Literacy for ME: Maine's Comprehensive State Literacy Plan

VII: Call to Action

Strong language and literacy skills are foundational to lifelong learning, success in careers, participation in civic life, and economic prosperity. The demands of the 21st century require higher levels of literacy than we have ever seen, and currently our collective ability to support literacy learning is not keeping pace with these demands. While Maine has made some positive steps in the right direction, more rigorous efforts are needed, and the pace of those efforts must be accelerated, if we are to realize levels of literacy required in our technology-based, globalized world.

Ensuring that all Mainers have the opportunity to develop high levels of literacy is a shared responsibility of community members across the birth-to-adult spectrum. Literacy for ME outlines a comprehensive plan to guide a systematic approach to building local community support for ongoing literacy learning as well to guide State-level support. The research-based components outlined in Literacy for ME set forth a clear path to strengthen literacy achievement among Mainers from the time they are born throughout their adult lives. These components set high expectations for continuous literacy growth, and call for communities to band together to make literacy achievement a key goal. While there will be costs associated with implementing this plan, the costs of not doing so will be much higher.

For Maine to prosper economically and socially, Literacy for ME must be a priority.


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