Professional Development & Training

The Maine Department of Education has compiled the following professional development resources to support efforts in understanding the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) and its results. The Department encourages schools and districts to utilize these materials to assist in the interpretation of the results.

The following NAEP web tools and applications make it quick and easy to find data of interest and customize your findings:

  • Item Maps. These maps help illustrate the knowledge and skills demonstrated by students performing at different scale scores on NAEP assessments. Explore performance information about student groups by state.
  • NAEP Data Explorer (NDE). This tool creates customizable tables and graphics to display NAEP results. Watch a short video or use the Quick Reference Guide to learn how to use the NDE. The International Data Explorer, a new, related tool, compares assessment results of our nation's students with those of students from other nations.
  • NAEP Questions Tool (NQT). Provides access to over 2,000 released questions from NAEP assessments in all NAEP subject areas. See students' actual answers to constructed-response questions, with scoring comments, and bookmark questions for later use. Watch the short video showing the features of NQT and how to use them, then learn details from the tutorial and Quick Reference Guide.
  • State Comparison Tool. Create tables that compare states/jurisdictions based on average scale scores for public school students within a single assessment year, or that compare the change in performance between two assessment years. The results can be shown on maps, and there is a comprehensive help system.
  • State Profiles Tool. Examine key NAEP results over the years and explore each state's student demographics and school characteristics. Maps make it easier to compare performance across jurisdictions, and help is available throughout.
  • Test Yourself. Try actual questions administered to students in the NAEP assessments. Choose a subject and a grade, type your answers and see if you answered correctly. Then you can compare your results to how well the nation's students performed. For mathematics and reading, district and state performance data are available for the questions you've answered.