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Question #1

Is my credit card debited before my submittal is reviewed and permitted?

  • Answer #1: Yes, it is debited at the time that the permit is issued.

Question #2

How long does it typically take before my submittal is reviewed?

  • Answer #2: Most plans are reviewed within 2 weeks of the time a full submittal is received. On this on-line submittal process you can specify how quick of a turn-around time that you prefer.

Question #3

What includes a complete submittal?

  • Answer #3: Plans, calcs, basic job information which you will be asked during the on-line submittal process, and then a credit card for payment. In some cases calcs are not required, and in other cases plans are not required either. There is a chance to explain why they will not be included. A fire sprinkler permit application form is not required, because the information needed is obtained from your answering the on-line questions about the job.

Question #4

Who receives the permit and how is it sent?

  • Answer #4: The permit is sent electronically to the email address of the designer, and to the email address of the fire sprinkler contractor.

Question #5

If I need to explain unusual circumstances, how can I do this on-line?

  • Answer #5: There will be a comment field where you can enter job comments. If you have any questions you can always contact Eric Ellis at 207-626-3889 or at


Questions about this Service? Contact the Maine State Fire Marshal's Office at: (207) 626-3889 or Email: