Students assemble fruit parfait cups during a healthy foods activity.Operations & Student Services

Teaching and learning are at the core of the mission of Maine's schools and the Maine Department of Education.

But teaching and learning cannot happen unless students have a safe and clean building to learn in, the transportation they need to get there, the care they need to stay healthy, the nutrition they need to grow physically and the personal support they need to grow holistically.

  • School Facilities & Transportation. Keeping Maine's school buildings and transportation safe and modern.
  • Student Health. Helping students live healthy lives.
  • Student Nutrition. Making sure Maine's students have access to nutritious meals.
  • School Counseling. Helping students plan for the future and overcome social and emotional difficulties.
  • School Safety. Ensuring a safe classroom environment from bullying to use of restraints to emergency planning.
    • School Security. Guiding school administration in their emergency operations efforts so districts can prepare for and respond to risks specific to each school community.