Support Plan

All the resources and guidance on Getting to Proficiency: Helping Maine Graduate Every Student Prepared are aligned with the Department of Education’s core priorities outlined in Education Evolving: Maine’s Plan for Putting Learners First, a comprehensive strategic plan that sets out objectives and action steps for building an education system in Maine that meets the needs of all learners, from early childhood into adulthood, and prepares them for college, careers and civic life. Targeted transition funds for proficiency-based learning (in accordance with Maine Law, Title 20-A 4722-A.4) are available for the 2013-14 school year.

The following technical assistance resources and support will be available for Maine public schools working to implement a proficiency-based learning system and diploma.

Effective, Learner-Centered Instruction and Multiple Pathways

  • Provide a comprehensive self-assessment and planning process for districts and schools
  • Provide substantial support for the alignment and revision of curriculum to state standards
  • Support districts as they work to develop rigorous local standards and develop aligned curricula
  • Provide resources and guidance to educators working to develop efficient and effective assessment systems
  • Provide comprehensive resources and guidance addressing three critical areas of proficiency-based systems: policy, practice and community engagement

Great Teachers and Leaders

  • Provide a variety of professional development options for both school leaders and teachers
  • Encourage ongoing professional learning to support continuous school improvement
  • Provide resources and guidance for professional development focused on organizational design and classroom-based practices
  • Answer the challenging questions raised by school leaders and educators

Comprehensive Planning and Implementation Support

  • Develop a user-friendly website for educators, administrators, school board members and the general public that can be used collaboratively or independently
  • Create a dynamic, interactive self-assessment tool and planning process for districts working to develop a local implementation plan
  • Provide opportunities for engagement with the self-assessment tool, website, resources and technical assistance team and partners
  • Provide a variety of support tailored to each district’s needs, including online resources, events, professional-development opportunities and person-to-person consultations