Required State Forms - IFSP

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Please clarify when the IFSP is to be used (i.e., child’s ages). Is it ever appropriate for a school-aged child?
IFSPs are for children birth through two years of age. Please see MUSER §VI.2 for the option of an IFSP for children ages 3-5. That section of MUSER states, “The utilization of the IFSP does not afford the child the option of continuing Part C services. Continuation of Part C services for children 3-5 is not a policy option in Maine. Part C of IDEA does not apply to any child with a disability receiving FAPE, in accordance with Part B of the Act, with funds under Section 619 of the Act. [34 CFR 300.818]”.

Are all assessors required to attend IFSP meetings? Can case managers represent the Bayley/Battelle assessors?
Please see MUSER §VI.1.B.(1)(e) and (2).

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