Training Application

Process for Approving Training Programs under
Chapter 33: Rule Governing Physical Restraint and Seclusion

Maine Department of Education Rule Chapter 33 establishes standards and procedures for the use of physical restraint and seclusion of students in schools and other covered entities.  The rule limits the use of such interventions to emergency situations, and requires that they be performed by trained staff to the greatest possible extent.  Chapter 33 also requires schools and other covered entities to “ensure that a sufficient number of administrators or designees, general and special education staff, maintain certification in an approved training program.” 

The Department is required to maintain a directory of approved training programs, through which the staff of schools and other covered entities can obtain the required training. This document describes the approval process.

?A training program operator seeking to be included in the Department’s directory of approved programs must submit a description of the training program that includes at least the following information:

  1. Curriculum or other material sufficient to demonstrate that the training program covers all of the elements required in Rule Chapter 33, Section 12;
  2. A description of how the program ensures that participants demonstrate competency in each element of the program;
  3. A description of the duration of certification for a successful participant in the program;
  4. Resumes or descriptions of the qualifications of key trainers in the program; and
  5. A list of Maine schools or other potential covered entities, if any, whose staff have participated in the training program, and a contact name, phone number and email address for those schools or entities who can speak to the quality of the training program.

A program will be approved if it provides sufficient information under Numbers 1 and 2 to demonstrate that the training program covers the required elements and requires a demonstration of competency. 

Information provided under Numbers 3 through 5 will be provided on our Website so that schools and covered entities can evaluate potential training programs. Approval of a program does not indicate an endorsement of the program by the Department.  Information provided under Number 3 through 5 will help users evaluate potential training programs.

Department of Education approval of a training program is valid for 3 years.  Approval will be revoked or non-renewed if the Department obtains sufficient evidence that the training program is not providing training consistent with the requirements of the approval.  If Rule Chapter 33 is amended to require additional, or different, training elements, the Department will require approved programs to provide updated evidence that it is covering the necessary elements.

If you are seeking Department approval of a training program under Rule Chapter 33, please submit the information described above, with a cover letter that includes contact information for a person responsible for the program to: 

Jonathan Braff, Esq.,
Maine Department of Education,
23 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333.

If you have questions, please contact Jonathan at or by calling 624-6674.