMaine
Jim Page, James W. Sewall
Dennis Boston, Central Maine Power
Barbara Charry, Maine Audubon Society
Will Mitchell, Mitchell Geographics
Ray Halperin, Dept. of Transportation
Tom Asbeck, Photo Science, Inc

Not in Attendance:

John Holden, Chair
Dan Walters, DAFS/BIS – Staff to the Board
Richard Thompson, CIO
Paul Mateosian, City of Bath

Non-Board Member attendees:

Neal Adams, GPCOG
Ann Mazerolle, GPCOG
Larry Harwood, DAFS/BIS – Staff to the Board
Tom Howker, BIS
MaryAnn Hayes, State Planning Office
Jim Skillings, DeLorme Publishing
Don Hildebrand, CIO’s Office

1. Approval of May 21, 2003 Board Minutes

Ed Suslovic, Co-Chair for the Board welcomed everyone and noted that John Holden, Chair for the Board, was not able to attend this meeting. Ed asked everyone to introduce themselves. A motion to approve the minutes of the May 21 Board meeting was the first action item on the agenda, With a motion to approve, so moved, and seconded the Board members voted (by a show of hands) to approve the minutes. The vote was unanimous.

2. Letter from Board to USGS in support of DeLorme and other Maine firms.

The Board members, having had an opportunity to review the draft letter from John Holden, opened the agenda item for discussion. Some of the concerns regarding the letter, as written, brought before the Board members were: 1) possibly losing track of what the Board was asking USGS to do other than support Maine firms and support new technology, 2) singling out DeLorme, by name, in the letter, 3) USGS not having jurisdiction regarding selection of sub-contractors, 4) not being sure what the Board is trying to accomplish, and 4) giving the appearance the Board is playing favorites. Reference to #3, it was noted that USGS has six (6) prime contractors and these contractors negotiate with sub-contractors on projects. Sub-contractor selections are not made by USGS.

Members discussed the need for USGS to be willing to look at new technologies and look at what is being done in Maine for GIS (by Maine firms). Points made were to work toward more openness for data acquisition, to urge USGS to consider alternative remote sensing, to allow digital methods rather than analog, to prevent the Board from being locked into doing things the USGS way, to look at other methods that could be cost effective, and to encourage USGS to use kinds of technologies that bring advantages to the Board.

A recommendation was made to keep the letter as generic as possible, focus on key issues, mention some Maine firms that are well advanced in new technology for GIS, and ask that they include the Board’s letter, as a resource of information, in their review process. A suggestion was also raised about the possibility of doing a pilot project demo in partnership with USGS.

In coming to a resolution, The Board agreed that Ed and John (Chair/Co-Chair) would work together and re-draft the letter to remove mention of DeLorme, include our willingness to work with USGS to look at emerging technologies that could be cost effective, and wherever possible to consider using Maine firms that are well advanced in GIS technologies. A letter will be re-drafted and E-mailed to Board members with a deadline for comments. Following the deadline, the letter will be sent out to USGS.

3. Request from GPCOG

Neal Adams, Executive Director Greater Portland Council of Governments and Ann Mazerolle, Director of Finance Greater Portland Council of Governments, presented their request, as a final effort, to the GeoLibrary Board to help the Board understand why GPCOG should be reimbursed a loss of approximately $53,000.00 as a result of the State purchasing Citipix orthophotography from GlobeXplorer. Issues of fairness and the relations between the Board and the COGs were raised. The main themes of their presentation were that GPCOG still has ownership rights from its original contract with Kodak and that they are facing a loss of revenue due to the sale.

An extensive discussion of the matter followed. Most of the points raised on this matter in previous meetings were touched on again: contractual legalities, the position of GlobeXplorer, possible litigation, costs to local communities, GPCOG’s business model, cost recovery and precedent setting. The Board agreed to have Dick Thompson contact the Attorney General’s Office for their opinion on the Board’s legal standing in the matter, and requested a report from GPCOG showing projected lost revenues. The Co-Chair asked that this information be forwarded to Larry Harwood and the Board for their review prior to the July 16 meeting. At the July 16 GeoLibrary Board meeting this issue will be addressed and resolved.

4. Request from the Legislature’s Committee on State and Local Government

Ed led the discussion concerning electronic filing of deeds and how this relates to GIS. Would the Board be willing to take on the endeavor of integrated electronic filing of deeds with other GIS services available to the public? Is the Board the depository of all GIS knowledge? Does the Board want to work with the parties involved on this project?

