Standards & Instruction

As part of the Maine Department of Education’s commitment to supporting schools in the delivery of effective K-12 mathematics instructional programs, this page provides links to resources to support implementation of Maine’s mathematic academic standards.

Maine’s Mathematics Academic Standards

  • The Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM).The mathematics standards in the Maine Learning Results have been recently updated to include the Common Core.
    • Tables. Throughout the standards you will find reference to tables that provide further information and support for understanding the expectations of the CCSSM. There are five tables, some of which are also referenced in the glossary.
  • Early Childhood Learning Guidelines. These guidelines direct State and local early care and education practitioners’ efforts to improve early childhood professional practice and programs for young children ages three through their entrance into kindergarten. The guidelines also consider the core elements contained in the Maine Learning Results (K-12), which include the CCSSM.

Instruction Support

  • Instruction & Curriculum. School districts make decisions about the identification of instructional strategies and the development of curriculum that will support students in demonstrating the performance expectations established in the Common Core State Standards. This page provides links to materials that can assist local schools in their efforts.
  • Additional National Resources for Mathematics. This collection of national materials supports teachers and students in their learning and understanding in mathematics.
  • Common Core Resources. Various national organizations and groups supporting the CCSSM developed these Common Core materials.
  • Education Evolving: Maine’s Plan for Putting Learner’s First. Maine's strategic plan that sets objectives and action steps for building an education system that meets the needs of all learners, from early childhood into adulthood, and prepares them for college, careers and civic life.
  • Maine DOE Data Warehouse. Use the statewide longitudinal data system to help inform instruction based on data-driven decisions.
  • Center for Best Practice. The Department's Center for Best Practice, supported by the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, was established to focus on research and reporting related to proficiency-based systems in Maine. The Center serves as a clearinghouse of materials, support and case studies related to learner-centered instructional practices.