Grades 9-12

**Intro needs to explain the TIERS! These tools will help grades 9-12 teachers intervene, when necessary, in students' education in the subjects of reading, writing, math and behavior. All interventions and intervention sites can be used at all three tiers with varying levels of intensity and focus.


  • Intervention Central. A number of academic interventions ranging in reading comprehension, fluency, study, and organization and writing.
  • Center on Instruction (Literacy). Materials that help educators improve academic outcomes for students, address the problem of struggling readers and meet instructional challenges of diversity in students' ability and reading readiness.
  • Reciprocal Teaching. An interactive instructional practice that aims to improve students’ reading comprehension by teaching strategies to obtain meaning from a text.
  • Read 180. A comprehensive system designed for any student reading two or more years below grade-level. Read 180 is proven to raise reading achievement for struggling readers in grades 4 through adulthood.
  • Vocabulary Teaching Strategies. A number of research-based strategies for teaching vocabulary.
  • Reading Fluency Generators. A customizable generator to help teachers authentically measure reading fluency in their classrooms.
  • Maze Passage Generator. Customizable generators to measure reading comprehension.