EMD Determinant Codes are now on MEMSRR  

July 16, 2014

EMS providers can now view a list of emergency medical dispatch (EMD) determinant codes on the Maine EMS Run Reporting (MEMSRR) site, in the Documents page. The file is an interactive PDF that allows viewers to click on a Protocol number and view the determinant code, descriptors and any applicable suffixes. There is also an “Additional Information” page that includes instructions about how to order the “Field Responder Guides” from Priority Dispatch.

The Determinant Code file on the MEMSRR site is copyrighted information and is being provided for viewing by MEMSRR users through an agreement between Priority Dispatch Inc. and Maine EMS.

For more information about emergency medical dispatch and determinant codes, Maine EMS providers may complete the “EMD Awareness for EMS Providers” training program on the Maine EMS Online Learning Management System (MEMSEd).

You can also visit the “Emergency Medical Dispatch” and “Publications” pages on the Maine EMS web site for information about how your service can implement a response assignment plan to improve the safety and efficiency of EMS responses.