2010 report on poverty

January 1, 2010

For some Mainers, meeting the needs of daily life is a struggle. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than one in ten Maine residents live below the poverty line. Over one-quarter of Mainers have a household income that classifies them as poor or near-poor. These households feel the pinch of rising costs for shelter, fuel, food, and medical care.

Poverty is not just a problem for the people who experience it; it is a problem for everyone. Those in poverty are often isolated from community life, are unable to participate fully in the economy, and can’t support local businesses. Hungry children aren’t able to focus on learning in school and face the likelihood of continuing the cycle of poverty to the next generation.

In this 2010 Report on Poverty, the trends we see show the first effects of the current recession, which began in December 2007. Most of the data included in this report are the most current available annual data. Since the data come from a variety of sources, updates are made at different points in time. In most cases, the most recent available annual data are from 2008.

Please download the PDF for the full report.

Each year since 1998, the Maine State Planning Office has reported on the subject of poverty in Maine. The 2010 report (PDF) contains indicators updated through December 2008. Released January 2010.

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2010 Report on Poverty (PDF)