Module 3: Implementation

Pod 1: In-Depth Exploration of Eight Standards for Mathematical Practice

Use these resources and video vignettes to help you explore and unpack the Eight Mathematical Practices at different grade levels. This will help you to see the progression of the Mathematical Practices over the K-12 continuum. Use the worksheets to jot down your observations, thoughts and comments as you watch the videos and teacher interviews, and read the paragraph descriptions of the Mathematical Practices.

Pod 2: Aligning the Mathematical Practices to the Content Standards

This series of four webinars is designed to help develop a better understanding of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM), which are part of the Maine Learning Results. These webinars are grade-span specific: grades K-2, grades 3-5, grades 6-8 and high school. District participation will create a K-12 continuum of the Eight Mathematical Practices and Common Core State Standards. Each webinar looks at alignment of the Mathematical Practices to the CCSSM. This will help make connections of the “how” and the “what” for which students will be held accountable.

It is expected that participants have completed previous work getting to know the layout of the CCSSM document and the Eight Mathematical Practices.

Prior to viewing the webinars, please download/print:


Pod 3: Exploration of Critical Focus Areas

Use the critical focus area cards to think about your curriculum and how standards can be learned and taught in groups, rather than in isolation. Notice when standards seem to fit into multiple critical focus areas and use these as “bridging” standards to demonstrate the cohesive nature of mathematics. This will help students to better understand the importance of bringing prior knowledge to new knowledge. Keep in mind some standards may not seem to fit into any critical focus area.