Evaluation Description

Program evaluation consists of reviewing each component of the gifted and talented program to determine to what degree the program is making a difference. The person conducting the program review should collect information from a variety of stakeholders. Through an analysis of the data collected, the person in charge of the evaluation along with the gifted and talented advisory team review the information in order to determine if adjustments to the program are necessary.

There are many types of data that can be used in the review. The students' achievement scores should be analyzed to see if sufficient progress is being made. The scores can be collated into percentages as described in the data section in the guidelines form. In some instances, standard achievement scores do not reflect the actual teaching/learning that occurs in the gifted and talented program. In this instance, it is important for the teacher to identify the concepts and skills in each unit of study, and compare pre- and post-assessment data to determine student growth. This can be reported out in the same way as standard achievement scores. That is, 25 new concepts and 25 new skills were presented. The student "mastered" all 25 skills and 15 of the 25 new concepts. Therefore, the student achieved 80 percent of the new learning presented in the units. This score reflects skills and concepts that range from two to four years above grade level.

The student achievement scores are only one type of evidence. Student attendance and student attitude toward school and peers might also be considered. The attendance numbers are easily obtained. Student attitude and perceptions can be obtained by giving students a student questionnaire to complete. A sample student questionnaire is available. However, this is a generic questionnaire, and it should be modified to fit your needs. Modifications might include: changes in the language; appropriate wording for different grade spans; questions specific to different grade spans; questions specific to your school; and additional questions of interest.

A program review must consist of reviewing all components of the gifted and talented program such as: philosophy; identification; curriculum options and method of delivery; evaluation; professional development; and budget. The administrator and teacher of the gifted and talented can each fill out the program evaluation form. They should meet to review their responses. After they discuss any differences in point of view, they can bring their findings to the gifted and talented advisory teammeeting. Again, the form on this website is meant to be a guide and should be modified to meet your specific needs.

It is also important to gain the parent or guardian's perspective of the program. A sample form is included on this website. This information should be included in the gifted and talented advisory teammeeting.