Program Requirements

To ensure that Maine is providing high-quality public preschools to the state's youth, the following program requirements are in place.

  • Certification & Professional Development. Public preschool teachers and assistants must hold specific endorsements from the Maine Department of Education. The Department has compiled professional development resources to provide ongoing support to educators in their efforts.
  • Program Standards. The State of Maine Early Childhood Learning Guidelines serve as a guide for state and local early care and education practitioners’ efforts to improve early childhood professional practice and programs for young children age three through their entrance into kindergarten. This document considers the core elements contained in the Maine Learning Results. How preschools choose to implement these guidelines remains a local decision.
  • Public Preschool Health. Public preschools in Maine should attend to three school health topics in particular: health screenings, immunizations and the public preschool toileting policy.
  • Serving Special Populations. Information about serving children with special needs and English learners.
  • Transportation. Transportation will ensure preschool access to children who may otherwise not be able to attend the program.