Maine state and county population outlook to 2030

February 7, 2013

Demographic projections provide valuable information for many decision-makers. Business executives, university administrators, town planners, and policy makers are just a few of the people who use projections to make informed decisions about what skills, services, and resources will be needed in the future. A few aspects of Maine’s demographic picture stand out: an older population with a large number of baby boomers, relatively few children, and low numbers of racial and ethnic minorities. These factors all combine to give Maine a rapidly aging population and slow population growth. This report examines the 20-year population outlook if recent demographic trends continue.

The full report along with detailed state and county spreadsheets are available below.

The Governor's Office of Policy and Management has released 2015-2030 population projections for the state and counties.

Supporting documents

Population Outlook to 2030 (PDF)

State and County projections (PDF)

State and County projections (Excel)