Shelly Moody: 2011 Maine Teacher of the Year

NOTE: Information current at time of award.


Shelly Moody, 2011 Maine Teacher of the Year

Shelly Moody, born in Caribou, is a 1994 graduate of Waterville High School.  One of ten students awarded the Alumni Scholars full tuition scholarship, Shelly graduated magna cum laude in 1998 from the University of Maine at Farmington with a degree in elementary education.  Since then she has taught students in grades 3, 4, and 5 at Williams Elementary School in Oakland, creating her current grade 3-4 looping classroom in 2007.


Shelly earned a Master’s degree as a literacy specialist in 2005 from the University of Maine and is a certified Maine Reading First Instructor.  She has been a frequent speaker on literacy topics at local, state, and regional conferences, presenting on such topics as instruction for comprehension and the six traits of writing.  In 2006 Shelly collaborated with Williams Elementary literacy specialist, Jody Workman, to extend the Maine Reading First course for colleagues in the intermediate grades.  The teachers in the course learned to create a balanced model of literacy instruction that incorporates vocabulary, fluency, phonics, and comprehension.


Shelly's classroom focus for the past five years has been inviting each student's parents to collaborate with her in developing individual learning plans for each student.  This focus derives from her belief that each child is unique and deserves a goal-based learning plan tailored to her or his specific academic needs.  Each student's ILP (individual learning plan) provides measurable goals in reading, writing, math, and citizenship.  Since implementing these ILP's, Shelly's students' academic achievement has improved substantially. 


Shelly is currently engaged in the second cohort of Maine's Reinventing Schools Coalition (RISC), which supports standards-based instructional design that includes performance-based assessment.  Always an eager learner, Shelly has completed the Beacon and Advanced Beacon training, as well as the Guide Training so that she can facilitate standards-based curriculum work in her district.  In Shelly's classroom, the RISC model means the learning standards are fully transparent to the students, so that they know exactly what they are expected to learn.  Each student's ILP customizes instruction to best support the student's achievement of the learning goals.


Shelly is available to speak to schools, community groups and others. Her primary topics include:

  • Using data to customize instruction of individual learning plans
  • Designing a balanced model of literacy instruction
  • Creating passionate readers and writers of nonfiction

Contact her directly at 207-465-2965 or by email.

Using data to customize instruction with individual learning plans

Shelly uses student data to support the development of individual learning plans.  This presentation models how Shelly selects the data and how she uses it to design a customized plan for each student with parent collaboration.  Shelly will share sample ILP's and descriptions of how her students benefited from the plans.  The presentation also describes how to design tools for students so that they can monitor their own learning progress.


Designing a balanced model of literacy instruction

Shelly has developed a balanced literacy model that incorporates instruction in comprehension, vocabulary, fluency and phonics through the intermediate grades.  This presentation describes this balanced literacy model and provides a set of guidelines for teachers to develop a balanced program in their own classroom.  The presentation recommends professional texts and literacy support strategies that help to build independent readers.


Creating passionate readers and writers of nonfiction

Shelly has presented at numerous state and regional conferences on the importance of nonfiction literacy.  During the presentation, she will share how to help students become passionate consumers of nonfiction.  Literacy support strategies to aid comprehension and vocabulary will be shared.  She will share a process for inquiry that incorporate the writing of nonfiction books that include a variety of nonfiction text features.  This topic is one that can impact instruction at all levels from kindergarten through high school years.