Advance Written Notice of IEP/IFSP Team Meeting

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Purpose of Meeting

If the purpose of the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team meeting is an annual review for a student who is in 9th to 12th grade (or is at least 16 years of age), do you list purpose as “Post Secondary Goals and Transition Services” on the Advance Written Notice (AWN)?
Yes, and you should also list “Annual Review.” You can always list multiple reasons for an IEP meeting. 

Parent Participation

If the parents attend, does this still need to be completed?
No. This section is completed only when the parents do not attend.

If the SAU schedules an IEP Team meeting by phone and the parents say they are coming, but then they don’t attend, must the SAU complete this section?
No. This section is only used when the SAU is unable to get the parents’ agreement to attend. The SAU would document in the WN their efforts to obtain the parents’ attendance.

Can the AWN itself be one form of attempt to gain parental attendance?
No, it cannot be one of the attempts. While MUSER doesn’t provide a required number of attempts that must be made, best practice would be to make at least two attempts. Please see MUSER §§VI.2.H(3) and (4).

Waiver of 7-Day Notice

There are times when we have to have an emergency IEP Team meeting and the IEP Team meeting is scheduled for 2 days after the AWN was sent. Where do we have parents sign the waiver of 7-day notice? Separate form?
The area in which to record the parent’s waiver of 7 days’ advance notice is on the second page of the AWN.

If a parent attends the IEP meeting by telephone, so isn’t there to sign the waiver, should the SAU request the waiver verbally and note this on the AWN?
Yes, but in addition (and preferably) the SAU should ask the parent to sign the waiver on the AWN and return it to the SAU.

If parents call and say the SAU may hold the meeting without them, does the SAU still have them sign the waiver?
If notice was not provided at least 7 days in advance, then yes, you must ask a parent to sign and return the AWN.

Amendments to the IEP

Must an AWN be sent when an IEP is being amended?
If there is to be a meeting to discuss the amendment, then yes; if the parents agree to amend without a meeting, then no.

Adult Students

When the student is an adult and in his or her own custody, is the AWN addressed to the student rather than the parents, and are the parents then added to the list of invitees?
The AWN should be addressed to both the adult student and the parents. Please see MUSER Appendix 1, “Transfer of Parental Rights at Age of Majority CFR §300.520.” The parents are not invited to attend the meeting, however, unless the adult student wishes them to attend.

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