The following steps take you through the School Revolving Renovation Fund process from application submittal to project completion.

  1. School administrative units (SAUs) submit completed applications to the Maine Department of Education.
  2. Maine DOE reviews and rates applications. 
  3. Department forwards top rated applications to the Maine Bureau of General Services (BGS) for a technical and cost review. The review by BGS addresses three areas:
    • Has the SAU conducted a thorough evaluation of the issue(s) to be able to identify the cause(s) and other associated issues? 
    • Has the SAU identified and considered potential solutions and selected the one most appropriate for that facility and the SAU? 
    • Is the cost of the solution reasonable? 
  4. BGS communicates with SAUs or their consultants to clarify details, request further documentation, or conduct a site visit. BGS completes their reviews and notifies the Department of the results.
  5. Maine DOE prepares a funding priority list which funds as many projects as resources allow.
  6. Maine DOE provides eligibility certificates to SAUs with projects on the priority list.
  7. SAUs contact the Maine Municipal Bond Bank (MMBB) to begin the loan application process. The loan closing must be completed within six months of the date on the eligibility certificate.  
  8. SAUs work with BGS on bidding documents, contracts, change orders and other technical information.
  9. As projects proceed, SAUs submit requisitions for disbursement of loan proceeds and copies of paid project invoices to the MMBB. The MMBB forwards requisitions and invoices to Maine DOE for authorization of payment. Certifications confirming project completion from the SAU, designer and contractor are required at the time the final requisition is submitted.
  10. All project work is completed and all requisitions for payment are submitted within 18 months of the date on the eligibility certificate.