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Building Codes & Standards Staff

Richard McCarthy - Assistant State Fire Marshal

Rich oversees all aspects of the division responsible for construction plans review, inspections, engineering, and building codes and standards.

Rich has been in the Fire Marshal’s Office for over 11 years and for the last four years served as the head of the construction plans review section. Rich has a degree in architecture and has extensive experience in the building construction trade. Rich has also been involved in the State’s Building and Energy Code development and implementation and prior has served as the representative of the Fire Marshal’s Office and the Maine Fire Chiefs Association on the Technical Codes and Standards Board.

Office phone: 207-626-3880 Fax: 207-287-6251


Kathy Chamberlain-Robitaille - Office Specialist I

Kathy has been an Office Specialist I to the Technical Building Codes and Standards Board, since November 2008. She has been a state employee for 28 years and has served as secretary for the Domestic and Sexual Abuse Commission, Justice Assistance Council, Gambling Control Board and the Maine Warden Service. Kathy is a notary and holds a BS degree in music education.

Office phone: 207-624-7007 Fax: 207-287-6251


**Our office of Building Codes does not deal with electrical or plumbing issues. Electricians and plumbers are licensed by the Dept. of Professional and Financial Regulations and as such would govern electrical and plumbing codes. Please contact them at 207-624-8603.**