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Home December 17, 2003 Agenda & Minutes


MEETING: Maine Library of Geographic Information Board
DATE: Wednesday, December 17, 2003
TIME: 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
LOCATION: Burton M. Cross Building, Conference Room 107

1. Approval of October 15, 2003 Board Minutes
2. Update: Board Vacancy Legislation Change
3. Update: Ad Hoc Finance Committee
4. Update: GeoLibrary Annual Report
5. Update: Tech Subcommittee on Infrastructure, Interoperability, & Interface
6. APA Review of Proposed Digital Parcel Standards
7. Update: Subcommittee for Municipal Grants
8. Election of Board Chair
9. Other Business/Updates

  • Development Tracking Project
  • Study Impact of Statewide System for Electronic Filing of Deeds
  • Land Cover Initiative
  • Logo
  • Budget Review


GeoLibrary Board Meeting of December 17, 2003
Burton M. Cross Office Building, Conf. RM 107
10:30am – 12:30pm

Board Member Attendees as follows:

John Holden, Chair
Jim Page, James W. Sewall
Marilyn Lutz, UMaine
Jon Giles, City of Portland
Paul Mateosian, Municipal Government
Ray Halperin, Dept. of Transportation
Robert Faunce, Statewide Association of Counties
Will Mitchell, Mitchell Geographics
Tom Asbeck, Photo Science, Inc
Dick Thompson, CIO
Dennis Boston, Central Maine Power
Robert Doiron, Maine Revenue Service

Non-Board Member attendees:

Bonnie Boulter, State Planning Office
Brooke DeLorme, Delorme Publishing
Don Garrold, Town of Searsport
Dan Walters, DAFS/BIS – Staff to the Board
Larry Harwood, DAFS/BIS – Staff to the Board
Judy Beloff, Office of CIO

Not in Attendance:

Ed Suslovic, Co-Chair
Barbara Charry, Maine Audubon Society


John Holden opened the meeting at 10:40, verified that a quorum was present, and proceeded with introductions. John welcomed and thanked the committee and guests for their attendance and apologized for being late.

Item #1: Approval of October 15, 2003 Board Minutes

John asked if everyone had a chance to review the October 15th minutes, at this time a motion was made by Jim Page to accept the minutes. Dick Thompson stated that the 4th paragraph on page 3 should read “John H asked for volunteers” not “John H asked for voluntaries”. John stated “so noted”, and Ray Halperin seconded the motion to accept the minutes with correction. With no further comments or questions, and no opposition from the Board members, by a show of hands, members voted unanimously to approve the minutes with the correction.

Item #2: Floodplain Map Modernization Program

Bonnie Boulter from the (SPO) State Planning Office gave an update as to the direction their office is heading to update the flood maps for the State of Maine. Their office has always worked under FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) to provide technical support.

FEMA received 300 million dollars to improve flood maps countrywide. She presented a geographical map of Maine and explained the areas in which the flood maps were out of date or none existed. Due to this reason, FEMA was given a significant increase in funds. SPO is currently dependent upon FEMA for funding, but hoping to develop a partnership with the GeoLibrary Board, USGS, DOT and others to increase Maine’s role in developing flood maps. The State would have more control over the mapping and selection of contractors instead of relying solely on FEMA. This would give Maine more leverage over the Federal dollars.

The SPO will be working on a five-year plan and hope to have a draft completed by January for FEMA’s review and also for the Board. Maine is already one of the major leaders in the country on this. A contractor is working on their five-year business plan. The plan will specify the roles and responsibilities that each individual partner will play. This plan will be updated on a yearly basis. Due to their involvement, the Board may have some say in the resources and other agencies. At some point, formal action should be taken on resources, (this was seconded by John Holden) however, no action was taken at this time.

The digital project will be contracted and carried out in 2004. They will try to go back and do digital sets (digital conversion on hydraulics) for some mapping done in 2003 but nothing older than that.

Item #3: Update: Board Vacancy Legislation Change

Ed Suslovic presenter was not in attendance; therefore, this matter was TABLED.

Item #4: Update: Ad Hoc Finance Committee

John stated finance needs for GeoLibrary discussion evolved into the need for a work plan. The Committee went back to Resolve 23 and came up with a couple of approaches, but other than that he had not much to report.

Questions and Comments:

Bob Faunce stated the counties have been upset for a number of years due to the rise in percentage (90%) of what the State of Maine takes in for real estate taxes. County government feels this is going to hurt them more due to the funds they are getting now. Bob felt that the counties needed more understanding on the product they would be receiving. As a planner, he feels this is still a good approach for the other counties to piggy back with the State. Bob suggested creating a subcommittee and having meetings with Commissioners and County officials.

Dick Thompson stated this would be a good plan, first in conjunction with budget requests. We have to look at the short term and long term goals, and to what benefits we will be providing and what our mission is going to be. Once we have those answers it would be clearer to the counties.

