The following information describes the process by which school officials will register all third-year high school students into the Maine SAT Initiative. Individual students who will be participating in this program should contact their local guidance counselor with any questions regarding the registration process.

Please read the following information before beginning the SAT registration process.

All SAT Initiative student registration data must match exactly the Infinite Campus State Edition (ICSE) student data supplied by your school to the Maine Department of Education. Before beginning the registration process, please verify that the ICSE data for each of your school’s third-year students is accurate.

Non-matching student data between the SAT registration forms and the ICSE data file will result in test administration confusion and scoring delays (of both individual students and sometimes entire schools).

  • The roster of your school’s third-year high school students who are expected to participate in the SAT Initiative and for whom payment will be forwarded to the College Board will be listed by Jan. 3, 2014, and can be found online within ICSE.
  • To review the list for your school, you should login to ICSE. Under the “ME State Reporting” heading, click “Maine High School Assessment Students,” then click “Generate Report.” The list will open in Excel, from which you can print and/or save the report.
    • If this list is completely accurate, you are ready to begin the SAT registration process.
      • Bring a copy of this accurate ICSE list to the room(s) where the students will be registering for the SAT. Students may need to reference their information.
    • If this list is incorrect (students need to be added or removed), contact John McCue at with the following information: name of school, name of student, state student ID, grade of student and the reason for adding or removing the student from the list. If the spelling of a student’s name is incorrect, please contact the MEDMS Helpdesk at or 207-624-6896.