Professional Development

The Maine Department of Education has compiled the following professional development resources for educators' consideration.

National & Statewide Resources

Courses for Educators

General Gifted & Talented Resources

Curriculum Resources

  • BBC Languages. Read about student language learning.
  • Center for Gifted Education. Exemplary curriculum frameworks using the the Integrated Curriculum Model. Provided by the William and Mary School of Education.
  • Digital History. Use technology to enhance your teaching and research in the subject of history.
  • Education Program for Gifted Youth. A listing of e-learning courses for gifted children. Offered by Stanford University.
  • New Horizons for Learning. Learn about successful intelligences from Robert Sternberg. Presented by the Johns Hopkins University School of Education.
  • Off-Site Schools for the Gifted:
    • Distance Learning. Information about gifted online high schools.
    • Virtual Schools. A collection of resources for those interested in virtual schooling for the gifted.
  • Renzulli Learning. The Renzulli Learning Differentiation Engine puts students in touch with engaging, individualized resources specially chosen for their interest areas and learning styles.
  • Teaching for Intellectual & Emotional Learning. Professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators.
  • Web-Based Math Program. View Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces' online math program.

Common Book Titles in Gifted Education

The following books titles are listed alphabetically by title.

  • A Guide to State Policies in Gifted Education CD-ROM. Author: Pamela R. Clinkenbeard, Penny Britton Kolloff, and E. Wayne Lord
  • Aiming For Excellence: Annotations to the NAGC Pre-K-Grade 12 Gifted Program Standards. Author: Landrum, Callahan, & Shaklee (Eds.)
  • Alternative Assessments for Identifying Gifted and Talented Students. Author: VanTassel-Baska, Joyce Ed.D
  • Best Practices in Gifted Education: An Evidence-Based Guide. Author: Robinson, A., Shore, B., & Enersen, D.
  • Critical Issues and Practices in Gifted Education: What the Research Says. Author: Carolyn M. Callahan, Ph.D., Jonathan Plucker, Ph.D.
  • Designing and Utilizing Evaluation for Gifted Program Improvement. Edited by J. Van Tassel-Baska & A. X. Feng
  • Educating Gifted Students in Middle School. Author: S. Rakow
  • Identifying Gifted Students: A Practical Guide. Author Susan K. Johnsen
  • Investigating Creativity in Youth Research and Methods. Author: Fishkin, Cramond, Olszewski-Kubilius (Eds.)
  • Mile Marker Series. Publisher: National Association for Gifted Children
  • Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnoses of Gifted Children and Adults. Author: J. Webb, E. Amend, N. Webb, J. Goerss, P. Beljan, & F. R. Olenchak
  • NAGC Gifted Program Standards in Action. Author: Elizabeth Pinkney Coyne, Ph.D. (ed.)
  • A Nation Deceived: How Schools Hold Back America's Brightest Students. The Templeton National Report on Acceleration.
  • The Parallel Curriculum: A Design to Develop Learner Potential and Challenge Advanced Learners Second Edition. Author: Tomlinson, Kaplan, Renzulli, Purcell, Leppien, Burns, Strickland, Imbeau
  • Patterns and Profiles of Promising Learners From Poverty. Author: VanTassel-Baska, Joyce Ed.D.
  • Programs and Services for Gifted Secondary Students. Author Felicia A. Dixon
  • Re-Forming Gifted Education: Matching the Program to the Child. Author K. Rogers
  • Social-Emotional Curriculum with Gifted Students. Author: VanTassel-Baska, Joyve Ed.D
  • The Social and Emotional Development of Gifted Children. Edited by M. Neihart, S. Reis, N. Robinson & S. Moon.
  • Staff Development: The Key To Effective Gifted Education Programs. Edited by Peggy Dettmar, Ph.D., and Mary Landrum, Ph.D.
  • Teaching Gifted Kids in the Regular Classroom Book & CD-ROM. Author Susan Weinbrenner.