Solicitation of Letters of Intent

The Energy Infrastructure Interagency Review Panel (the "Panel") is seeking Letters of Intent indicating an intent to pursue projects involving the location of energy infrastructure within designated statutory corridors established by the Maine Legislature in An Act Regarding Energy Infrastructure Development, 35-A M.R.S.A. § 122 (Sect. I- A) (the "Act"). This document provides instructions for submitting a Letter of Intent (LOI) and sets out the procedure and criteria by which the Panel will evaluate and respond to the LOI.


An LOI provides a conceptual proposal describing a project and the Proposer's intended use in sufficient detail to enable the Panel and the Proposer to determine the feasibility and availability of the statutory corridor for the proposed use. Detailed plans and specifications are not required at this point. To the greatest extent practicable, the LOI should contain no proprietary or other information that would be considered exempt from disclosure under the Act (Sect. II(B)(3)(c)).


An LOI should include the following information:

  1. Proposer's name, address, contact information, and background, including that of any existing or potential partners;
  2. A description of the proposed project including a conceptual design of the facility and an identification of known or anticipated interconnections with existing or planned transportation facilities that will be required if the project is approved;
  3. Proposed project start and end points (including coordinates in decimal degrees, WGS 1984), proposed route, and total length;
  4. A topographic map with a scale of 1:2,000, or other appropriate scale, that delineates the location of the proposed transportation facility;
  5. How independent access to the site will be provided by authorized persons, both during construction and subsequent maintenance operations;
  6. A preliminary list of local, state, or federal agency permits or approvals expected to be required in order to develop or operate the proposed project and a projected schedule for obtaining such permits or approvals;
  7. Date site is needed (timeframe);
  8. Anticipated length of construction (number of months);
  9. Plans for collocation with another carrier;
  10. Legal status of the Proposer and preliminary information concerning the Proposer's legal and financial capacity to carry out the proposal;
  11. A declaration as to whether the Proposer will also be the owner of the infrastructure to be installed, and information regarding the legal status of the owner if different from the Proposer;
  12. A brief analysis of the public benefits of the project and how the project meets the statutory project selection criteria;
  13. Diagram of the typical cross section of proposed facilities, including access and utilities, showing the potential impact it will have on the surrounding facilities; and,
  14. Any additional information that may help the Panel to more fully understand the design, purpose, impact, and benefits of the project.

Submittal Requirements – Review

The Panel will acknowledge receipt of an LOI at their next regularly scheduled meeting and may schedule a time for the Proposer to make a formal presentation to the Panel or return the proposal as incomplete and specify in writing the reasons it was returned.

The Panel shall request any additional information from the Proposer that may be necessary to determine if the proposal provides reasonable potential for long-term benefits to the State of Maine as required under the Act (Sect. II(A)(4)(a)).

If the Panel finds that the LOI does not provide reasonable potential for long-term benefits to the State of Maine, the Proposer will be notified in writing of the finding as described in the Act (Sect. II(D)(5)) and no further action will be required of the Panel.

Whenever these rules require or allow the filing of any paper or submission, that filing is complete upon receipt by the Panel.