Procedural Safeguards

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When must the Procedural Safeguards be given to parents?

See Appendix 1 300.504 of the Maine Unified Special Education Regulations.

(a) A copy of the procedural safeguards available to the parents of a child with a disability or an adult student with a disability must be given to the parents or the adult student only one time a school year, except that a copy also must be given to the parents –
(1) Upon initial referral or parent request for evaluation;
(2) Upon receipt of the first State complaint and upon receipt of the first due process hearing request;
(3) In accordance with discipline procedures (see Procedures When Disciplining a Child with Disabilities, below); and
(4) Upon request by a parent or adult student.
(b) Internet Website. The School Administrative Unit (SAU) may place a current copy of the procedural safeguards notice on its Internet website if a website exists.

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