A concern was raised regarding the available resources to include people and funds. Ed commented there already was a stakeholders group working on this project which included registrars of deeds, title attorneys, surveyors and they were ready, willing, and able to continue to move forward but needed a state entity to attach to. A suggestion using InforME was brought up as a possible resource. However, it was also mentioned that InforME may not have the necessary resources and that they were set up as a “for profit” entity. Another suggestion made was to have the Secretary of State’s Office take over filing of deeds. Would the Board be comfortable having the Secretary of State’s Office meet with the stakeholders and draw up a proposal to bring before the Board. Also mentioned was the possibility of bringing funds into the GIS arena by applying a fee to land transfers and/or a small surcharge for filing of deeds. GIS is needed to make all this work and could add significant value and funds to the GIS arena.

The Board members agreed to have the Secretary of State’s Office and the current stakeholders submit a proposal to the Board in moving forward.

5. Budget Discussion

a. Board approve $25,000 fund match for Internet mapping

It was agreed the money was included in the budget and the Board needed to make a commitment to spend the designated $25,000 to set up internet mapping. A motion was made, so moved, and seconded. With a show of hands, the Board members voted unanimously to approve this designated expenditure of $25,000 for internet mapping.

b. Board needs to approve $134,400 and $5,000 for infrastructure improvements.

This expenditure would cover the purchase of hardware and software to store data collected from the project and to deliver this data out on the internet and make it accessible. A motion was made and so moved, and seconded.

Before final Board approval, a question was raised on accommodating all current and future data being stored. The reply was that it will accommodate data brought in from the USGS project and get us through the next 2 years. Another question regarding technical background/platform and size/amount of data was raised. The response that we will use Spatial Data Engine on a BIS Oracle server with fees based on size and we will break up existing files and make them smaller as needed. It was noted we would be given a break in fees charged for storage.

At this time, the Co-Chair brought back to the Board members that a motion was on the floor and seconded to approve this expenditure. Asking for a show of hands, the Board members unanimously voted to approve this spending of $134,400 and $5,000 for infrastructure improvements.

6. Discussion of New Technology & Presentations to the Board of Ongoing GIS project Happening in Maine

Ed, Co-Chair for the Board, recommended that the Board schedule (as a brown bag lunch meeting and after the Board meeting) for discussion of new technology and presentations. Another recommendation was made to schedule a different day to allow other interested parties the opportunity to attend. The Board agreed this was acceptable and a good idea. Parties wanting to give presentations need to contact the Chair or Co-Chair to set something up.

7. Comments on the “Draft” report for the State of Maine Standards for Digital Parcel Files

Comments have been received on the “Draft”. Following a brief discussion and comments, a request was made that any further comments be sent to Larry Harwood. This will be the last round for comments. Larry will bring the final report to the July meeting. The next action step will be to put this out to the public and interested groups.

8. Citipix Images Status Update

Larry has reviewed some of the images, looking at the color, completeness, accuracy and mosaicing (edgematching). The images are very good and appear to be just as GlobeXplorer advertised. At this time, it was asked if the Board would re-name the images and it was agreed that the Board should.

9. Other Business

a. Report on the regulatory process as it relates to public review.

Don Hildebrand, sitting in for Dick Thompson from the CIO’s Office, reported to the Board that a copy of the Maine State Rule Making process can be located on the Internet. The URL is: With this information, Ed, Co-Chair, asked that all Board members review this documentation before the July Board meeting. This will bring the Board up to speed on Maine’s Administrative Procedure Act. While reviewing this documentation, and to help the Board in its decision making process, please keep in mind the kind of issues/projects that will come before the Board for their action/response. As mentioned, in following the spirit and intent of the law, the Board has from day one sought input from all resources available. We need to continue reaching out and be a more open and inclusive Board.

b. LD 740 ONTP – Ed did comment that that Board did score some points with bringing awareness of GIS to the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee. The Board needs to make sure the next bond package for the GeoLibrary is part of the administration’s proposal. We need to focus our efforts on the administration – state planning and Governor’s office. It was recommended to schedule a presentation to the Governor sometime this summer/fall while the Legislature is not in session. We need to show what the Board has accomplished with what monies are available and to bring awareness of how these dollars have expanded GIS capacity and provided strong economic development.

c. Another Technical Subcommittee: To allow more time for discussion, the Board agreed to table this item to the July 16 meeting.

d. ESRI presentation: The Board agreed to have this presentation at the July 16 meeting.

e. Board agreed that we need to publish, on the web and other media, the Board’s activities/accomplishments.

f. Establish a comprehensive stakeholder’s mailing list: To be discussed further at the July 16 meeting. In the meantime, if anyone does have names they would like to add to the GeoLibrary Board stakeholders list please send them to Dan Walters or Larry Harwood.

g. MaryAnn Hayes reported very briefly on the SPO Development Tracking Project. She invited Board members to attend the next meeting on June 30th.

The Co-Chair entertained a motion to adjourn, seconded. Adjourned at 12:35 PM