Item #5: Update: GeoLibrary Annual Report

The annual report evolves to becoming a work plan, to include matters from Resolve 23. We need to refocus, as a Board, what our short and long term goals are. John Holden will work with Carmen to complete the annual report form from the Legislative Office.

Ed Suslovic was not in attendance for an update on this matter.


A few concepts on what should be incorporated into the annual report were presented by Dan Walters. Dan shared a sample of the document. It consisted of pieces from the Resolve 23 report. Once the five-year plan is complete, we can look at the revenue scheme of things.

Ray suggested a three-part report form to the Legislation, a work plan (vision and business plan) for those who want to read more and a brochure (to market the product).

Will suggested a more detailed report on the ortho noting what has been spent and delivered.

Marilyn suggested that a very limited, one-page pamphlet explaining the major points in the report could be a good public relations tool.

Jim Page is in agreement with Dan’s draft on the report. This should be discussed more thoroughly at a Board retreat.

All members are in agreement with the retreat to take place on January 20, 2004 at the Burton M. Cross Office building, Conference Room 300, from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm to review the draft.

Item #6: APA Review of Proposed Digital Parcel Standards

Dan and Dick have successfully added Rule Making under DAFS and have moved it forward to the Governor’s Office. Commissioner Wyke will be the one approving.

The public hearing will be in late January for the purpose of responding to any comments; which can then be implemented prior to approval of the Board. The Rule Making and format is acceptable to the Secretary of State’s office which puts the Board in a position to let the Legislative Office know, we have move forward. The process still has to be followed, which includes: sign off by the Commissioner, Public Hearing and Board approval.

The Board members do not need to attend the Public Hearing but if you wish you may do so.

Item #7: Update: Subcommittee for Municipal Grants

MaryAnn Hayes was not present for an update.

Larry Harwood updated the Board on the status of the RFP (Request for Proposal). The RFP needs to be reviewed by the subcommittee at least one more time. The subcommittee is meeting today (December 17th) at 1:00 pm and we hope to have no more substantial changes and have a completed RFP done by January/February. Larry will forward the RFP (via email) to the Board members for review. As long as we do not have many concerns, the Board can approve it at the Board retreat on January 20th.

Dick stated that Betty Lamoreau has reviewed the RFP and it looks okay to her. The next step would be to do the advertisement. The Rule Making does not need to be completed before the RFP is done.

Item #8: Election of Board Chair

John Holden expressed his interest in continuing to be Chair of the Board and deferred to the Board Members. Paul Mateosian motioned to elect John Holden as Chair and Ed Suslovic to continue on as Co-Chair. Robert Faunce seconded the motion. No other nominations were received. With no further comments or questions, and no opposition from Board members, (John Holden abstained from voting) by a show of hands the Board members voted unanimously to have John Holden continue as Chair and Ed Suslovic continue as Co-Chair to the GeoLibrary Board.

Item #9: Update on GPCOG Hearing

John and Dick reported on there attempts to secure a public hearing date with GPCOG and were unsuccessful. John Holden and Dick (copy) did receive a letter from GPCOG stating that no date will be chosen until the Board met again. If GPCOG does not pick a hearing date after today’s Board meeting, a date will need to be scheduled.


Bob Faunce stated that the hearing is the next step and we can not waste anymore time on this matter.

Jim Page is in agreement with Bob. Jim had a written response to the GPCOG letter which he gave to the Chair to view and distribute. No action was taken.

Item #10: Other Business/Updates

  • Development Tracking Project – The next meeting is scheduled for January 15, 2004. The direction in which the committee intends to go is uncertain. Mary Ann Hayes was not present for an update. Dan gave an update from the technical side noting that he believes they will tap into utility connection information and use a uniform geographic grid to display the data.
  • Study Impact of Statewide System for Electronic Filing of Deeds – Ed Suslovic was not present for an update.
  • Land Cover Initiative – Ray Halperin reported, as soon as things are firmed up he will report back to the Board.
  • Logo- The board voted to accept the logo, by a show of hands, 8 voted yes and 1 no.
  • Budget Review – Nothing new to present at this time


Dan presented a draft of the website that Carmen Fournier had created for the GeoLibrary Board. The Board questioned whether the GeoLibrary Board should have its own website, ( board or or be a subset off the OGIS website (issue of branding the GeoLibrary name).

Ray Halperin suggested it should have its own identity, which Marilyn Lutz concurred.

John Giles motioned to have the GeoLibrary Board's own website with a state URL and seconded by Dick Thompson. By a show of hands, all members voted in favor, none apposed and none abstained.

USGS - no JFA (Joint Funding Agreement) yet. Statewide Digital Elevation Models (DEMS) are almost completed and Dan estimates that the cost will be lower than expected.

According to Lynn Bjorkland, USGS representative, the orthoimagery generation should start in January, but there is no schedule for delivery.

NRCS – Natural Resource Conservation Service provided $400,000 and a subcontractor will be used for part of the work.

With no further business, Ray Halperin motioned to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by Will Mitchell; so stated by Chair, John Holden. Meeting adjourned at 12:15PM.