Cross Discipline Literacy Network

This professional learning network is intended to foster literacy practices that support learning across content areas. The goal of the literacy network is to provide PK-12 educators’ access to professional learning communities focused on content literacy strategies that:Cross Discipline Literacy Network logo

  • Build capacity for educators to engage in collaborative, reflective study around literacy practices that benefit content area teaching and learning;
  • Promote ongoing literacy learning and sharing across content areas among professionals throughout Maine; and
  • Increase student achievement of learning standards through improved literacy instruction across content areas.

The network operates throughout Maine, utilizing both online webinar sessions interspersed between face-to-face networking sessions. 

The Cross Discipline Literacy Network annually produces a series of webinars for educators focused on instructional strategies that support students’ application of literacy skills across discipline study (e.g. science, social studies, math, visual and performing arts, etc.). The webinars are developed and delivered by Maine educators with expertise at the elementary, middle and high school levels with support from Maine DOE content specialists. Webinars are generally an hour in length and are organized by topic strands.  Webinars within a strand typically build in a progression.