Report Cards for Maine Schools, Transparency for Maine People: The Maine School Performance Grading System 

All parents and community members deserve to understand how well their children’s schools are performing and what is being done to improve them. The Maine School Performance Grading System, launched in 2013, uses a familiar A-F scale to provide a starting point, presenting existing education data in an easy-to-understand format to bring transparency and accountability to school performance across the state.

Just as no one single score or grade tells the whole story or a student, neither does it tell you everything about a school. That’s why the grading system is based on several factors, including student achievement in reading and math; growth/progress in achievement, and, in particular, the growth of the bottom 25 percent of students (for elementary schools); and the graduation rate (for high schools). Additionally, the report cards contain constructive, contextual information on the school variables that most impact Maine student achievement including student poverty, teacher tenure and education levels, and funding.

We encourage parents and the public to even dig deeper by visiting our Education Data Warehouse, which contains multi-year, detailed information about every Maine school and provides the ability to compare a school to others throughout the state using a wide range of measures.

Note to Maine schools: Congratulations to the 110 Maine schools who improved by at least one letter grade on their 2014 report card! We hope your school community takes great pride in its outstanding performance. School improvement doesn’t happen overnight and we encourage all schools, including those discouraged that their grade is the same or has dropped, to take advantage of the school improvement resources we’ve released in conjunction with the launch of the 2014 school grades.

Additional information about the report cards

Use the report cards to support Maine schools
No matter a school’s grade, parents and the public play an important part in improving Maine schools. Here’s how you can help:

  • Are you satisfied with your school’s grade? Does it seem reflective of what you know about your child’s school and the instruction support your child is receiving?
  • Dig deeper! Go to the Education Data Warehouse and research your school. Compare it to similar schools and look at the details.
  • Ask your principal, superintendent or school board about their plans for improvement. Be specific: How will your school’s plans lead to improved student achievement? How can you help support your school’s improvement efforts?

Stay informed
Informed and engaged parents and community members are a vital part of the success of any school community. Stay up-to-date on what’s happening in education at the state level by reading and subscribing to the Maine DOE’s regular communications at

For more information
Please submit general questions or comments to the Department about the grading system using the following contact information: