Instruction & Curriculum

School districts make decisions about the identification of instructional strategies and the development of curriculum that will support students in demonstrating the performance expectations established in the Maine Learning Results. This page provides links to materials that can assist schools in their efforts.

  • Cross Discipline Literacy Network Science Webinars. This series of three webinars in the science strand outlines the connections of science practices to literacy goals of the Common Core State Standards and provides teaching strategies to support literacy through the practices.
  • Inquiry Project. The Inquiry Project is a research and curriculum development effort showcasing teacher professional development in science and materials that engage students in grades three to five in science inquiry about the nature of matter.
  • National Science Teachers Association Web Seminars. This collection includes eight 90-minute webinars by national leaders in science education discussing the practices of the Next Generation Science Standards and a series of webinars on the crosscutting concepts.
  • Science Resources that Support Proficiency-Based Education. A collection of publications and links which identify standards, instruction and assessment resources for science education.