Detained Youth

Mt. View and Long Creek Youth Development Centers' staff are legally prohibited from contacting students’ school of origin until after a youth has had a preliminary court appearance (or has come into detention on a warrant). When corrections staff is permitted to notify schools about a child’s status, (1) an email is sent to the guidance counselor of the last school attended notifying the sending school that the student is being detained at Mt. View or Long Creek, and (2) an inquiry is also sent to the special education director to determine the IEP status of the student and to make arrangements for provision of services.

Students in detention may fall into several categories:

  1. Hold for court: awaiting final disposition by court
  2. Shock sentence: a disposition imposed by the court requiring a youth to serve a specific amount of time (up to 30 days) at Long Creek or Mt. View.
  3. Commitment: the court revokes the youth’s probation and sentences him or her to Long Creek or Mt. View until a certain age.


District Responsibility

Title 20-A, Section 5161, 5162 requires that an education plan be in place for all students experiencing disruption of their regular education plan for more than 10 consecutive school days due to:

  • Homelessness
  • Unplanned psychiatric hospitalization
  • Youth Development Center placement
  • Unplanned medical hospitalization


Educational Options for Detained Students

Two educational options are available to students. Which educational option a student follows will be determined by the guidance or administration of last attending school via the “Schoolwork Recognition Plan” (see Forms section below).

Option 1

  • “Sending school” is responsible for providing all educational materials and assignments.
  • Student is expected to work independently in the "day room" but may consult with teacher for assistance at lunchtime or after school.

Option 2

  • School waives responsibility and elects to have student attend detained school program. The school agrees to give credit for all successfully completed work.
  • Five-hour school day in detained school: 45-minute periods daily in core curriculum areas (English language arts, math, science, and social studies)
  • Classes taught by fully certified teachers
  • Access to gym four times per week and library once per week
  • Progress report issued following release; schools issue credit


Districts may receive one or more forms from the Maine Department of Corrections.