This compilation of Response to Intervention resources provides vetted* information for districts, teachers, parents and community members to understand the basics, principles and theories of RTI. The tools are divided into three categories: general RTI information, resources to help schools design and implement RTI, and professional training for educators.

  • New Response to Intervention Guidelines. The Maine Department of Education released a guide in October 2012 to help schools and teachers identify students at risk for poor learning outcomes, monitor student progress, identify students with disabilities, provide evidence-based interventions, and adjust the intensity of those interventions depending on a student's responsiveness.


General Information


Implementing RTI


Professional Training


*This website was designed and researched as part of a statewide and voluntary steering committee. Those involved with designing and researching this website are deeply committed to ensuring that all students learn at their highest potential possible, and have vast experience in RTI systems design, tiered interventions, progress monitoring and screening, and educating in the 21st century. The website workgroup committee is comprised of Susan Hayes, WestEd; Rachel Brown, University of Southern Maine; Matthew Drewette-Card, AOS #94; Jeanne Crocker, Maine Principal's Association; and Courtney Yeager, Maine Department of Education.