Maine State Data Center News: US Census Bureau Releases Detailed Snapshot of Maine in 2010

September 29, 2011

The ACS surveys households to gather information about age, sex, race, family and relationships, income and benefits, health insurance, education, veteran status, disabilities, where people work and how they commute, where people live, and how much people pay for essentials. This news brief illustrates the depth and breadth of the ACS data with a few examples of the employment-related information that can be gleaned from the ACS. See the PDF.

On Thursday, September 22, the US Census Bureau released the latest results of the ongoing American Community Survey (ACS), the nation’s most comprehensive source of economic and demographic data. The ACS uses sampling to provide estimates of various economic and demographic indicators every year. The data released last week are 1-year estimates; they are based on sampling over the course of calendar year 2010 and cover geographic areas with 65,000 people or more. 5-year and 3-year estimates that cover smaller geographic areas like Maine’s towns and cities will be released later this fall.

Full State Data Center News Release (PDF)