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Troop E News

Troop E


198 Maine Ave, Bangor, ME 04401. Phone 973-3700 Fax 941-8530

Commanding officer - Lt. Wesley D. Hussey –

Troop E is responsible for Penobscot and Piscataquis counties and for patrolling the 107 miles of Interstate 95 from Newport to Sherman. The troop consists of a lieutenant, three sergeants, 24 troopers (which includes 3 troop investigators) and a secretary. Also working out of the Orono barracks, are 11 emergency communication specialists, a mechanic and a radio technician. The troop has operated out of the barracks in Orono since 1950. The building was renovated and expanded in 1994.

In November of 2013, Troop E relocated to the facility they now occupy at the Bangor International Airport 198 Maine Ave in Bangor. Also located in the facilty is the Major Crimes Unit North and Computer Crimes. The DPS RCC/PSAP will also relocate to this facility in the near future. This move allowed Troop E to move from a 3,300 square foot facility to an 8,300 square foot facility that includes a training/meeting room area that can seat thirty six. In addition a 4,000 square foot facility is currently being renovated to house a DPS fleet maintenance operation as well as evidence processing and storage.

Many Troop E Troopers maintain specialties as part of their assignment with the Maine State Police. Out of the 24 troopers in the troop 1 is an instructor in radar, 1 is a member of the evidence response team, 2 are K-9 handlers (1 patrol/drug, and 1patrol/tactical), 3 are instructors in emergency vehicle operations, 2 are on the tactical team, 3 are members of the underwater recovery unit (1 of those is the unit commander), 2 are firearms instructors, 1 is a member of the bomb squad, 1 is a crash reconstructionist 1 is a lead criminal justice academy defensive tactics instructor and 1 is a forensic mapper. In addition 4 troopers are members of the armed forces either with the Army or Air National Guard or Army Reserves. One Troop E sergeant, a Lt. Colonel with the Army Reserves, was activated to military service serving a year in Iraq.

Troop E maintains an excellent long-standing cooperative resource coordination agreement with the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Department. Within that relationship, Troop E troopers work daily with deputies. Penobscot County is divided into 6 rural patrol zones staffed by troopers and deputies, and two interstate zones. The southern interstate zone includes I-395. The interstate zones are always staffed by troopers. Troop E coordinates investigations and training with the Penobscot County Deputies. In August of 2005 Troop E and Penobscot Deputies trained jointly in crowd control at the University of Maine at Orono.

Troop E troopers are relied upon heavily by the Maine Criminal Justice Academy, over recent years supplying two sergeants and 1 trooper as part of the training staff on the Basic Law Enforcement Training Program. In addition Troop E supplies many man-hours of training to support the Maine Criminal Justice Academy and other law enforcement agencies.

The Maine State Police is actively seeking qualified people to join our team as Maine State Troopers. If you think you have in interest in a career as a Maine State Trooper please contact Tr. Stephen Morrell, Tr. Tucker Bonnevie, or Trooper Michael Johnston by clicking on their name or by calling 1-800-432-7381 or 207-866-2121. Also check out our recruitment area on this website (Click Here.)

Troop E

3-10 1858 hrs: Tr. Franklin is investigating a residential burglary in Newburgh in which there was forced entry thru a window.

3-13 0103 hrs: Tr. Gould arrested 52 year old Rodney Sawyer from Glenburn for DV assault after Sawyer grabbed his brother by the throat and tried to choke him.

3-12/3-13 Troop E responded to 73 calls for service from 1600 hrs on Wednesday (3-12) to 1600 hrs on Thursday (3-13) with all but 6 being storm related. The calls consisted of mostly crashes, wrecker requests and vehicles off the road, with a few people stranded in vehicles or their residences without power.

3-14 1106 hrs: Tr’s Simpson, Poulin and Brown responded to Carmel for a domestic dispute after receiving a report from the attorney that represents the husband that his estranged wife had arrived at his residence was refusing to leave and was in possession of a butcher knife and threatening suicide. Upon their arrival, they disarmed the wife and transported her to EMMC for a mental health evaluation.

3-15 1734 hrs: Tr.s White and Foxworthy arrested 31year old Chad Osnoe and 30 year old Tabatha Osnoe on warrants in Enfield.

Troop E

3-17 1947 hrs: Tr. Bonnevie is investigating the assault of 1 resident on another at an OHI adult group home in Eddington.

3-17 2233 hrs: Troopers from Troops E, C and D set at various points on the interstate and in the Unity area searching for a vehicle in which there may have been a rolling domestic dispute that started in Winterport. The original 911 call went into Waldo S.O. and the female was speaking in code that led the Waldo dispatcher to believe the female may have been danger. Over the course of the incident the possible direction of travel shifted to Houlton as that’s where the owner of the vehicle lives, that the female was believed to be in. Ultimately the vehicle and occupants were located at the Vacationland Inn in Brewer and it was determined that the female had been assaulted. The male was arrested for Class C DV assault and obstructing the report of a crime.

3-20-14 0910 hrs: Troop E along w/ Troop K to include K-9 responded to Corinth to assist Penobscot S.O. with the robbery to the Camden National Bank Branch in Corinth. The offender fled on foot; however a K-9 track went cold quickly. In addition to Trs . Johnston, Snow, Bonnevie and Bean Tr. Yankowsky assisted w/evidence collection, and Tr. Stedman assisted with the investigation.

3-21 0830 hrs: Troop E is investigating 3 cases of theft of inspection stickers from vehicles in Levant.

3-23 1013 hrs: Tr.s Franklin and White responded to Etna for a report of a subject that his experiencing some mental health issues and is becoming abusive. His wife stated that he has a growth on his brain and is being treated for it at the Togus VA hospital. The male was taken into EMMC for a mental health evaluation.

3-18 0933 hrs: Out of a motor vehicle stop on I-95 in Bangor Tr. Vittum arrested 21 year old Cody Allen from Chesterville w/OUI.

3-20 1404 hrs: Out of the response to the bank robbery in Corinth noted above, Tr. Bonnevie arrested 22 year old James Eberhart on a warrant.